Puh, puH, ParALlaX!

Parallax is the difference of points of view and an important concept in stereoscopic photography.  I am more metaphorically interested here.  This requires a review of rigor mortise-old Vincent Price and House Of Wax, an early smash! Of horror movies more for the i expense of production thus roi on efforts.


Offering good insight into the movie including? Script!

if I learned anything in this life, be not different so much so that it’s hard to sell! Final draft is the real system utilized in script-writing not msword! Pro or home? Ya know?

because point of view or technique of construction is important maybe a basic overlay of these helps me understand why presenting imagery alters writing because in this life it’s show me (Missouri state slogan-haha bunny where are ye from?) don’t blow me.


3D t/a clean of course!

But, the point isn’t titillation, it’s remembering we all say cut the chatter and let me! Interact making my! Experience.  And cheap!  Fahrenheit 451•F flashpoint of pulp paper catching fire!  Remember 680k in ’53 was 120 houses new and that was! Cheap! (House of wax production cost 28 days photography) or it’s expensive to me but on a budgetary buffet! Type cost/value metaphor offer as much as possible cheap.

Now you.can look further into stereoscopic video or still photography at your leisure as I am lacking in depth perception being short of perception to begin with! (Legally blind two wildly different prescriptions between my eyes leaving me minus glasses to appear cross eyed but technically I am not). I’m into cheap horror, pov, and trying to present visually more so you see not hear me rambler lecture in the key of dull.

(I write slow in vomit scrape edit then try rewrite edit edit hope… now add a step of trying to cast a tale as a screenplay so it is then recast as the book because then! You see! Maybe little thoughts occur but correctly and sparingly. Or ahh the fun of research. Oops loafing with purpose (LIP)  of green goddess now house of wax as reference along with Philip Marlowe radio red wind because while I am glittering in words I’ll always be lesser in visual acuity so duh, making sure you hear me yet visualize is my point -links on these next)

Green goddess, 1921 play later silent film etc… finally a salad dressing out of current fashion)

from: a finer mine of scripts

Please understand I don’t joke, I won’t ever see well so, making sure you can get visualizing is key.  But… here comes a reminder of another avenue DVS…

Mad is usual, I may get to this I may not I don’t care save it interests me.  Not to fail what I learned that there just are established ways things get done so understanding connections even! Occur.  Even then, one hit wonders will keep everyone apprised of this is a vicious world where. Blair witch project can win millions on a no budget yet high. Budget flops fail.  There is no accounting for taste/sales/interests save duh a respected flop leads other places a disreputable failure no where

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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