It said ‘grab sunset’
The moon phases say ‘what moon’
Hope subway provides?
Lugging luggage into lines
What’ll it cost me this time?

As you see I’m of great belief shoot. It’s thirty to the airport and I might sneak sunset in but you know I actually suspect all I get is old moon.

So what the heck do I have when the romancemall around is rumpled clothes likely and the worst coffee money can buy at night ug!??

Aim my arrow – aim it well

All right. Come along – get a juice at the in joint convenient robbery store and lets go make bubbly.

Sit and laugh at every hope against current chagrin -you did even say you didn’t need. Well then I do watch how laughable it is to see how I didn’t make the movies yet and worse you probably didn’t like that one anyways!

Smile you sense I care down to diet juice even and some sandwich lettuces not bunned and a field of walking before my lines take me red eyes further to stuff needing doing

You know what hides in my eyes

In case you need the it It’s for 4/14/18 Sagittarius

As to the person it’s to – you of course what fine hopes and or tepid lies? Just for that fleeting sliver remember – I got 15 more stairs and a shower to attend to by 11

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Shafts”

Should she or shouldn’t she? Shafts? Arrow? Grab sunsets? This old moon knows it’s new moon. EBB counts the days. Next, last quarter. Finally, full.

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