I’m warned to be shaped not shape my destiny lately and yet I must! Put care to basics of living.

Odd the chaotic maelstrom of paradoxes at play.

It’s not my last chug of suds. I’ve all the time like the overhead sun roasting me alive to enjoy my day. I know with a smile certain hope breaths in a corner there’s more to do and know yet there is not one iota doubt I can whatever it is even if I haven’t much of any clue now.

Little voices say be about what helps forward

Be after the magic that is sharing the joy of all there is.

Like I’m awaiting lentils – I look forward to those! I made breakfast dying under the agony of the night before and a slow cooking lidded pan to have to right on schedule bathroom pause just as it’s leave the room and the bacon burns!!! So calmly off goes the stove and away I go! Sure enough it’s not two shakes but a delay! And I return fire up the stove again and finish the last thirty seconds yep only thirty seconds to hot crisp bacon but it’d be wrong
Otherwise or burnt and I could work around

The property manager rolled through this Airbnb and for the price of listening to me he gets cheap improvements and I in return a shot at Friday in phillie not at 160 a night hotel rates.

Little things like visible plugs for phone charging and laptop use in sight caddy bucket cleaning gear so it’s easy stored. Spray bottle dish soap so even that’s not wasted! Bathroom deodorizer because let me just tell you alllll about My Opinion!!! ;).

I’m now considering a bevies hoping my day plans come about and if so or not tommorow I must see some sight while I can. Dang nabbit! I must go tourist

My secret garden
Says voicelessly aim for the light
Awash in the hope

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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