I’m warned to be shaped not shape my destiny lately and yet I must! Put care to basics of living.

Odd the chaotic maelstrom of paradoxes at play.

It’s not my last chug of suds. I’ve all the time like the overhead sun roasting me alive to enjoy my day. I know with a smile certain hope breaths in a corner there’s more to do and know yet there is not one iota doubt I can whatever it is even if I haven’t much of any clue now.

Little voices say be about what helps forward

Be after the magic that is sharing the joy of all there is.

Like I’m awaiting lentils – I look forward to those! I made breakfast dying under the agony of the night before and a slow cooking lidded pan to have to right on schedule bathroom pause just as it’s leave the room and the bacon burns!!! So calmly off goes the stove and away I go! Sure enough it’s not two shakes but a delay! And I return fire up the stove again and finish the last thirty seconds yep only thirty seconds to hot crisp bacon but it’d be wrong
Otherwise or burnt and I could work around

The property manager rolled through this Airbnb and for the price of listening to me he gets cheap improvements and I in return a shot at Friday in phillie not at 160 a night hotel rates.

Little things like visible plugs for phone charging and laptop use in sight caddy bucket cleaning gear so it’s easy stored. Spray bottle dish soap so even that’s not wasted! Bathroom deodorizer because let me just tell you alllll about My Opinion!!! ;).

I’m now considering a bevies hoping my day plans come about and if so or not tommorow I must see some sight while I can. Dang nabbit! I must go tourist

My secret garden
Says voicelessly aim for the light
Awash in the hope



a tomb with breeze
An empty echoing Hushhhhh
A quiet hope, please

The laundry is done the main bag is packed the clothes available as is the toiletries. I’m surprised it didn’t storm really as it sure did for two on harder times as last night was packed! Thus they? Yep thin options and a downpour. I made it rain money. I sit with gas station gas and more beer than at the moment I want. I need only alarm and bed

I miss my friend

Yet adventure awaits for a minor tour of what I can before I cant. So up the Atlantic states the red eye to denver town so I may chase my words into something before I cant. Then back to the slog here for a future.

I guess the morning edit is

That sound of searing guitar over coffee to motivate towards more

With any luck I won’t offer only dreams lies begging a heavy helping of of others lives but giving perhaps rightly. I sure can ruin dreams! (Demanding pleading faith ahhh. I see where that always gets me)



Imagine a moment you’re a sucker for a hard luck story and want to help! And real gold is offered

It is not magnetic- it’s soft enough to scratch- it’s golden! It’s BRASS!

It’s many ounces

Now obviously I can’t say this is my issue nor I’m capable of or have the equipment to achieve this idea but it sure makes me smug to
feel like there’s no way one can snow me.

A link to a very expensive espresso machine’s brass based parts —. This is. More than 200 in parts and thus a minor refit from what otherwise would be a loss being robbed listening to a hustle!

Do you every try to organize you’re life that there is nothing but a win win for you?

Be that being very careful to keep bags watched wallet secure and thus a free hand on a pack of cigarettes while traveling and you know that face making utter fun of you as they userously demand cigarettes or cash anything free … fine make fun of me I don’t mind as for 35 cents at worst each smoke I’m not handing
Out my wallet or lunch money for the users

I like feeling smug on my way to my hopes for more – it’s healing to know I may not have learned the open f you try me fight stance to win but a back door of I’m greasier yet survive

Do you cut yourself a break in life to pat yourself on the back or laugh how no situation can ultimately defeat you?


Saturday night ‘s alright for fighting

Elton john tune to bely the titular theme of today’s thoughts

I get a lot of astrological and or divination always warnings lately no not of the obvious of my current fortunes but of ‘watch out.’ (Read in the top of the yellow the grey tabs which are c’cast hexagram; hexagram lines; transformed hex; etc… the third tab – transformed hex – and you catch on or could.)

It’s a Modern scene
not Talking – staring at hands
What today might mean

The deadline of now
Looming adventures coming
Of Distance around

I think it’s time to pie.
I may today. I made the blackberry rice wine vinegar.
I see that momement once upon a way back when – reading ‘coor’s: a taste of the west’ second edition to discover the idea to captivate me through food a journey of ideas…

Because I expect this unlike the coors book is close at hand minus a recipe for pie crust

I wonder obviously- is the past consumed or consummating?

If I’m off the dead behind I’ll edit.

As I watch life’s little moment either way shape my day going by (like watching ones rug welcome pulled – another’s luck running ugly too of an expiring stay just having broken a leg and being sold a handful of brass stamped 18k— hint – it’s non magnetic and scratches folks! But it’s worthless nearly —another leaves to a new adventure of life working as I too am soon to mosey on my way to see if I’m a little bit forward myself )

(I’m not sure I’m not fighting or will in a way heh)


With or without bacon

Visiting the market ( bit tough to see but past tree is a Winn Dixie just east of I-275 Nebraska on doctor Martin Luther King boulevard tampa fl). I got up 14 years ago’s purple pepper jack pasta – cabbage and chhheeeese! This time with bacon

What isn’t featured is black berry vinegar. I may just get that vinegar pie made Before I go about.

It’s time to enjoy what’s to be seen

38 states of 50 might be worth ticking off two more…
and finishing up my lil projects like book no deadline persay but timeframe. It’s time.

I’m not sure I’m excited with bacon cabbage – I is good and that Irishman of memory was right.


Waylon (making (my) way)

Murderously slow investmesting fright continues with getting out for ‘fun!’ Fail by the way worst food ever!

From digging up contact info to apply to applying mid stream – landmarks for up coming try (it’s everything ordeal so as my day is other issues doings I’m just not wasting a recon! Wow I discovered a mall (I can not ever once tell which part of it even in pictures just stumbled onward to bus area finding it oh pause near home failed on trip to market too shads some days.

Dukes of hazzard theme

Making their way – the only way they Know how… that’s just a little bit more than the law will allow!

(Universal law logistics timing)
6,38 walk 15 but as I lived and walked and oddly read a sign or two on the way I was able to know where I was and 15 home hostel base at exact ola stop! Donot think nothing goes nicely my way! I’ve a lil fan time and another grocery getting if I don’t wet myself walking six blocks. pee Dance! Eek!


Just Arround the river bend

I was due in suit to hotel clerk chance but nope- died. So I walked around sometimes a you see the wrong way.

Mid Application for sign it doesn’t like my phone for the mandatory survey

Tampa Florida- riverwalk