Murray Christmas 😉

Yes it’s xmas morning and up at 3 then six something I lazily read of the world.

I’ve a fine day of ham coming ( so much for the diet ) I hope I enjoy a little. I have a fine going as wallpaper to a gathering I just so far didn’t plug right in. Oh shipshape! I’ll try and maybe it’s just breathing and sharing a smile afterall.

I read of many who pass knowing I what? See time change?? Can it be my time coming (please?). I know this is silly but it was eighties heaven! Ghostbusters theme time 😉 to smile at the ghosts. I didn’t then win as I may not now either but it is time to dance in a Serling?? Swirling! drain the blues of what wasn’t or will be.

No I haven’t had the Bloody Mary xmas breakfast. I easily can. I’d rather the can 😉 Heheheh if I have that I may find it! if you get rude 😀

I thus swirl in amoungst ghosts. I’m happy enough. Merry xmas past sure merry xmas me the usual fit or just not, me. You too! I wonder after the future wondering how it’s the same but this time smiling if the faces change. Even if I never grew up in Christmas I finally can look back in a blanket of them new and old warm in today’s.

I probably won’t technically make a dang thing – this doesn’t mean your blind ‘chef’ won’t help but it’s somehow this second not my party ;). But I’ll surely have a hand in it 😉

And heh I’ve a lot of vodka to pepetrate. I’m likely going to evil up since the vodka juice idea died to sweetened spiked coffees. I may get you. Murray Christmas!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Ghostbusters”

A Very Murray Christmas! Indeed Bill was in Ghostbusters. We have to put the ghosts to rest (in a nuclear storage tank under a firehouse). They’ll stay there until regulators insist on finding WMD or some such. Hugs. Truth is. We don’t know the future. That is where hope lives. Smile on past ghosts that smile. Your time is here. Now. Remember that, always.

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