lets get the show on the road!

alright, i admit i don’t know stuff.  I want something.  And, you’re gonna help me!

warning:  when i don’t know stuff i have a difficult time trying to ask questions to get after the answers.  this can get LONG.

the goal: reasonably presentable, on the road dining experience.

I make purple soup which is stock in sousvide type hotwater bath strainged/filtered stock with pan-fried seasfood and bits pretty.  it should go with wine –  and if done right will lead to breakfast also which has to be similarly “easy” yet semi  fancy seeming so champagne cocktail with coddled egg and toast.  yes, breakfast in bed.



it is easy enough to crock pot hold enough water that is brought to temp bia an electric kettle.  however crockpots don’t wow at fancy ever  and i haven’t sussed the frypan issue.

chafing dishes i have heard of but i admit i’m new to a fancier life.  also cheap!  and ever so picky about being cpace  conscious.  yes you can pop a can of sterno fuel and place it under a chafing dish and it’s hot for a long long time…but tricky here, is there one allowing more than enough proximety to flash fry/sautee things?  that’s inexpensive?  i mean a honker chafing dish for a family cassserol isunder twenty-five usd which is doable sterno sold seperately…alcohol gel fuel with or without brand name now i’m again cheap!.  i don’t see anything for a fry option which is anything less than ten times as much to start with. that is more than the entire budget allow!


I know of electric skillets and have also heard of ‘hot plates” too however i toss in the caviot that coordination or symetry is vastly important.  fancy is about a bit of elegance like that.  some of this is pure show as in what’s fancy about a twenty something chafing dish? it’s not spendy !  but it tends to LOOK spendy. 😀  there is nothing quite like tableside to your time not some silly cook’s where you have elegance  ON DEMAND.


so I am aware i may eat costs making symetry.  I can remind people it’s easy to electroplate chrome plastic/thin metals easily enough to make things coordinate and or look matched.  however custom things mean spendiness which is worth avoiding 😉 …cheap.  but tools are tools


now purple soup.

this is max’s restaurant’s red cabbage consume with pickle weed and scallops.  it is not mine nor have i had this there- i had to make my own and let’s skip for now that my picture taking luck didn’t hold nor it come out exactly this fancy pretty 😀 it was darn fine and  I enjoyed the sensation of the new… it was also nearly bland which that i can still remember it, means it at least didn’t suck 😀  I don’t have a source for pickleweed, I had to substitute capers.    i am NOT afraid.


now to make this you cook for about an hour at 140F in a boilin bag cabbage with water and light seasonings.  if you have a vaccuum sealer this can mean sousvide proper cooking i do not and thus had to gently set a bag in the water and the open end outside the pot.  the pot can be a crockpot for on the road purposes!  the time it takes a crockpot to bring water to temperature is ridiculousness so an electric kettle is a wise tool.  porcdelain egg coddlers can also cook gently in hot hot hot water hotter than holding temp that is for a delight of a simpler egg breakfast still fairly fancy appearing. once the soup stock is cooked it is strained and i advise filtering it for MY NEXT try so as to get closer to this pretty picture!  now it’s time to show mine



rogue bump ugh! you try to pretty things then last second your pretty gets to take a tumble and i’m hungry dang it!  this version purple soup is carrot shallot capers and water cestnut slices with scallops  this is a rare time them capers have a use outside a salad or collecting mold in your refrigerator. 😉


now i don’t know about you but I can’t do a 200 chafing stand and pan for tableside prep – too spendy. so what i’d like your ideas on is how to in a matched way either find a rack to fit this pot so i can put my soup in it’s squeezy bottles and hold to temp while frying up the in it goodies and prepare  a purply poof of magic before your eyes.

so smaller say eight inch frypan ish type thing? or am i neglecting using my brain and just george foreman a pile of stuff put it in a mini crock or  whatever  within the water bath at hand and truly assemble tableside not prepare tableside there is a limit now to what i can carry!  and no, i’ve like used a george foreman grill like once in my lifetime i just don’t think of this stuff!

anyways pictures.


the latter requires a rack so one has less fishing to do for the squeezy bottles.


I don’t use electric skillets or george foreman grills enough to know dwaddle about them but i know that they do not look like this chafing dish above nor instantly coordinate!  so coordinating is importantant

next there is some items like fancy japanese mushrooms  and or capers that while not needing the chilled plate atop crushed ice treatment, if you live in this world long enough you realize it’s sometimes about looks.  purely looks so do you know of a matching the chaing dish trey with plates enough to fit inside it four or five would be nice  with clear lids! that is about the home size cookie sheet  cut in half longways ish sized??

this differs from a ramiken/bowl on a tray for japanese sauces as i said i need ice under it!

electric kettles i can find,

packing a bit of table wear /service also managable.

now for a trick of tricks!  fancy is having a rolling waiste high butler’s cart where the tiers are butler’s trays style breakfat in be platform tables for one.  I have less idea how to magic that act up.

and with the wine. a buket similar  face palm for saying it this way but to a trash can fill with ice yet coordinates and matches others the tableside of this.  it’s just pointless to not pack along wine.   a cloth can be found for table pretty with matching napkinry

something like this begs candles too.  but perhaps a different colour napkin as well hmn 😉

anyways. this is the crap i think of, if you can add to it so it’s a completable thing at reasonable budgeting then i’m jazzed!  i warn that outside of sterno, i can’t just charcoal grill even in a tiny box within a hotel/motel type room as the smoke alarms would put up a fuss.  so 😀  everyone thinking caps on.  mission purple plodding down the road!


oh and if you know a good mineraly savignon blanc, super dry reisling or at least  not hardly sweet pinot gris i need hear about… i’m also listening.  yes i know i can just chill the sweeter stuff more thuroughly to cut the sweetness budget friendly now 😉


or you can tell me to drink my tea and shhh it.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “lets get the show on the road!” offers 15x 18 and 16 x 24 boilin bags. tjos os pbvopis;u a tirleu
s wprtj pf pvemed om a bag jige! pr far far pre tjam o [erspma;;u meed a;pmg wotj soxteem pz sqiize bptt;e soxed tjomgi,s which i note i look for the ones with LIDS dang it what a fussy thing to not have a lid. i have found the boil in bags via a camping outfitters with a pouch bottom but it was small and i had to use two to make enough for four.. obviously or not the squeezy bottles are most likely to become bulk bought condiment worth a table caddy just like your rustic or not so much restaurant with a plethera sauce. it’s worth th caddy to simply store safer the bottles in one spots. — atope this is filters I seek what is known as a cone filter similar to a cone coffee filter of paper but obviously big enough for a collendar the ones for cleaning/filtering fry oil are about right. it is possible to but this to other uses like filtering fruit vinegars which go nicely into jams actually if you have enough. pectin or similar thickeners. buying a fourpack of glass wine ware is as .easy as target walmart type shopping or if cheaper a dollar store for two me and you ;)…they’re less pretty though. I haven’t looked up plastic square or cuteware disposable service with those pretty mirrored plastic table service but ticket to real street asside from the wine glasses, the less i clean and hump back somewhere the better!it would already be nearly a backpackers huge alpine pack to get all this stuff collected and such to travel and remember that it’s okay i look a bum fool seemingly backpacking all my seeming posessions to a “hotel” only to show a five star meal ala master cook — i can live with minor appearance faux pauxs. 😉 but remember that it must allought a hot cold cooler thing for two, a basket for the table service and well wine- since it’s obvious mr romantic here is in a picnic pick me up kind of mood. –what would I make then for picknice lunch? asparagus rollups of course! asparagus spears wrapped in dried ham and swiss or similar chosen cheese or skip the ham as although good i can not have hardly any pork dietarily currently i smell the result in phantom ways the next later. so turkey then whatever 😉 😀 — if not that then perhaps bunny ears of blt lettuce boat wraps which is breadless light blt tacos lettuce is the “shell” other blog me. dreamtimestarmanjones… and if you’ve no clue what a coddler is, i was on that subject in opening march. but some veg perhaps ina little ceramic hold add an egg and you’ve a cheesey or not cheesey scramble or poached egg with breakfast. as to champagne cocktails? champagne / orange juice? start there is can work. lil toast and one’s on ones happy vacation gluttonous way to happiness. this egg coddler is a tad budget UNfriendly but this is the kind of treasure that’s just right for posh breakfast–egg-recipes-recipes-for.jpg you know 😉 something like THAT isn’t out of the relm of breakfast real fast 😉 . but it’s silly of me not to mention my complete notes. I’m not dreaming possible here but after a cobled soon enough reality. . yes silly to pack a five star table cloth formality to a picnic but eff it. i’m feeling a frank gallup song…. the ballad of irving. even on the range i used two sets of dishes! heh. but 🙂 there you be i return. to thoughts too. stainless george foreman, rival’s also an offering stainless for a crockpot and i like my shiny red tfal kettle I’ll have to get after another. a six strip for appliances and a proper cord to pull power from somewhere. this with a chafin tourine thing covers fancier table side presentation – minus the iimporovised cold table of sorts. as to trays tiered with casters i suppose i’m going to have to buy more beer and talk to people who like woodworking. that’s likely a tad behond my skills not to design but to actualize. i’m never often allowed near power tools which is why it’s amazing i’m able to cook – obviously lately not this year professionally drippy nose from watering eyes cant help it and thus forboten in the real kitchens but i can have my dreams. the world can kiss my bottom.

toaster vs toaster oven and remember i can and have toasted toast in a toaster oven -but 😀 how often do I utilize the other capacities to not just buy a toaster toaster? ug 😉 as to the “backpack” hmn I’ve traveled okay not really internationally as so but i have gone many days across the usa, I dislike carrying anything and i know far better than to backpack which with my balance is unlikely to allow me to bicycle to a picnic with the goods. it’s just far easier to duffle bag of doom it with rollers.. and in reality battery powered gizmos? asside from a kettle what’s the point. too heavy to carry!

Both purple soups look beautiful and yummy! 🙂

I used to have a toaster oven. I liked fixing hot sandwiches and other foods in it.

When you are limited to what you can carry…I would make a wish list (of what I wish I could take) and then pare it down to what I have room for, starting with what I feel is most important/most needed.

When traveling, I get tired of restaurant food quickly. So I like to stay in a place where I have a choice and can cook when I want to. Of course, staying with someone who IS a good cook, is THE best! 🙂 And I do offer to buy and fix a few meals while I am there AND I will do the clean up at every meal! 🙂

Now they have Airbnb’s which can be nice. I’ve only done that once and loved it.
I like to camp, too. And fix food in the out of doors. 🙂
HUGS!!! 🙂

heheheheh, the dream is specific with the singular menu item provided it’s chance at coming to existance/fruition. thus making sure it is possible within the technical limitation of both how little josh actually knows of how to macguyber life up 😉 andmanage within his patience which is not a life’s worth long lol and that which I must have and thus carry within what i can actually carry lol. – I went to kohls yesterday now minus the bag which is a special order rather than a extent about town thing- thus making me rely on a box notion of dimentions I work at a convenient store so i see boxes and a whole lot of them…heh the silver lining sometimes of jobs 😀 anways i saw the smaller oval stainless slowcooker/crock…of?? lol… the grey or oher colors versions george foreman grill essentially with or without the removable gril plates for cleaning – foodnetwork serving weare which had a long platter which alas fit two plates either version and i needed for so I saw intriguingly that with a clear lid I can utilize four butter trays ish to the same effect of a lidded temporary cold table tray ice/platter with chilled for grill/toppings soup and obviously toasters and the old toaster oven idea or whether while i personally don’t gaga about them saying eff it and panini the toast on the goerge foreman affair.. but toast odd that in our moden lives where it is possible and desirable to ditch the bread/carbs I still ultimately can not conceive of life without it …. weird. thus i have a good idea of how to arrange most of this and bag it now which is down to not forgetting it is an idea but is it the wisest use of my means- again the idea is a one off and we all know those are dangerous to spend after but making sure each and all have a function asside from the idea? that’s the trick- so in a way i’m thinking i may have to alter the silly squared butter dish thing and sugar type or mini ramikans the stuff upon ice as ramikans have a use outside of bowls for freshies awaiting table side souping. but you might be heartened i did make an attempt to source this versus dream it and thus adjust as it’s a must within budget availability. – I found into some links on minearly white wines too. it is closer to a reality. finally is only justification i have proper alternatives as great ideas can sometimes not find fruition but real live spending is spent either way 😉

2 weeks later: — it’s worth noting how life changes ever by the minutes. I filed notice to not work that gas station thing – making this travel notion possible, got family coming word within mine, andam up this 3 work days left to a trip i literally haven’t booked – my future forward. as to all of this fancy on the road stuff? well, had the idea of why had taken shape, perhaps I’d have melted the savings at my turn on the catwalk – oo the catwalk… the register line at kohl’s and bought a crap ton of spendy thing kitchable on the go – as it is, now I this fat instant wonder if i haven’t stunningly managed to set fire to that particular friendship…the arson one or a different kind. Isee i still wish to visit where i ultimately planned but for vastly truncated and different scope of reasons – i.e. i live in columbus georgia area and wished as i haven’t been to visit biloxi/gulfport mississippi to originally see if I couldn’t throw a dart of living a free life adventure! in what turns out to be 95 of 100 of the unsafest places to be….yeah there’s a reason not to linger! if I have family on it’s merry way into the world and also no arching reason to be forever into a life of my very own…shhh of course i WANT one but attitudes can be manaufactured unlike entirely new situations make a delight far more easily, but frankly i would hate to throw away what i do have for nada. or the cliche, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I’d be chasing only ONE bird throwing away two in hand??? or I’ll go look after my new adventure oh I will. I know I have to have one seperate than the current one for my sake too, but how best to make sure i make a good move not A move is important. — as to where’s i still have to hit up biloxi gulfport ms. which is 80 miles from new orleans la, it is 13 again to shreveport la/texarkana ar – which has the inland creole cajun food la thing and texarkana the bbq and smokey and the bandit movie thing with a coors I’m old enough to have or almost too old now I’m not consuming the adult beverages like a 20 something hero any longer as i’m not twenty-sometomething! 😉 thisleaves me the spiritual side of not precisely that long ago monroe la man who couled everything like some champ married late in life and sadly left it/his that mean cancer crap, very swiftly thereafter… while it isn’t his journey from oil dereking cook/welder to nurse – it is a slice of what does interest me of the offering “cajun” when in reality oo scary now I’m looking specifically more “creole” and simpler backwoods/yards-=y I’m far more likely than not to NOT house on a berach town this era in life or any as it’s ridiculous to assume I have to- oh i know confidence in a way of paradox my have me make my dreams only to see the part of them spiritually I need the confidence angles is covered but the materialistic ones are crap…sorry if i sound weird, I largely don’t care for many things save spirituality. I actually can’t hum feelings either i don’t place the words or tune…how irritating! for the sarcasm cynacism fail! I actually still have to return to town to attend not just a blood draw but the actual appointment too as if i were to hope to move i have to have transfering and updated scripts to do swo as It’s 3-6 weeks anywahere! to get this life insured and new patiented visited and facing the return for the REAL visit. sodetail wise this is not an escape but a vacation and all the hope of it in two weeks kinda was gutted of it’s meaning…and it’d cost me a job to take it anyways – oh don’t worry i’d have left that one eventually- i achieved it’s goal of money enough to travel but not the time off plannable to do so even limitedly so it’s a simple impasse i am capable of being a departmental director and working as a gas station attendant… hmn, I haven’t time off enough to live anyway i’d like sad as this sounds the way my world as a disabled soul works is I make means via disability and work is cake icing magic part time zilch skill work all that often would hire me – so if i consistantly kept work for credit reasons building and utilization i would improve my life which i did…. but i would like to actually persue one…. so this leaves mega romance and how to attract within a life a companion of it… hmn, I’m stable on a generation financially which is a p/t job to keep me mr annoying blessedly away f r a few prescious moments a day giving back for what mamoth amounts i get to covering my side all of it in case of need a mortgage…or my split in a real life built together. odd I never feel powerful. which is magically probably why i am NOT so lucky attracting at this moment. I know utterly without fail the hardest issue i swear atop that generally faced is a general way of wondering where my little bit of respect is at or empowerment… oh duh i know it’s somewhere and *I* have to find it and shine it out for the lucky one to want to yay that parade … but it seems odd i get life backwards and thus begin mine so so much later than anyone else… the adventure of me barely begins I’m half dead old now. we’ll see if a lifetime of kindness lights up the ones i’ve spent a life keeping up with. at this point i have the subtle supscicion this whole damnable year last periods of experience is a giant game of reversals- one minute bright and the next blacker than a subterranean cave! of hopes…but somewhere is adventure. and after it to tick off delaware and south carolina somehow I suspect I’ll fly to philadelphia of which is pa yes, but wilmington delaware is a like 20 minute bus across the highway. i don’t know about sc. but in essence i’m about to tick off 3 maybe four and five states of the usa I’ve set foot on/in leaving alaska hawaii, nevada, montana, north dakota, new england save for conneticutt. . or oddly enough i seem to go forward one minute oscilating between last life’s dreams to the current one only to have a shot at the last’s when the current flubs or pauses it’s weird. a wildly nonsense path of that of a butterfly – which signifies change oddly enough 😉 I have thus a subtle feeling that I would be surprised if i build a house house i’m not saying i wont add to one in existance nor build a shed or shack- i mean i just wonder this instant about the house thing as a HOME not a cabin/cottage/HOME. i never even called it that i’ve always said house when in a way this moment i’m looking for a new meaning if not new HOME….don’t you dare remind me such is a brand of sewing machine a sub brand of jenome or nuhome. i already know that and still haven’t actively touched a sewing machine since fourteen sewed hisself not the project at hand. 😛 turned out to be an ugly hawaiian shirt too.

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