Running away to the circus

Today restarts the papers arts of my little world. Today to I’d and voter registration. Oh I made it to the dmv to not have one thing. Back again but first around town to get what I brought!! Lol. Google maps and this phone iPhone de are nice with gps…. its a simple route seven there and such – 4.1 mile back peddling canb frenzy coming – but I walked … taxi pause – yellow cab Tampa … black vehicle of course … 7,32 from milk and n Armenia to milk and north ave. 2 bucks no transfer this fare rate ever… ( four bucks about town thusly each way ). Hart ( Tampa public bus). As … on bus 7 oo closer two stops! … 35 minutes so far… 12 and I’ve recovered my papers.

Now 1912 w st isobel tampa zillow is about a neat area good for looksturning. Two stops 😉 330 double steps More. I’m 5.8 feet . Inches. … oops returning pull at white fence or walk extra stop… anyways pretty homes. And otherwise north and milk is a cvs where they sell unsweet coconut milk meaning I have curry 2 for $7 select varietals wine I got a grape and vine cab/sauce. Sauce tomorrow so half my thighs are chicken cacciatore and the other curry chicken whit jasmine rice and a salad each . I may fry a zucchini for chicken one Italy. I left 13 down which for oops gets quick is a god send!

In other words; it’s not as planned per day! 3109 n ola Tampa fl 33603 ( gram’s place hostel 31.36 a night female only mixed dorms available plus a free wifi and breakfast – ((28 plus tax)) to
Dmv 4100 dmlk tampa 33614. ( voter registration to get po box but to vote you need fl I d 25 proof of birth certificate which is wet now uh oh lol plus 25 I was 50 in line when I read again official needs list and remembered I have I’d but didn’t matter heh . 1230 now 4:30 still 360 steps to go. I get to go alll over again !! It’s quite the thing to run away to the circus! 😉

Tostada plus chicken soft taco with side of pick with water is 3.22 plus 12.97 plus fourty change bills to be nice to hostel office 😉 ( not free just change save bank run) plus ten plus two lost to regent stuff plus 13 in drink convenience store sundry. My day or 36 easily 14 with ride and complete 3 hour wait but doable with market pause tween. Thus it’s a touch of a waste single.

It’s 3.7 x3 or dollar a mile 14 bucks life’s far easily with tools. But I do know all 5 now plus walked on day I walked the 7 route to home this by the stadium so I know a bit of the hood and if you look so do you.

Now to start the last steps so I can cook about five. I have wine. 6 for this chicken 4 wine 3 coconut milk 3 tomato sauce 1 curry 2 cheese 2 salad
1 rice 1.5 pasta 7 sauvignon blanc wine 1 bread garlic or 32 /8 4 per meal ( the savings is: 10 for four 1/2 pound shredded chicken burritos split breast – 5.14 3 papricka or chili powder plus salt if needed, 2.xx sour cream and a leaf of lettuce shredded 1 tomato 2 cheese and a two liter store soda if fancying which is a fat lunch! Or 3.66 – 4 per meal home but as you see if eating light Taco Bell could! Have been a deal. 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Running away to the circus”

Sounds like an adventure!

Oh…Watch out for clowns and bearded ladies and lion tamers! 😮 😀

BTW: Hap Hap Happy Birthday on Saturday! 🙂
(Hope I remembered this correctly! I had it written on my old Xanga Birthdays Calendar. 😀 )

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