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As you can see – I can not see physically – that journeying is possible.
I transfer talking book library service via an intercity journey where I find a mall, a few local spots far away, and most importantly get lost and found.

This set out all my lists of todos for a new place which is greater Tampa Florida USA-

This coming month is to see to deciding forward on a book of poems. It is a fine slice of my thoughts of a soured romance or bad hair cut could be your fictional last chance and as well my dance home from the usual grind. So this is begin this next month here flying cross country as I haven’t anyone local to make my special glasses. Thus the photobombing above I literally use my tools of life forward like a phone with a camera that enlarges clearly so I can see signs and god directions. It is a month of leaving a life behind as I am a return to some of that old within a whole new paradigm.

So if you countryside mall – Clearwater Florida from Tampa international airport, you can eat not just joyous Taco Bell but to its left is a restroom with a red exit sign. I can see the smudge anyways and such is very important to end that kind of dancing! As you might see the view is from pine avenue lane? (Weird) bus stop but while I didn’t transfer there the Dillard’s is the side to catch the 300x type busses supposedly. (Intercity). I via psta took interconnecting or otc bus via google maps about and there is a section of busses to show you how the signage is absent from my viewpoints ( the pickup end top corner is the sign I didn’t spot them til my camera was dead and thus I unable to read them. Thus I had to ask questions. You will note too I got bad directions too or I don’t knows wait ! Then ug the chatty to his gal but tomb silent to me driver barely got me on this the last bus out of town! Or the driver at the mall to the library said I had to wave him down – I can’t see him til the stop literally daylight front bus sign reading 15 feet at best… so he didn’t have to stop and he was late to boot. All psta busses were late upwards of a half hours from stated times – wait though! The did for one wheelchair rider but otherwise didn’t. I missed a lot of hourly only connections this day thus 12-8 for what was 12-5 kinda of a day. It was of course pitch black to negotiate a active bus lot home ( thanks). But that said yay! I managed intercity transit!! (Truly blind too… but as you see which I didn’t, there is mean stationary objects awaiting you!)

(There is a note above, my hostel called checking in as it was getting dark – there are people who care. Gram’s Place hostel Tampa- shared 31.36 a night dorms or private rooms for a different cost point and all prices subject to change without notice blah blah but do consider a fine fun place to explore the gulf coast!)

So nls talking book she lightened my load and while Clearwater doesn’t serve my county in Tampa liaisons for me to Daytona beach library far away for me to visit. Thank you! You can see it’s a fairly dangerous multi lane road there to cross so plan appropriately! Both entries are crossing multi lane roads without stop signs or lights. Hint – pay the fare and return to the correct sides of streets if bussing or cab phone mail etc! I suppose I should note I felt kinda sad for an instant as I did this transference- I brought documents of I’d and eligibility only to appear in system and unlikely to be a fraud — I looked blind about the ten millionth time but it is the first time in ages I felt blind. This didn’t mean they were unkind!

Next on my list is the hassle of hellish paper services. You know it sucks if the driver of a bus doesn’t know their route or your travel info!! It isn’t their job!! It sucks having to go around town paying money to cards when I can use one!! But consider this – the world doesn’t wish to wait for but expects proof of unfair discounts… time!! To save time, preserve dignity and lessen drivers knowing complex legal documents with! Sensitive info… subject to identity theft… it is frustrating but logical to get a card and flash it versus alternatives. This preserves costs! Speeds everything including my own day! Like I flashed tampa transits disability card for Clearwater st Pete pinellas county transit! Not a Medicare card with my social security number… I know it’s easier to flash one but … security!! ;). Speed! Dignity.

Thus my day and them coming.


Wry with a wink
(Tampa FL city transit)

Click to access App-Discount-Permit-instructions.pdf

(As I am blind, the discount card required process which is a ‘hoop’ because you can not just flash the Medicare card and id to the driver you must go downtown and pay 2.50 plus of course 2 bucks not one to get there and get a pass back fare cards etc so you in effect lose a twenty on the day)
(The closest Nls branch “talking book library” – so I am in local government national government services or have books!)( this search is predicated on a search to this address from 3109 n ola ave Tampa fl 33603 and back and is a day putting again – but as you can read is possible if difficult)

(2+ each way 5 dollars current price four if I get discount to HART and 3 if! I can hoop PSta
(( St. Petersburg plus Clearwater area bus))

Remember 5pm it is going dark and this week I fly to get new glasses ORDERED 3-4 weeks from order to my hands minus 2200 plus whatever spending visiting Colorado to do it.

Atop this today is? Time for ox tail usage! So yes I soup. I suppose tomorrow I get my own self regionally around.

Why borscht?
It’s beets – I’ll be beat!
It’s ox tail bones – I feel like an ox and the back end of one.
It’s back ribs because they too are about – bits of my back sides behind stuck in an expensive chairs all day after being but another number… hahaha!
Yes wanh too

Yes carrot yes onion yes potato maybe I’ll boil this right and maybe have a meaty borsch to piss off the veggie lovers but I have sour cream and time enough

Add another butternut squash soup gift and if I’m right such will complete my season so much for now souped 😉


The cow/wine? Portion of borscht?? Is in progress
The card took 15/16 minutes from bus stop in / out lit smoke (yelled at as it’s not ‘that area which I had actually asked after)

Vegetable matter around 2,2:30 boil apart, purée the resident chef snubs me some and I could care less what badger vomit thinks. I’m doing the best I personally can ( 🙂 – he helps actually in that regard, as it’s MY thing and if I’m right it’s good if odd)




I finally reside in Florida
I have a pobox – principally to avoid overstaying the courtesy here to attend my life.
I have changed addresses on all my credit cards and travel notified them.
I have booked flight to get my glasses remade – Walmart/ Columbus ga could but Walmart home office blocked order and while surely someone here in Tampa probably can as well, I either piggyback denvers dr spex to gauruntee yet a fourth middleman or simply visit my mother and brother get the current legal script and pictures of my eyes unlike the February visit sets for the Walmart fail, and just eat it my glasses cost about 1200 the visit 300 flight ~350 and I don’t really have 3 weeks here to wait til I wait 3 more for mine made so bye bye chance at savings.
I have to change address with bank and who disallows phone change hanging up on me so 2 hours in line to flash all important ID. (Bank I said easy call during)
I would like but doubt timing to get HARP (local Tampa city transit) disability discount card but there just is little hope I’ll get any significant progress combining errands today) ( hours open and time)
I have that eye appointment 😉
I’ve reserved my next 2weeks stays here in Tampa and Denver is family
I have the last item of my life – talking books (I am legally blind thus have service access to specially read aloud for me books alternate materials found.
I have medical insurance the remaining this year plus next year enrolled awaiting confirmation steps in mail coming.
I have my work and address history on for work and one application out with the private til sent to specific jobs selection to care after later privacy
I have walked 2 miles in every direction this a chance at basic stops and landmarks.
I have a basic minimal group of smiles caring with my positivity forward
I have both cab, sometimes ride, cycles of hostel living errands rides with, walking and bus to: cvs closest pharmacy , Walmart 2.2 miles walking alternate; post office library DMV social security administration for gov stuff; Walmart Winn Dixie Whole Foods for market plus specialty; cheap wine beer, and also various parks or cemetery strolls even for non cost ambling.

Thus in about two days I mark a month in town.
This is what I have to gamble forward with. Now I have to actually invest/gamble.

It’s 1500 a month ish here operating this way or I lose money slowly… or fast heh with say glasses breaking… I either find work or begin a slower slide backwards.

I have nearly proofed a poem book with art for cover continuity edit checked and a graphic designer for proof production.

I will have limited sight with glasses but a year forward easily with newer ones to gamble them lasting longer.

I need thus only a doctor in cycle before I go.
Discount for return long term travel savings
Final addresses sorted
Library intake for special services there

And to make something with oz tails 😉 ( borscht)


43 and ‘past it’

Birthday eve was a fine Friday into Saturday with a lil more of the ‘Canadian contingent’ and a shower trio of Hoosiers. I know I was making midnight pork chops with buttered green beans.

Saturday day was a fine leisurely stroll of a day with a friend in no particular hurry. I await how the chicken salad pic appears. I enjoyed a little tarot card reading and reading my mom made destiny of the coming year. Many texts hit yet oddly my phone randomly says I’m not available.

I look to today ironing my cover art for perhaps a better photo . Proofing more the last bit. I have a few days to swap insurance location. This sees also a doctor call. It thus takes ME a month to get a few silly days doings done when I don’t drive or forget things. ;). I will be uncles housing as this place is full coming up shortly 😉 just a few days but I have done well making a place, meeting consistently new folks, cooking, walking/exploring just directions mainly, I suppose it’s bus station toofor a discount card and pass for a time ;).

I am pleased not of the timing so much but that the worst is just feet forward in measured steps. No. It hasn’t gone to plan 😉

The salads – peace signed each 😉