two things were in play at work: a gas island crisis! – ooooo; anda question of advancement correctly.  the CRISIS and you’d agree if it were yours, was a dead battery oops no start and a simple jump attempt FAIL! The Question of advancement is somewhat a snarler- I don’t know! save i know i am asking for an opinion I expect to trust upon what is a judgement call on maintainance/safety of machinery – understand i know in advance it is NOT a problem! it is only BECOMING a problem and it is to judgement whether it is in to be in cue for prioritization- how much is too much cracking of a “rubber” gas pump hose” now if you haven’t guessed it, i work at a gs / petrol station with a fairly substantial liquor and other convenience items trade.  I am not five, if i feel given the training video extravaganza i endured, i am empowered! to shut it down and ask questions in a timely manner – or in the case of a breakdown/dead battery, ask politely they do not jump the thing with live electricty next to a leaky often highly suspect of leakages gas pump – pardon me for being a complete sissy who just as easily would happily toss a live cherried cigarette into a pool of gas knowing the likliest resut is that the liquid gas would extinguish the cigarette yet if there were enough activational energy it could ignite any vaporous gas kablooey!  which is actually FAR less but not entirely UNLIKELY…  do i properly understand risk and or maintainance of this operation I am responsible within? –  catch on that the answer is not only NO but help? rolls eyes! *heavenward()

alright, the busted battery was  helpful other souls offered a jump the bustee asked ME if okay I simply asked we push the vehicle away from the gas pump directly lol I mean call me snarky when not a day goes by there that i cant smell spilled gasoline/fuel – I’d rather not have an incident. — so I helped push the car forward out of the gas pumps and his helpful soul tried to jump it and it failed it lacked a cell there just wasn’t enough juice.  I offered that the boss guy has a jump box and would likely be back from his class  and another offered to get the batter out and the gent down the way and back with a new on… again we pushed the vehicle this time entirely from the gas island 100 away to a drive up recycle trailer/dumpster thing out of the way.  my logic was simple – I usually had a gas delivery coming and didn’t want a cluster at my gas island  and i couldouldn’t push it 20 feet to that block my gas delivery area…dang it!  I am. lazy – do not get me wrong, I am but that would cause ME no end of hassle and work.   hence the option chosen.  — the  battery bunch boogied to it and back for success and i offered a soda for my smile and while i actually wanted one that instant, said no thanks as I don’t do the help thing for profit I do it because thats what i’m there for.  I wonder if i’m a flippin’ idiot sometimes dense to the give and take of this world and the need of making a living via what and who i offer out… anyways the gas truck rolls up after the guy leaves -just in case you wondered, yes, i know the routines somewhat there 😉    I feel pleased that while being a know-nothing, i can and am in direct control as i would have hoped to convey. yay for that and i do get some results.


now I have been two days in a row wiping down my gas pumps sixteen dispensing pump stations from eight duel pumps.  wayne devision of d something inc. and they’re annoying old.

similar enough in looks to this above that you can have a clue

wayne – ovation fueling system. –

now, note that the fueling hose nozzle is on the right and hangs the hose high enough up to let gravity do it’s thing.  the hose doesn’t touch the ground. yet the  part closest to it is going to recieve the most flexiings  it is outside and does crack / wear.

my connections are steel not brass as shown above. but you see a nice shiny smooth black hose…right?  in a perfect world, this is all you’d ever see.  we do not live in a perfect world.  cracks and pitting occure and yet being legally blind, I have to irritatingly take the hour a pump cleaning it  to be thurough enough to inspect this stuff plus offer you my customers a place where you wont catch a fungus coming to do your daily duties. gas pumps are not snooth and thus every crack is a grease grime laden hell 😉 yada yada be grateful i have a job… moving along… the point is how much is too much and thus a hazard to my business responsibility nevermind your safety which is afterall a bonus not letting you blow yourself up and sue us… or not be around to return to give us your money 😀  – so i had to…. as i’m empowered to do so – i’m not five, shut the pump down by tagging and bagging it appropriate to proceedure and alerting customers at a distance with a traffic cone — I’m telling you’ this is excitemen less stuff!

now the interplay of this is simple- my place has at most times 20 customers forever coming and going there isn’t a minute to waste! with anything. this is a store where 3-5 people work and i as my part am a bit of a odds and ends to the customer train choo chooing through.  it is not important one pump is down of sixteen.  nor two. we’ve had one to three down consistantly for 2 months straight.  this is a constant battle of maitenance and such.  so when i ask that I get a double check on a judgement for MY personal learning curve, i’m either a nervouse nancy or this literally CAN wait.  problem is and i have gently mentioned this, I have written detailed accounts and demonstrated the problem and sometimes solutions to them only to forget them and wait three weeks to it to be repaired an i not learn squat about moving forward in knowlege or station with proven demonstrated care and ability. – so pardon me if i amp things up to be slightly more important /priority as i do not like being a good boy pat pat let the real people get to work now or thanks someone got boss i don’t need advancement in my life nor demonstrate skill and drive oh no. 😉  whichever way you wish to view me and priority – I am there and i am not get blocked out from being effective even at being a bottom of the pile job description even to this job i already served notice i leave.  unfortunately i’m just anal this way i want to know, i know this means fire… i’m trying for it to be a controled burn not a statewide forrest fire!  or a balance


and thus, I have two pumps down and both are in fact still down because the wear IS excessive and i actually guess correctly that about 4 hairs is more than a scratch and thus  if on bending widens further it will be shut down eventually but immediately shut downaboe is anything in the sixteenths and if i can get a coin to stick in a crack i failed altogether my checks.. or someone has – that pissed me off who let the machine get coin pinchinching edges cracks in a live fueling station hose and called it safe so the blind guy has to spot the maintenance of 3 of just my shift and 4 adittional management personell?  I can’t possibly see better than you lot do i like care or more appropriately care about what i do as i don’t have so much i have that luxury?  i don’t know but thats piss poor this is not a time where i wish to hero of maintainance.

but the outcome was i terrier dog incarnate had me an ankle to bite and i was in fact going to be undeterred from getting that learned how much is too much… the judgement call.    it took 3 hours to get that achieved as it took hounding the boss to get that.  i’ve similarly asked after what is considered to spec and knowing too this is a conflictive thing changing from person to person was amused no one provides clear demonstrated reliable information on what is and is NOT acceptable consistantly on what wont pass muster.  this changes with moods.  it’s rather quite amusing.


or in that sense i do not understand why i gain more praise doing less and being a complete ass – today was load day i cleaned gas pumps shut two down.  I stocked like six boxes to save someone a freezer trip and gotade 2 of sixteen wells filled as that was the stock we had to replenish.  or was a complete wastrel of life – obviously right. and probably did more to save the place than usual. – whilst being lazier yet still.  i do not. understand this.  but such is my a-typical day. being a lazy hero of the gas island universe….where i can be a legend at least in my own mind… you already know what fumes i consume 😉

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “a-typical”

Oh, my! High on fumes might be okay. ??? BUT please don’t go up in flames! 😮

I got a chuckle! 😀 Now I will think of you every time I get gas.
You know, gas in my car, not the other kind of gas.

HUGS!!! 🙂

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