Three eras

Three eras or oo errors! Me.
(From xanga three account names ago – I got kitty bit, saw a publication deal fail and soon enough would have 2 years volunteering to become reemployable. That era is two complete years past – that job mentioned. Now two states plus half a country away from that time, this is this then 😉 do I sound like me now?)

Saturday, 25 December 2010
seppuku by cylinders

gold-eyed goddess storms
judgment day’s sinister turn
our love now for worms

cold, this hand pressing
caressing this thread and its truth
click. chances progressing

wednesday night whiskey
fiery courage torch-lit truth
click. this life’s risky.

whiskeyed words hang
damning one in the balance
believe, I love you

daggered truths be known
I shiver replaying ghosts
our love on rocks shown

click. echoes return
time soon sums up sentiment
salvation ‘s deferred

March 12th, 2010. js (a different way to rhyme)((selected for publication, Christmas Eve contract pulled yes contract. Merrrrrrry xmas))(((neither mad at the how and either of the’whos’ But it did stink)))

Wednesday, 22 December 2010
bhadddd lines
Onan ‘s Broken
I can’t use my right hand
cat fight gone wrong
and I’m the loser, DAMN!
I almost would have preferred
sand in the Vaseline
oh sure that ain’t keen
but imagine this pain’s scream
I have work
a rare enough feat
to carry about an old sheltie
and I’m dripping tears
I get to await but jeers
what moron risk’s himself
to avoid one mess
only to incur fate
no one handed heroing
Wanh! for goodness sake!
and I more Christmas misery
oh us big brained humans?
just guess who wants to be loved
that hateful furry loser
lost to a kitten half his size
oh he ain’t powerless
shake hands with me
I’ll literally cry.
no sour cream soloing
that little bastard
chewed not just me
but my week.
he even tried to swallow his frustration
oh these thoughts of his upcoming castration
I lost to a feline
let me hear those laughs
-those crimes
that little fuzzball weeny
done in my dignity
laugh- seriously!
it isn’t you
that earned hisself
a wrist full of teeth
yes, a “boo boo”

Onan’s broken
laugh at my twice “withouts”
no deed however good
goes unpunished
but seriously, it’s more like
like good deeds pave the way to hell
um, two cliches in a row-shhh
I’d tell on myself!
yes, good deeds made it certain
my week of shambles
searing pain
one more
yes, as if I haven’t enough
one more disability
no, not jerking off
boo hoo to a little enforced restraint
you try drawing insulin through ampules
through needle to the syringe
I have to do it one handed
and it ain’t no sinch
yeah, merry Christmas crunch’n’munch
the fuzzball thought me the dinner of his sorrows
I lost, I was lunch


Think triangles (all the boys chuckle)
imagine now the triangle called harmony.
but the straight line of contrast?


Do you believe in the color blue
at it’s other end is orange.
nature has it’s opposites
oranges sweet become
fuzzy penicillin in the end time true

Violet to yellow
contrast within creation
violet purples to yellowish gold
beginning to end.

it took until last century
cars to need traffic lights
simple again is
red to green
stop or go

but do you believe in the power of blue
the ocean leaving room for contrasting sand
the loss blue leading to bright sweet
can you include the true collection of opposites
or is it either/or for you?
(((If you can not follow the symbolism, google or other search ‘ color wheel’ )))

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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