Bring it!

Chef John: borscht braised beef short ribs. (Blackenening onions colors down the scary pink – trick )

Dave McKenna- summer medley because heh, it’s so Autumn!

Black tea with rose petals and safflower
(Rose is cloying as a scent safflower sorta “tobacco-ey” rounds this – last time I saw this was with Ethiopian coffee; lemony Rift Valley) ((such is a fine gift-I feel disgustingly sentimental drippy pleased))

For gosh darn it reasons, this is the kind of real but unreal too dream. It’s oh god thirty am. I’m not allowed beef or pork, also I’m suggested a low sodium and low phosphorus diet which…cuss! 😉 ….works, should I follow it. So I can tea up and tunes. Beats nothing.

Oh ticket to real street… I’ll make this more than likely, but it’s wise also to try it …not right now.
Smelling the roses is. Good for you…
Tastes info that’s safflower is reminiscent of -I concur but so you can verify my sanity independently (I love pink pepper but £200 !! I think one might like to verify how legit I am! Mine costs like 3 bucks at probably more now! I don’t get much use of every spice but I like to try stuff too!)
Because you can see for yourself the symbolic meanings of food – that borscht is love and lust!, my tea straight up love in a cup! (Sentimental dripping…. sorry) just like the simon and garfunkle tune “Scarborough fair” is a love potion in, “parsley,sage rosemary and thyme” (rosemary I can’t stand and I’m outright allergic to myrtyls (youth…damn kids!…scooby do!… see symbolism). (Rosemary is in theives oil a young living essential oil blend supposedly what tomb robbers wore to ward off plague… scientifically there is evidence oils do reduce toxic things for us but I’m not flogging such today… all I really know is this book and selling the mentioned company product -I buy doterra oils as well as they’re good! But also certified differently and cost prudent .. if you care to know… )
If you can’t tell, life is a joyous rabbit hole of experience!

While I’m cautioned against this too – oo! Does a Russian imperial stout sound good. I like the previous town’s
The soviet stylings can!
Yet oddly, benediktener
or a wells bombardier also sound good

I’ll remind that rye bread … Russian or not… is far lower in calories/carbs so you too can make maybe not always me but some diet sensitive soul some tasty but safe dinner… or drip! Sentiment like a silly junior high school girl! Ug. How manly. Or enjoy being yourself too. Okay maybe some of it had to stay a dream for now … drat! But some of this is very. Very. Real.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “BEET-ings!”

Nice “summer” medley to listen to whilst reading! 🙂
Tea and tunes are always wonderful!
My oldest spent a month doing humanitarian work in Eastern Europe and he said they ate a lot of sausage, taters, borscht, soups and stews, etc.
BTW: What’s the oldest cookbook you own?
I love cookbooks! I have some that are w-a-y yonder older than me….they belonged to a friend who w-a-y yonder older than me, she gave them to me.
HUGS!!! 🙂

None at present – to be able to move I am to about 50 pounds of junk about all I can manage. You already know a coors one must be c1981 – some red gingham affair. Stan frommish in watch of the perfect loaf along with father Dominic’s on bread, I’m sure to want at least one Vincent price offering… that gets older…
Midevil recipe reference
Roman diet beginnings

Peruvian purple corn drink
But let’s not forget
Turkish delights

(Shame! On you! If you cuss this fine Indian presenter for the exquisiteness Of course it’s not authentic! (Last bastion of racism is authentic cuisine) ). (Jellied drink versus gel treat–both corn)

Or I know I don’t need such thing but 🙂 food’s fun. Moles, Lebanese, despite not liking Igbo of, a west African tome, mousaka, hotdish compilations, I saw a divine stuffed gourd so Native American and if you see it so get a turban squash! Delightful, simplified preferably zsa’s indian, something you’ve eaten southern reliable for fun -I love tomato pie, fried green t with bacon and lettuce approach the joy that is an Australian pineapple fritter which can not compete with a lane orchard peach fritter but ones a fast food treat and the other doughnut devastation.

Hint I like beans grains neat things humbler. Marinated Stuffed grape leaves yum! Pierogi gnocchi fun! Knowing with a fat eggplant I can feed a friend lunch, two a family but with two potatoes and spice I could dosa my heart out… I know I’m one offing here but, a can of treacle and a 2 bottle thatcher’s can bring out English roullauds (vanilla pudding as mousse made with thatchers and some cashew milk because you think you can’t! But a carefully done sponge and plop puddin on roll ice/glaze and everyone gets a happy pinwheel!
(Boullard of Nova Scotia for the calvados-its not kiddy time puddin necessarily)

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