I can insert here some Carly simon’ ‘it’s coming around again’ then make a truly crude moment of lower… humor in a birth control device joke.

I can also just as easily drip like that sink station you can’t get a plumber out after TIL – yes kitchen manager you couullllld pay double rate or just ride the ice in your soul because it’s a business and you’ve dealt with far worse longer… I could drip my hopes and dreams out to sodden up a double load of towels. I. Love. You. Drip. Drip. Drip. God! I’ll go mad. Drip drip drip……drip.

You know my glasses most likely are here. I’m due to see 20-150 corrected left and 20-180 right- left right being eyes. It’s been 6 weeks 7 really since they fell and broke just at the lowest I could financially be seemingly. I’m blind via the other set and even these too ( yes you see I’ll be able to see above! The stated lines of legal acuity… wise up! I never told you my overall field of vision!! It’s just as shitty. Yes. I cussed. I really do wonder though what amazing more I have. Pragmatically I can’t waste the money to find out I’m too impatient to wait Monday as you know they’ll be a package outside my pobox thus I can’t collect but within government hours. I can’t waste money and time impatiently yet you might know I want them and my Aladdin theme (a whole new world, Disney). I could have edited this too patiently to underscore my steely soul.

yep Zz top ‘cheap sunglasses’ and that’s with my groceries ( damn it – with great vitamin d and pill intake I still take a beating with insulin uptake. — yes, the cynacle of you should laugh and laugh that I lose weight a woman’s dream as I sit here brag-a-moaning oh yeah really is me!)

Punk inspired finger gesture to the world. Here I come!…. Monday

Joke is my weight is in farenheit the reading you’d like to see your streamline holding. Just right and ready for them customers! Ready and unpaid is bad! Not ready is bad. 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Encircle”

I don’t know what my eyesight was in the 20/whatever category but I couldn’t read even the biggest lettters on the chart, and I had 8 diopters of correction. Thanks to a kind surgeon in Dallas who provided ALK/RK surgeries free to missionaries, I ended up with 20/20 except for astigmatism. My old glasses were a quarter inch thick. Now I often drive without glasses because in good light I see very well. At night it’s hard to read street signs because the letters pile up.

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