Fuller circle

I am down the road. There was a nice card and quite a ham party kindly thrown up. Yay. It was amusing finding out the manageress of the last place is a shop-a-holic ! As a ‘five minutes’ required 45 and good Sandles shopping was involved! Nordstrom rack by total wine. Yes haha folks I got the wine first! Thennnnn the chance to whinnnnnne!
I gained wine, a box noir, (bota box nighthawk blend) and chattered on the gals side of court here at the hostel. (Grams place hostel – tampa Florida – now on the historic tour this year of homes/buildings!) I’m labeled in permanent marker which will be a pain to remove. I can’t read it. (Duh – it’s a school teach from Illinois and yes the revolting humor was how awful it appears to be numbered in seeming tattoo but some of us don’t remember door codes… but write on me I write on you! Only fair.) I’m thinking lentils. The hardship is with tamarind! So I hope and you do too that the honkey store carries Tiger sauce as they’re unlikely nor anyone close to have pulparindo. I’m thus back fuller circle to how I came into this area.

It’s odd why this is but five percent and charger is packed a tad well…

It’s nineteen now and I doubt I have a legit explaination – but once said it is a truth so whether or not it’s remains the ire fire it began as, I guess it just is meant to be said /done which can be good! I am forced to see some things in a cloud of the interplay not just facts. Or rather odd the truth is odder than fiction rich in frictions of what’s important and may linger – if I remained or even ever was at fault I’d be curious but something tells me I’m not the only one with a sense of held emotion. It reminds me of a line…
“We should have freed the slaves and then fired on fort sumpter- better to lose the wAr than admit to the mistake…
General Longstreet to the colonel of the cold stream guards of England…

I wonder in a way if such is true for me if finally I’m not blamelesss of course not! 😉 but just this once I begin to have a chance to understand more of what ordinarily would be a complete fail might be more of a light opportunity to not stagnate or in other ways to truly finally communicate in full on truth – every hackle up. Let’s hope I’m not buried alive in these things!

Oddly enough, it’s allll deadly real despite sometimes the feeling it may be dreamy or as one can imagine in an instant – nightmarish- some of the news. But here I am…

Down my little road. Fuller circle –

Or if you waited for the stupid stmbolism smear- if there is new circles beginning inside the ones radiating out? Or oddly if all were to implode into later memories echo? You know it’d be very odd that! For it to go as if suddenly all 2.5 years having left out from being demoted back to assistant of activities from department head, sick, sans insurance hardly a hope and wanting more! To travel half a country fight to enjoy anything at all other than disappointments to have said close like that ??? Such if you understand even a little bit is the choices none I control but influence of my part within. Do I believe on Monday all the spiritual für Vers of sunday? Here I am trying- I hope it’s seen I care or I believemuch matters even beyond just my hopes… but again… hmn. Fuller circle.

( why lentils?)

Follow link No I’m not Jewish… however there something to be said of:
Being fully aware the outcome isn’t more than one of choice. I’ve asked to be more than an unbelievable vision… I may or may not be.
Follow the changes or third tab grey of the ‘hex’.

I suppose this means I’m going to require pants here shortly… to my Win(n Dixie)!

To effing bury you: har har a joke
Plant symbolism’s to play a part in meaning!
(Mesquite ash vs. hickory ie liquid smoke)
(Bad thing/link but whatever)

Plant Symbolism – A Guide To The Spiritual Meaning Of Plants

(Corn – enchilada shells which cover yet more circle symbol meaning! First a disc the a cylinder!!!!!)
(Cayenne as part of tiger sauce- vinegar, pepper, and tamarind)…0….196.1428.0j9…………….0j0i71j35i39j0i22i30j0i20i263j33i160.oprvxrEcc6E%3D
(Lentils again)
(Fried deviled eggs – best bites video via Facebook)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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