Solicited and Un-solicited

I was visiting Callaway Gardens and various tourist traps of Harris Country Georgia.  It has a neat lil puddle lake/beach with supesoft cigar ashtray worthy sand prettiness…. robin lake beach.  a nifty buttterfly conservatory with obligator picture your face as part f the sign type signs…you know holes deliberate face witdth in?  forever country and nothing quite conjurs country like  dolomite stoneweares or aprons that say ” how can you not love someone who makes you toast?”  you will not survive a splashing  of country washing over you… it is plain impossible – so sinche out the belt as here comes your chance to discover your sweet tooth all over again! (and again) and don’t forget to smilenow, ye hear?)

well, I was walking to the overlook passing sis who said it’s a jip.  someone of her accquaintance was doing some unsolicited forest watering as I had to bulldozeonward to the glor….


overlook strolling

look mommy it’s a tourist!

who’s overlooking?



and now for something different, what what?? yep nope. more haiku.  this time courtesy of


utilizing STRAMGE and TEARS



ever find it strange?

how easily it ‘s to be

with tears dried – time’s change.

In this last case I know the words mean something else to others but who hasn’t had that moment when it may have been anguish somewhat before but the decicion to be different like a catepillar…gag…. to a butterfly… remember where i was??  I watched the movie…I will moon in june butterfly style  for a bit…it’s unavoidable as effin’ cobbler to the diabetic. but I laughed a lil inside as knew i was  making change and questions based on that knowledge lol it was the wonder and such of hearing them answered when in a way i no longer needed them to be.  exactly as predicted 😉  there are times i swear if it’s painful I’m psychic. I can dream in movie color to the exact word what will be….of course all my dreams come true in realities like that only with opposite choices made to conclude the scenes but that’s me dreamin it to be.    that doesn’t mean i didn’t buy a smile of creamy prailines fudge now.  I can still smile even if not everything goes quite right 😉   and i laid waste to that hot mustard bowl  which really wasn’t very hot but ahhh to feel the hot champ! 😀 shhh til the real steal bellies show up anyways…

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Solicited and Un-solicited”

Of Course! thank you! i even saved you a typo trying i believe to be better and thus end up worse than usual 😀 If you’ll pardon me a scurry to the google translate for the French to English… you’d think i’d know that one by now – but oh no…. scurry scurry! — but the point here is a reprise. you’ve a motto of “life’s too short to drink bad wine.” – well, I got to hang out in table wine country – this one offering muscadines. probably syrup heavy bodied sweets purply or straw blanh.. not necessarily know as high tippled WINE conesseuir territory…but, we’ll take this leap of faith and ask which is your least favorite of typical offering wine. I oddly disdain chardonnay. to some I immediately have zilch taste! I further compound my sinfulness of actually liking sweeter wines over “dry” I will admit to liking some Gewürztraminer. I will boldly grab a red with white fish and serve a white with red meat. I am NOT afraid. I may be absolutely wrong. but i am NOT afraid. You? 😉 don’t worry wine and poetry mix. so, here’s a kansas catawba for ya it is not the highest prized offering or even country one associates with high class and wine but… if ever you try such, you’ll likely taste or not as the point is here spices which makes that humble red snack grape very much a fine pairing with spicier food such as Asian. (Sweet Lady) if nothing else lets test your depth of HORROR 😀

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