Once I stayed In a building originally meant for railroad retirees. This kindly Latina captivated me with the sharing. But had this odd request if as to how she’d share- you’d learn like her over a phone trying in progress to get it together. I didn’t call and she from emphysema and age is long gone… but in a memory- on the blower to heaven, here in the lentejas taking form fifteen later.

Orange juice 32oz
Soy but not more than a 1/4c
Onion (one medium yellow)
Carrot (454g/one pound)
Garlic (3 big cloves peeled and sliced)
Cumin (whole seed) 1/2 teaspoon
Bay (ground) 1 tablespoon
Butter 1 stick in total
Baby bella mushrooms (4oz package 125g)
90oz water (tween o j and water roughly 1 gallon or 4 liters)
Mesquite liquid smoke 2 tablespoons
Tiger sauce whole 5 oz bottle)

Corn enchilada tortillas 20pack
Red enchilada sauce 20oz or big old El Paso

As I plan on disposing of new all liquid and veggies boil for 3 hours ish dead, save a few , there is a quicker drain and pick out non lentil bits dice save veg for contrast make rice and thus tween rice and lentils in corn – dinner

Editing in more
375f (220c approx) foil half then burnt a bitty bit no foil coming plus dishes….

As you see, the pan bottom has enough liquid to mash the lentil to a paste then that is cooked to a dry paste thennrice half bag with butter and then half remaining lentils in or — I bollocks up the portion points— half the required corn tortillas only a single layer 13×9 pan worth I had enough filling for 2x 13/9’s double or at least fat 1.5’d!!! With a quarter cup more rice! (Half bag uncooked)

Benjamin who likes keratin is one of the workaway staff and yet again is principally the cook so the good folded enchilada is his fault! 😉


Duh yes, I am not a slouch! But I need help to achieve half my dreams and I’m gifted with interest – thanks!

Palmer also here contributes soy, grams itself the butter, Benjamin the foil atop his skills. Or again, this isn’t me yet at heart I suppose I am in here somewhere… no my Latina lady above? No I don’t remember her name it’s gone to time…

But if you’re watching down, maam… thanks
Christian did the dishes.
I don’t think I ever had a better vegetarian dish … Christian…
Which is a butter /dairy (d) dish by near east abrahamic dietary laws

Minor adjustments of cost preserved have this at add 5 doubles recipe thus feeding 6 now at 4 per being 2 then if that. Either price point is valid but one lol make money the other costs too much!

Ie a mexi type combo can be 9-11 a 3 item combo dinner this 3-4.4 in unit items cost x 3 allowing food service profit

Okay it serves 8 at 2 each


Make you something vegetarian sometime carnivores!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Progressing”

It probably isn’t much a surprise that to munch all day testing and then pizza beer and! A dash coffee liqueur too that despite early bedtime (sugar catnap as that is a starchy starchy night ….. hmn I have a song to rewrite … don maclanes – Vincent/ starry starry night …. that said pizza was returned this morning. (The brighter of ya might have different notions but oddly in one bite why two but ya know pizza… it was memorable in that wrong way.)

Someone recently suggested that, if I were to make enchiladas, ever again, I might cut down on artery-clog, by putting the cheese on top, instead of stuffing the tortillas with it. Just a random thought.

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