poetic or pratfall?

past decision ‘s spilt milk

cry cry, baby! -she blinks, “why?”

what future have YOU built?


What adventure awaits me?  i wonder as I see to my last day at this current job so that I may have the time after what i came this way for, adventuring forward.  obviously balance is less than easy when one’s sweeping up crumbs and lucky for even that, but while i’m surely grateful,I did achieve my halving of debt and enough to try after something more ME.  so, tick tick to click off an honorable exit whether or not it’s percieved as such matters little, I honored the commitment of scheduled accountability. it’s now MY turn shortly 😀 lets hope such isn’t a draw a card in some game go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect $200.” ala yipee “monopoly! 😉


I’m curious, now that all the dreaming towards something happened and it’s time to go see nearly, what lies in store?  I’m rather tired in a way now. the magic is at a lower ebb.  however, the little things can still delight can they not?  a good soup just right for the moment? or snack meal etc.  I’m sure there’s recipe theivin’ aplenty to achieve!


speaking of which wait till the last offering gets its post up  😉 no not me posting, but I’ll try and get it through/linked.  a corny casserole —  😀  wait for it.  😀


there’s also a crab pasta salad courtesy of mr food floating about the rare tv time I spent walking past one

a neato do up blog on stuffed zucchini blossoms with quinoa out there.


i obviously write poetry so perhaps i can have a briefer do up sharing the theived delights with you! 😀


however i’m curious after the creole. not so much the cajun and such means as much as it’s easy to hope after a proper po’ boy ala new orleans magic…you know cajun conjuring?  get aliterative with me now!  you know i’m most interested in the also rans of life, like something beets perhaps not a particularly favorite food of mine sure, but surely someone other than the slovs can do something with them! – come on arcadia!

and yes, odd as it sounds i’m not aiming for spicey at all even if i like some.  I’m aiming for a different kind of magic. not a BAM! alakaZAM but thoughtful.  such is what *I* mean about the differences creole vs catch me a critter fry up cajun contrivance.  I mean the stolen voodoo of the meaning not the true meaning.  I think there might be very actually little difference in a creole pot of red beans and rice and a cajun pot of red beans and rice 😉  bless me for a fine meal either way! 😉


i say all this knowing there’s some whispers that new orleans can sometimes chicory root up their coffee which can make it distinctive! but we all know a stretch when we see one 😉  the magic is buying that it was MEANT to be that way!  come on, believe with me in the LIE  oh you know it believe the fairy tales. 😀  dream with me as I amlikely to et touffe again I am NOT fond of head on seafood or this fascination of zombiism where by i enjoy sucking the brains out of crustations.  flat out gives me the willies as i know someone of your accquaintance here who is just a big sissy foodie – i don’t like liver of any kind.  I will suffer a cod liver oil gel for health’s ake but ew if it bursts!  I don’t much care for lamb even a gyro is funny business sometimes!  I’m not keen on mushrooms though i will consume some of them.  i mean lets face it right there I’m an apostate to the foodie world.  BAM! POOF.  now lets really do it evil, I am not big on sea food either as i lived landlocked much of my life and thus fish came breaded  stick or filet your choice so long as it was frozen 😉  ooooo lol.  shake your head with me as now i have to watch intake as in avoid beef pork/sodium for religious lol no health reasons so here i enter a land of adventure hobbled agaain!  this outght be some kind of keystone cops adventurin’

yes, once upon a time, this was colorado, the then mecca of movies not hollywood BOOO! 😉 but none the same, slap sticks. as i’ve to hit me some bricks and get to another bout of dishes – exciting!…well i hope not.  then wind up work.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “poetic or pratfall?”

Stuffed zucchini blossoms with quinoa…whoa! I’d like to try that! 🙂

New Orleans is one of my fav places I’ve ever visited! The people, the music, the food, etc! Wowza! 🙂

Have fun, fun, fun adventuring! And be careful! But, if you can only do one of those things…have fun!!! 😀

HUGS!!! 🙂

welll, remind me when I’m “home’ to get the link up! 😀 link up hugs obviously. in NOLA now oh there’s a few blogs worthy of here but time is prescious when one didn’t pack the puter along.

You and I are a lot of like regarding food. I don’t care for any seafood I’ve tried so have given up on trying. Except of course tuna in the can. lol. Sure I’ve spent my life landlocked too but I know plenty raised that way who love shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. I’m funny about mushrooms too. It’s a texture thing. I hope you find something more you in the job market! Good luck! peace & smiles

well, as for living here, NO I knew that the instand I got off the bus. nope. so i am truly vacationing. yes, I just so happen to library on MY vacations 😉 (said with far more attitude than was/is necessary)

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