This is ‘my’ kitchen which took 90 hours so far tidying. (Yes, I share it and no not all of those man hours are mine – yes, I did a good part) 3 weeks from moving in.

Now to food porn.

Kalamazoo olive company plus uncles gift
Savory spice shop
Tea bella
(St Petersburg, Florida)

Save a lot
Farmers market st Pete
Locale gourmet markets
Publix not correctly photoed

Some tools and sundries via local convenience like cvs , bay food, stop and shop and Abe’s dollar store and pharmacy – not photographed here
Grease screen 1 dollar mayonnaise 5.79 hellmens (best foods in Colorado) for instance
Publix chicken based sausage or turkey if your so inclined

Being coastal from semi arid you need! A tub for open cereal or it’s limp not crisp very quickly!

What I’ve done:

A deli cold cut
To a proper dinner
Mushroom stock frozen as ice cubes currently fun!

This is what I’ll make if bored and hungry with Your chicken and a pot of rice
Food courtesy of Aaron w.

Other spots:

So from rooftop bar at full moonrise with drinks to scotch at sunset on the passegrille fl beach, or perhaps a podunk park under a picnic-worthy tree waterfront bicycling (rentals available conveniently ) or perhaps even in the water!

If you put the firewater down! Alll right wiseguy!!! I heard that!

Greenhouse inn St. Peterswithin downt 8 minutes from the bus to passegrille beach running late!
Efficiencies by month
Call Dori or Patty for pricing and availability

Or grams place hostel Tampa Florida where a bed for the night or a private room for you and your companion may bring out the music in you! Bruce Rhonda Kevin and company will help you from wherever in the world you’re from! Where your 20 minutes from Tampa international flights

Some of my hostel food fun

St. Petersburg just down the road 30 the other way!

This efficiency is fully furnished as are most 750/month on up
Grams place for shared dorm 31.66 with tax /day you don’t have to share with strange guys! Ladies! Private rooms a bit more.

Bussing is
Hart in Tampa 2 each bus local sometimes more get day passes quickly!
Psta in pinellas county (st Petersburg
There is a circuitous bus to parts of up to new port Richey fl but I’m spacing it off top of my head
Greyhound stops in Spring Hill Florida

Yellow taxi I use because this dunderhead doesn’t have uber on his phone!

It’s 2.25 each bus in St. Petersburg psta or 3 for express into tampa from various points

Discount fair for non grey hairs is going to require documentation and a card purchase yes this mean holy coke bottle lenses Batman here can’t get a discount without walking into a bench taking three weeks to heal – be extra careful about asking the universe at large to give YOU a BREAK (‘ouch!)

Taxi from hostel to my greenhouse is 60usd

I can’t find green chili hardly at all which is a tragedy of Florida versus Colorado
The best experience is a kiss and tell problem
The highest moment I had is the same category issue
Because I’m going to foodie hell my biggest smile is microwaving extra crisp bacon!

About my best moment was blackbean soup with sofritas stuffed potatoes only to share it
To find the lowest moment the silent friend was silent as he passed away

There are good times and ugh!

That’s just so you see some of my new home

Palm trees… hunh? I lived in Colorado 40+ years!…


Following the line


Black vinegar

Japan news black vinegar
‘Fields of jars’
Martin yan

Concepts: fried fish (whole) lamb noodle
Curious if vegetable leaf similar which eludes me by why waste a note

Japan one field of gold sting – feilds of jars of clay. Jar jar binx!

The spinach / vinegar diet! All you get is body odor!!

Of course Benediktiner, a Hefeweizen
Unlike many this ones toaster sweet/crisp versus bitter/hazy/spiced

Wheat glucose – a component critical to lowered sugar content candy licorice. Darrel lee brand Aussie style licorice (Aussie style means no holes like American red vines/twizzlers)

But more importantly the bread of which wheat is magic.

I b s chrone’s or silly gluten insensitivity… hmn life is which gut flora we’ve got going and lord help us !!! Montezumas revenge to travelers forgetting food is actually authentic to regions 😉 yes I said authentic how racist! Which is why Heinz doesn’t have 57 sauces but many thousands!

But wheat, Benediktiner, bread, German beer obviously which to this America boy means thoughts of pumpernickel (shhhhh I know pump is a rye not a wheat only bread!) but just as pump is often colored with chocolate or coffee, the point here is altered! Dark toasty wheat wheat malt pump fake! Ha ha! Football rolls!

Chaff is the grain hull this separating indigestible to humans but not livestock! Hull matter and not wasting! The cliche separating the wheat from the chaff

Right now I woke from a dream
I’m to an operation it to me is unclear what it is for but like all operations duh we wouldn’t submit unless we hoped to be better…. this on requires a clamp each thigh meant to alter feeling in some way and it isn’t correct left to right. I say so and as I’m upset I’m not listened I’m told the operations over yet there is no ‘change?’ Or they’ll try another day?… awaken to shower at a later than typical day hour 3:19 versus midnight ish time – the wind blows. But not quite epiphany I sense I’m hopeful for one yet I’m moving in a Forrest of nowhere! Afraid I’m barred from critical things so very ‘necessary’ (and maybe are right now for one but truthfully if I’m right they’re not significant yet are useful things) things. Like extra work with. Pay. Realizing I Bulldog through push independently non accepting ly through life versus flow. I want goals and right now! Chop chop! Yet oddly I’m to sit learning now might be my time by no means give up hope! Yet the choice isn’t mine persay I’m not more than consistent to path hopes or not.

So wheat /we. I would hope to be combined to purely be as thus the chaff is separated. But asking the astral ‘gods’ says it’s not bread beer but black vinegar

Hence a lasting long past typical. And just as vinegar is great for life it is usually part of the sauce!

What others waste is prized. It’s precious – more so through time.

Yet the epiphany of poem still fails me.

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