NOLA briefly.

The Big Squishy: Morning

What a FINE time to get lost!

Pole star: a bowl of Grits

I haven’t long to enjoy library guest computering time but yay for some!

no one in this town agrees on red beans and rice.  best ideas sincerely offered not quasi tourist traps, Red’s Chinese Food. for the ?? Kung Pao Salami?  if I wanted some voodoo, the bbq joint is on the corner of st Charles with one vote good red beans and rice at least.  I will shock zilch no one managing not to foodie heaven! run around eat til I puke and burp with Buddhist blissful glee, I went instead to popeyes and Wendy’s.. I wan’t something filling/small rb/r and a side salad with a sexy orange something dressing 😉  I did get a seafood gumbo.  put up a tent with a rolly cart you’ve a bar it NOLA around here drinking heaven, not really excited for the sips.  I have tried some thing new.

anyways more enough later, I want to find a banking institution.

(your watch word is UPTOWN as in it’s safer.. Trolley because it’s kitchy fun and Hostel because if you need to singly travel inexpensively and can stand humans, there are nice options and horrendous novelesqque worthy  older one’s.)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “NOLA briefly.”

I would love to go to NOLA someday. Who knows if it will ever happen. I eat Zataran’s read beans and rice. Lol. Probably not authentic. I’m not sure I could do a hostel. I don’t like people that much! Ha. Have fun! Peace and smiles

the current hostel is a glass shower white tile matching white linens of some medium quality, memory foamy seeming mattresses sure in the lesser dorm/roms as in 4 versus six folks yes lady only dorms are also available, it clean updated freshly remodeled not just painted over for the ten thousanth time feeling, a fairly secury monitored entry with keycards a quick waltz to a corner to catch a trolley downtown or uptown for a buck twenty five unless you unlike me find the rta and get passes. or, the place is fairly suptuous down to blond wood brass hangers for hanging stuff, most decorating would have such as painted or darkly stained, there is a decided european flare as understood in america here . not bad for 28 a night. but yes, crap shoot on the people lol or heheheh you can still. have your opinion and lchuckle.

YAY, you are there! 🙂
I’ve been to NOLA once (for a week) and loved it! I made some friends there and hope to go back again. I’ve been invited! 🙂 I love the people, the music, the scenery, the vibe, the food, how I feel when I am there, etc.! 🙂
Have fun fun FUN!!! 😀
HUGS!!! 🙂

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