Facing wrong

What is it joy when it achieve no aim? Art? For the moving of the soul? It serves no aim? Just is. Possible. Uh oh, balance! We all must aim and move or simple thing food and care disappear as will we! But isn’t the possible beheld the magic of days? It seemingly is pointless but means about meaning is.

Tenuous a bond that responsible it isn’t but hmn that’s easy about. The purpose then is joy but within contentment. Or a few chores then fly to living! It’s not a mission but all life is oddly and pride of other things achieved also can be. Day. We must day heh it’s careening between chances bright and chore those necessary blights ;). We all know we joy too in a drudgery done to fulfillment but chasing the lights living seem tenuous it doesn’t do anything but bring a smile. But I like happiness! The rest is a challenge a game to be competed well thus a spirit free sings.

Fortunes mountains climbed or the landslide of them scooting out of town change. Did you laugh? Much of the day is grand when things can go wrong and laughter and joy abound? I mean don’t you laugh and cry in life and laugh while crying? At how much a mess it looks? Or do you cry conversely that it well! But could and should’ve been! It’s living alive in truth moved by life

Anchor. It’s achieved it matters in a plan made come by drive? Meaning. Hahahaha! What would a seven mountain complex matter or if it’s an easy wigwam of snow sky walls with carpet lining? If there is warmth comfort contentment – can happiness be enjoyed achieving? The achievement is meaningless the anchor only the weight of fears. Heh chaos cackles don’t you come alive in powerful possibilities? Anchor? All are a weight to a rope to station keep rutted. Free yet an eye on the sneaky of life tripping utter fools but heh balance

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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