Choo Choo!

In Chattanooga Tennesee til Monday A.M. primarily to say hello to one of the newer internet pals, but also so I am aware of something my current life and associations is naware of… that there is another direction NORTH versus that of going southerly all the time in weekending about.   I wont really get more than a booklet on the area attractions available…. I mean it takes me 2 hours to go at the speed of rocks and other usually stationary objects may over take me speeds to go crow flies one mile.  one measely highway exit’s worth.  eek.  of

I’m irononed up some kind of pretty for later’s luncheon.  I have my letter to my met along the way written and now an envelop to get it signed sealed and soon enough delivered.  I’ve bugged MOM recently enough to not feel a complete sinner of a son.    Heck, I’ve even rescued my second cup of coffee! 😉



yes my notebook oof deep dark secrets of blogs is 30 pages long double-sided notebook scrawl.  I’m about 2two to three pages a day in spare time summing up what strikes my fancies.

five foot tall cactus

pretty in texas

not so pretty in texas

decade long journey’s  fail at fine food

gambling like a young adult fool is now dull and expensive even at 3 dollars

why did we lose that fellow in Greenville to the flashing rush of police?

Shreveport wasn’t the magic in lousiana counterpoints of food

nola had a magic sandwich but otherwise a passible real rux which is delightful compared to tinned campbells

the trolley was a delight, the yellow dart train blue line smelled of piss but I did in fact make it it to my next arduousness of my first serious fail with goodgle directions ever saying it’s  right there! when in fact it’s a mile away and a nightmare to get to – add to which I cant read street signs or at least shouldn’t in a live traffic lane…oops 😉  someone named Josh is a tad slow sometimes 😀  honk honk.


or you get the idea, nola was cheap, shreve port decent, dallas outrageous, here in choo choo town its elevated average but weekend rate yikes.  you know stuff like that


the real things I did and deep dark secrets mother must be saved along with my reputation from public admission ;).  I may in fact never share the real journey at all.  how greedy and rude of me!


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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