Pics cont.

Fancy? It is stil powdered cocoa mix! 😉 bananas foster hot cocoa! But powderchoc syrup flavored cream and water to heat beauty.
Wing night- Nestor on fry station ( I.e. No I helped but wasn’t principal) allowing us tiger sauced
Rooster sauced crystals sauced coming and I baked the maple wings

Frypil versions: peanut oil 1-3 gallon of which I must filter shortly with on hand eq.
It takes ridiculously long to me! 15 minutes or more! Eek! But I got to learn how much yuck sunk and how it must be transferred then pot boiled immediately but wow!
It is but butter with store sauces tossed in to pan toss as I didn’t have enough coating bowls. Very simple wash. I would remark it is almost better to have a crock to have warm wings then toss as needed. These go cold nearly immediately .

2 happy guys actually got out stages by house ma’am cooking lighter chicken veg rice. So in essence Lost! The battle of appetite;). Oh cry cry cry! I waddled to bed.

The inbetweeners… was one bar entertainment on the tele.
I hope that’s accurate
The other bunch discussed bitcoin investment and one as I listen this morning sure drank the scotch koolaide… but as both ain’t up? 😉 isn’t the next protege.

Otherwise not pictured is the tales grocery getting – of man older soul of house’ date so pissed he talked only of his fancy truck. (Previously working within law – she attracts nice quality folk still just not that go…)

( hint, try not to be big turd in self absorbed life? – 😉 )

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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