On this day

I awake.from ‘the big sleep’ ( Raymond chandler) to the beer time forgot (meaning it quit being cold.) the next book in is Barbara Kingsolver ‘s ‘the poisonwood Bible’ where momma marches her orchestra of souls through spider webs conducted aside. I’m only 69 and 19 years off of current to then! Just as one story ends another begins noting that curiousness called ‘catch a tiger by the tail’ what would you expect but to hear a roar? This is that notion. This is to be the the impossible. To be be more than what’s possible.

In real life I sat in the sun laughing my fool head off – march 15th 2007; the hottest ice story aboves date. I had just meditated up me a notion! I do much the same musings now of how my dreams now might be…. Aqaba – by the land (Lawrence of Arabia; 1962? Peter o’toole based upon the Shaw ((actual lawrence of Arabia s book ‘the seven pillars of wisdom’ being the base material and not very interesting)). Then in aught seven i hoped to score and I had the planned sham confidence! Just as 11 later (7-11 convenient craps numbering of the dice cast luck or junk food nacho heaven! – yes cheese!) I feel myself on the edges called forever. I laugh as I muse now I swear I hold the truth and it makes me laugh my fool head off. Did I gain? Oddly yeah. It went according to plan and yet the plan the meaning – everything changed.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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