I’m of the annoited!

Keeping up dropping messy glass from high places, I Rachel Ray-ed the floor all evoo ( uh oh, spaghetti-oh crap). This is time to laugh as I’m so keen on oiling the floors! This is time to be an hour after the bliss of service!
However, I caught the Burger King fish sandwich 😉

Today I am to uncles’ for the holidays. I enjoyed window some shopping and lunch getting here. You might imagine that I’m smiling.

Many distressing things occurred and yet an African man sent me to bed with the peace of god to awake ready to conquer the world ( yes that can sound gay love yet it was not nor do I care – simply 😛 you ) many passed and irrational negative plus a real poltergeist of a dead smell haunted the laundry hall ala not yummy this week smells yet it never has been found fully. As you may have. Read I lost one acquaintance from the hostel to suicide another found jail and a routine surgery was death or it isn’t shinny all the time! Yet moments restore and I have the hope I’ve chosen well and do hope the initial trials are swiftly less. 🙂

I made chicken things even I’m surprised they were so good. Sazon chicken bacon tortilla blt pizzas and chicken bacon meatballs that rival any I’ve ever ever had. I may return to communication with not wholly have gnawed my feet off.!. I still can lose but I have truly done my chosen best so I feel good. Hug.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “I’m of the annoited!”

Words that helped? You are made in the image of god. Okay just a tad narcissistic ;). Anyways I covered how I felt the main issue isn’t a feeling of happiness but grabbing hold of that secure whoops I can’t grab. So timing which changes not one fact of my days not a bit but does 😉 alter my attitude to say it if to last is built nurtured primarily time here is this. So if you apply this to romantic. Hope. What’s wrong with more kisses within good behavior enough to build me us them/her? Next if I must wait for work but not til the new year say now? Well what am I doing to try to alter how I spend money I mean I’m not brand new in town I’m here so some savings are sour like not 20 outings good economy at 1/3 that? Deliver earning my keep if saving yes I can’t see so more! Life goes on! It’s timed but why not breathe I am simply happy hand holding kissing strolling etc I can’t work a traditional gig til I can see plus it’s xmas so my season is waiting 😉 but again am I really? I am in the image of god – I can enjoy and try to let the challenge or waits or I don’t understands go. Yes, that probably makes grand goo sense. Tough. I’m happy. Hoping I nurture build charm achieve well. I likely do – I’m in the image of god 😉

Throw in SOME snow? Have you ever wondered if avalanches are the right words to drop her covers? It’s not any noise 😉 but down they come and one bald scape to the moon ;). Feels just a bit naughtier now heheh 🤗

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