September sigh

sip cider and sigh
I’m alive! – good morning world
ack! I should clean this sty

I have a Sandisk JumpDrive. it’s the same old thing known as a “thumb drive” but it just so happens to work by trading files from this old no longer net capable computer and my very much capable iPhone. they almost communicate with each other.

I tried unsuccessfully to type things up and have the robotic voice of yes this ancient computer text to speech from notepad all I say….and have the phone hear and type it up…mcFail! I tried getting it to share properly phone and computer as that is a hallmark of apple products actually working with each other!…mcFRail! I forget the old apple ID of this computer which requires the net to update any “change” to work and I’m just not toting thing about town to sort it all out. it’s a mac mini with a smaller monitor it’s actually doable but ug. nah. but I have the ability to type in a manner i can sort of see…if I want to. I haven’t turned this font to 48 from twelve and filled the screen with the application window. I still actually can not see what i’m doing…nothing terribly new for me. but i can sit here and touch type on a real keyboard! poo! I can transfer the files. I can copy and paste links now. I can listen to music. Iam a minor tweak from where i was a few hundred less. I don’t mind I can carry my “computer” now I actually picked well enough..

I can pretend I’m serious! about writing which I can be maybe i’ll share this later…after a round of rejections trying to “sell” myself. maybe I’ll be on my way to the casino with the first professional writer’s check for something sold to grab a diet coke and be deuce bored as I don’t drink much nor gamble that way anymore…sneaky life giving me all i ever asked and dreamed of it only after I good boy change to like not care about that crap that way anymore. there is an expletive in that I needn’t but mention it.

breakfast blend after years of darker roasts is delighting I found a piggly wiggly brand you know normal knockoff brand local store stuff of something cheap at best. but OOO! I’m telling you! I’m like delighting in it. darker roasts are bitter. this is like going to a diner and LIKING the coffee! OO! I adore the cider even if it makes me sigh about the sty about me. i obviously have stuff to do today 😉 a bunch of errands! in technically one day or five depending on how you wish to achieve memory observance i am a year here in this fort benign life. I chose to float here as there was no viable option of living alone and my original safety net wasn’t an option at that time seemingly. I have calvados and a variety of coffees to spike if I want

Ihave the hope it’s you… yes sing you my favorite song, stephen bishops’ it might be you from the only movie i ever walked out on in a theater. tootsie but at seven I simply didn’t get the cross dressing humor of dustin hoffman in this film. I was in perm-christian we hate everyone not like us land. heheh don’t you tell me you can’t smell the brimstone of judgment that is church sneaky salvation is really more a lot of damnation of others what crap. anyways that place was I survived it. I can’t say i feel welcome to it as I by the teaching then we die of it as my meds are spiritually forbiden and without them i die so 😀 gooey on that religion!

I want though
it is hard right now to say i want with all that i am but the answer isn’t yet yes. yes to my dreams because I must be open to something. I don’t know what this is. I am impatient as all hell. I work on understanding that it won’t be exactly what i dreamed as reality seems to have rules…damn it.

sigh. sipping cider
I’m alive – good morning world
ack! I should clean this sty!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “September sigh”

I’m glad old computer and phone communicate. That is pretty handy. It’s pretty cool you are venturing into submissions. Good luck! I’m not a coffee drinker (as you know) but it’s always good when you find a store brand of something that you really like :-).

And it completely sucks that reality has rules…. I guess that’s why day dreams and night dreams are so interesting and appealing to me ;-). peace and smiles

Hugs… rugs jugs mugs bugs?! Plugs tugs 🙂 tugs the rugs right tidy taken up to dance dance ( perrrrfect timing now that you should wallflower ) dance ah well cider for ya? And be a dear I really can’t see so did I miss a spot?? Here’s us mugs

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