Promises, promises updated

Libby shooters

Talenti I raspberry cheesecake ice cream/gelato
Simply raspberry canned filling
Hazelnut extract
Raspberry extract
Dr Watkins Walmart- extracts
Half and half of store bran origin
Trivia or sugar sugar
Honey maid graham crackers

That’s what I got
I know. Something’s coming 😉
(Yeah yeah, sing the 80s “promises, promises” song)

Happy thanksgiving American style – food is coming. I was told to desert. Oops dessert! 😉

Awaiting oven..

Raspberry cheesecake shooters await cream and ice cream

Because I nearly fell off the couch blurry…

Please understand I am not this spread this my uncle’s home and I graced to contribute the green bean casserole next to turkey left and the shooter dessert and limited prep cleaning. But note it’s a thoughtful layout easy to get after :).
My dessert try was fun but wow what a crappy glass choice! The spoon has to fit! You use the utensils backwards 😉 but even still next cream hides levels and pretties I suffer twice now not making up some.

In my opinion
Nothing in this world beats mashed potatoes and gravy
2nd yummy
I actually had a hard time but my gbc wins there
Third the ambrosia fruit salad with dinner
There is two dressings. Corn above mashed tater and to its left white bread scratch here.
I liked neither over each other this year
The sweet yam marshmallow thing blurry photo is way way yum
Poppyseed bake from shelf package rolls okay but not of a wow variety just expedient
Turkey was to me moist enough I enjoyed it and I’ve a rightful horror of it after a few years in nursing home spheres 😉 ( I love your food cooks in case you read me I really do I just lost turkey love 😉 yeah yeah I’m so going to burn! But still ma’am cook made wicked pickles fried and directed my special hot chocolate championed my efforts of interest mr cook was a grand soul who also tried my stuff more always an ear fired mrs me haha the day I dropped a plate heh. But tween them I kept alive cooking in a time I rarely did and thus oh well, sue me, I didn’t like the turkey 🙂 ). ( this includes how to make food prep to handling to efficientcy and speed – I can’t begin to mimicking but the spirit of their skill – like don’t touch food use your utensils. It may not be your usual but covering pitchers is important for freshness. It’s a goodly trick not one day but a life of cooking. It’s not how brilliant but pro you are consistent and timely is very much food. Yes I can cut an apple but a coring quartering tool is butter faster and the result dependable. Thus you can root with people for their success and serve with consistent pride well they can 😉 I do hobbling and have my fun 🙂 I hope you like the difference a real cook is a treasure and a warrior if they take it seriously a warrior not a soldier such is a different profession! A warrior to be on the game or soon unemployed!)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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