Lucky or Ucky?

Tamarind chicken filling bubbles. In an hour or so I’ll shred it.

Here’s the process.

The idea is tamarind mmmm. Can I get something good from it? Well sure! But something new. Hmm?

Chicken breast, boneless /skinless browned


Tamarind pulp and soda
Too sweet so

Garlic (Montreal chicken seasoning) and a dash of heat (ground red cayenne)


You see minus a single sheet paper towel all my mess. Remember a cup of coffee and a fork plus lidded bowl are coming

To get close to Thai Asian

This is that source idea:

Note I have no ginger nor fish sauce so I have to forsake the ginger and substitute Caesar dressing for some exotic there is no real need for sherry here it’s sweet enough.

Half hour…

Hour actually

Major dishes hand washed and away.

Right now 🌭 hot dogs and diet mellow yellow. Why? I’m hoping to share. Sis ain’t home til midnight and you’re not here either!

Don’t worry
Such or similar is in my cupboard it’s 20 minute or less for a noodle. Bowl or wrap ala lettuce.

Single wrap dynasty three pack glass noodles… 170 cal per chicken 2 oz plus let’s call it 40 cals sugar sauce. I have pecans and something vegetation the resulting bowl approaches 300 cals a bit high on starch/carb balance but yummy and fun and by nature of sizing the wrap version will be half but you’ll then want two so same thing.. just in case you remember sugar carbs need protein and fat to mellow the glycemic impact… and numbers don’t lie this is a choir not a home run food… do you enjoy your luck or ick?

Result later… if it doesn’t reheat it is a flub in that department too lol but it comes together




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

12 replies on “Lucky or Ucky?”

Looks good. So with these few ingredients I can make some tamarind chicken? I honestly don’t recall ever having tamarind chicken (searching mental filing cabinets) but this looks good and sounds easy. I like easy :-). peace to you

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