You know you have …. Issues …. when:

you feel like you walked into the blue oyster bar in police academy movies  because you listened to your kindly friends online wax poetic about this magic mythical RELIEF they’ve found and you listen to them and feel like you’re the next reality star on prison casual s showers – no lube, no courtesy reach around. raped by an lion’s mint box.  oh no.  I haven’t any “ussues”   but, i do smell minty right at the moment and feel I’m justifyably worth the quarter 😉


for the record, biofreeze is a menthol active ingredient spray for pain relief and doesn’t lie! about it’s 360 field of application at all oh no protect yourself from over spray!- and enjoy the magic of relief from MINOR aches and pains 😉  it’s 12 buck or so at walmarts and if you care for your momma or loved one and it’s helpful, god bless and get it!  it’s one less mega pill and a LITTLE relief.  I thank that washington lady with a hero hubs for the info.


I do still feel a bit stupid and used as any minty trollip though.


messy stuff.

just because i’m clumbsy!….

it’s hot where i live and the i’m sick of it’s are in full swing and now the reall challenges of togetherness begin.  do YOU have what it takes to stfu for harmony’s sake?…. um, lemme get back to you on that i atop feeling minty have a fine essence of gun poder temper too.  this is beginning to sound like a cigarette …menthol of course!… used to light off a black cat exploding in your hand destroying your hearing for an hour and smarting your hand a right good one too.  oh no, I don’t have any issues prior or post coming. nope. none.


I can’t get a positive sounding initial take on any internet  tarot readings….WANH… it’s like Im in bad hell with only snarky fortunes for me!  wannnnnh.  issues… like mints I’m enough to water your eyes? 😉



I have wine.  I have wine to share.  i am not drunk nor snoring yet past filling your glass semi-antisocial.  would you mind terribly if I share anyways?….the wine not the whine… you already hear that  talk about value added life’s made forever! reading material?


if it makes you feel any the bit better, I’ve managed 3 wasp stings no nasty bug clearance total worthless annoyance to the universe hero worship me!….starts taped applause….admits he steal that from doug naylor and rob grant’s red dwarf bbc television. 😀  talk about absorbed…. 😉  remember the wine… want more yet?


it’s a missouri rose. screw top special.  truly high class! 😀 okay maybe not but it’s at least glass.


awaits the tomatoes of your loving acknowledgement. xx oo !

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

9 replies on “Issues”

I do actually re-read this stuff with an eye to how others see it later 🙂 this in mind, I would almost swear this reads like a coverup for punching the wall going ow having a messy relief of spray pain goes away disaster miserable over crappy sunset wine whining the night away piss and moan a thon. heh. I didn’t punch the wall, I truly was after helping mom with a try out of spray relief as how can she apply the goods herself…sprays are useful! I do have a lightning tempter it is actually hot down in this place which doesn’t exactly help 😀 and the wine a dry but not once sweet dry rose actually was good – even with the low class metal cap twistoff which does treyfe the wine experience significantly… yes a jewish word for so NOT kosher metal screw cap ode de thunderbird wine. chateau le cardboard… egads. 😉 it went with steak pepper medley tacos which is a homemade habenero perhaps lime was way way to eatable to be habenero. bio freeze lasts many hours which is why it’s not 3 bucks a tube like icyhot just aching to be misapplied to a sensitive area…. but do not be mislead! if you want annoyance, it can have a welcome poison ivy effect…giving one a slightly higher pitched seger singing voice to the THEY HAD the fire…. down below. I mean feel so not free to enjoy that experience! wish it on your management/oversight! but seriously skip it 😉 just a helpful hint..

For one thing I need some wine. I may designate tonight wine night or tomorrow night. Maybe one day next month at least. I’ve heard of biofreeze. I guess someday it will be on my shopping list. It’s minty fresh the only scent option? Or did I even read this correctly? I’m at work. Can you tell? Peace to you

if I szaid yes to that, you’d look at me funny and make sure i wasn’t behind the potted plant check anyways I am not but you’ll laugh if you do. 😀 biofreeze’s main active ingredient is menthol which faes yes but not entirely to MY nose. so I simply note for you that description of the violent behaviour infoving some candy …. one of them is aspercream is it? that is nearly scentless entirely but not a sexy spray like one version of biofreeze. I guess it all comes down to this can you tell the difference between a doctor pepper and a rootbeer simply smelling the soda bubbles? if so i suspect I cant reassure you that you’ll not notice biofreeze but I also can not gauruntee you’ll find it inoffensive. you’ll have to try it. if you can not tell the difference between sodas simply by smell odds improve you wont be overly bothered by the scent. I wont say it’s a cigarettish one it isn’t kinda like a peppermint tea party no worse where you can tell walking into the room but soon enough go noseblind to it.

So it’s kind of like bengay or absorbing Jr? Which doesn’t smell great. It’s ok. It’s what your expect from that kind of thing. Also there is tiger balm. It just has a cool name and little container so I have to use that 😉.

oddly enough, here’s the run down on what i know so you can have it : biofreeze is menthol only. menthol like salicyclate wintergreen/birch annoys the skin some thus flushing more blood tot he surface for that”icy hot” feel bengay originates the creams of said i don’t remember it’s active ingredients. icy hot aspercream and store brands are usually some combo legally different than the others for remaining unsued and yet a comparable value! ;0 tigerbalm i know for a fact also has camphor in it’s blend making it eucolyptus-y like but not exactly soothing vick’s vapor rub. as i just bought a set of oils with this in it, deep muscle is effectively liquid tigerbalm. as in camphor and something else warming icing feeling i remember the camphor….and the oh moment it’s liquid icy hot then! tei fu oil by nature sunshine is also! a blend of camphor and wintrfreen oils mixed DOQN with other oil to not cause lawsuit as it is meant to concur migrains and we all know fancy oils in the eyes will cure a headache just as dropping a hammer on one’s foot will too it doesn’t solve the issue appropriately. 😀 that’s doterra oils deep muscle in the 20 oil kit 30 for five ml bottles amazon less for more on it’s own and also available in a nifty roll on! 😀 thus if you get a wintergreen or birch oil you’ve the aspirin of the situation and that leave you hunting down camphor if you feel fancier or any of the mints for the menthol if such is your desire there. it is fairly easy to simply tell you unless you’re a bulk user of this stuff, just get the biofreeze honestly! it’s a little less hassle. if you’re curious about things then do the oils seperate or blendings- if you’re anti stench, by rep aspercreme is seemingly the answer.

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