fact checking

I went to account classes at Vocational schooling whilst in highschool – whish is a good thing as that allowed me to erase the semester of geometry i didn’t take! 😉 )  I often still have a black pen….etc etc . ad nausium.

however if you doubt me – i just spent a good hour fact checking my paychecks.  as this company has shift’s one two and three differentials and. holiday pay within those 3 as well for six so far and overtime!  exciting stuff I know!  the long and short of it is? oh there is. a shift differencial.  i advise one to be very cynacle instantly as  only on true federal holidays does one get much from it- pennies count but are you actually going to believe i should be suddenly wowed at making typically 3 dollars which doesn’t buy even a pack of smokes more and is obviously subject to taxation so after taxes actually doesn’t buy a sandwich a single on as ours are 2.99 and 3 minus 19% withholdings appropriate for me/my bracket is… well it’s close. to a sandwich but you might want to work a second holiday or two ;).. but in all fairness, i do see i get paid double to work holidays of the federal legal kind with appropriate shift bonuses atop it and all.


or, as you can see, i wanted to know what i paid to work the junk shifts.  I’m not dumb i have some everyone tends sometime in life to get junk of some kind better it be livable for one junk 😀 lol  but laugh with me as I can’t even look forward to a  sandwich extra if i apply the old model of out of the blue/holiday splurgings…. hahaha.  but i learned long ago I can mention this cynacly to some and most forget that i’m equally grateful as it was this or NO job. and thus 😉 hint. 😀 would you like fries with that?…said with a smile that just drips 😀

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

One reply on “fact checking”

historically, this means the following: 6807 now a day shy of six months at that job assignment in which is a week shy of a year i’ll survive the minor math inaccuracy of 11k if on target as all the holidays are on my days working for the rest of this year…out…. perhaps 12k if. IF. such is a mythic raise of some kind 😉 but, this will in fact beat what i made historically by thousands! of real spendab le dollars! what i made at being a far higher but less hours / cash working so-and-so…oops i was the bossso that’s MR so and so to you 😉 –I got well over 50% more hourly then too. — and the mythic #20 an hour job paid 2.2k or 110 hours worked yet I had to provide ONE key additional piece of information to that job mnus that usual I’m so and so and legally allowed to work in this country stuff… proof of insurance I supplied. – 78.30 x while inaccurate the year as otherwise I’d not have a card for it then… 240 + 240 extra withholding rated taxes not all coming back lol 600 for easy math (gas/rides bus…) x /110 it was not no 20/hr! however! it wasn’t hard to twiddle a sign when it was that or no extra after everyone dicked me out of rent referral bonuses at that era in time in MY not legal or others oppinion please carefully note differences of whining and what not- but also don’t forget that that magic number of x then versus now doesn’t include… 2 months lost in pay switch residences. so in a way i still do better but JUST barely 😉 I put in five days now not 2/3 and make a touch less but, have physical work which keeps my health steadier than at more mental sedentary stuff. I thus laugh at how much an argument it is to say the truth i am marginally better off. but lightyears down the road with achieving little details not exactly cash in hand but part of advantage. it is worth being brutally aware of honest and facts. I am now far better able to say …oh..choose forward sideways backward seeming steps to be forward if temporarily towards what i wish. that is the point of information ;).

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