Clear the deck!

Last merry go round
Recipes I wish to clear my portions of shelving used

Black beans dry 2lbs
Lentils green dry 1lb 454g if you’re into that metric correctness
I have far too much brown rice to make any dent but I’ve one or two stabs to try. 6lbs or more

I like children to a degree! Tomorrow is Halloween so. Candy!

Okay- I can’t make the pork attack stew gruel! Garsh! It’s good ! As I just an restricted here

So which lentil?
(Note what’s missing? This is which picture excites)

Fails for now
(Can’t source ingredients)

Tamarind concentrate is amazonable. I like pulparindo. I need to get cheaper candy for a few children hopefully!

If I got so lucky!! Yummy pic!

Black beans
(Also picture credit)

Hey! It’s an excuse to pumpernickel! Mmmmmm!


Montreal seasoning g chicken. Burger and brown rice. I will half to veg it some

Candy onion sympathy card canned tomato aught do!
Oh bread. Der!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

10 replies on “Clear the deck!”

I didn’t have high hopes for the lentils, it the coconut cream recipe does have me drooling. Let us hope that is all the lentils should bring out. Ahem.

Well, if there is a bustle in my hedgerow, I’ll know it is no spirit. πŸ˜‰

Did you get to pass out the candy? Hope no one passed out after eating too much candy! πŸ˜›
I blog-ged about my Halloween day and night! πŸ™‚
I love that the weather is cooler…’Tis soups, stews, and chili season!
Now, after reading this blog, I am hungry and need to go find some food for a late supper.
HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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