KNock On Wood

Go on, Smile up
Stare the whale in the eye
Try anyway, pup

Appliance maintenance began with a mid project chat (job interview #2 this week) at work for wallet fattening scheduling. I hear joy in some moments truly yay as they stab me through the heart proving I’m one step further forever hosed and yet? Smile up. It’s not likely any home run movement but many a whack at it (life) to run just maybe gaining the supposed prize. Yes I watched baseball if you can’t tell- much grass grew. And, if I can’t share joy – awwwwwww what a bummer I’d be! But oh yeah, that moment the ball is in play- CRACK! Comes the thought back as it’s towards the stars and the dream in flight far far farther itty bitty now the dream. (Ball). And oh heh!

There’s soft scrub for the stains and baked in bits. There’s oven it better than the self clean ash not quite all but now can be. There’s steel wool for the bottom to scrub up bright. There’s ammonia to make fridge funk less a slime on the eating right. But most of all? There’s being in the way a bit to make next days magically easier. To fight the hunk of now. To win both today’s and tomorrow. To wonder what feng Shui chats make it work out the right way. To let go enough to allow hope to thrive.

Now the joy isn’t a dopamine rush of a gold nugget- no! The hope is to push the edges back enough to brighten in seratinin’s confidence it’s a good step to lighten if temporarily the way. As I can put in some! Or?

A lil Casablanca cacophony’s click –

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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