all in the way you see it

I should put up a big picture of All brand Laundry detergent! just for the PUN of it….  but perception is the name of this bunch of bloviations following.

I set out in hopes of shiny love-and snaps fingers that did not come out as planned me you the rest of the world moving on swiftly as geology blah blah.  now in that i found out i could buy a real home!  SWEET! I applied and househunted selecting a shot and had the usual bog of paperwork and or delays…blah moving along.  Ieven worried at the end of that process for now that it might have happened! woot! but as sometimes occurs ;0 it did not and such is…cliche time… for the best. 😉  (blah, moving along.)  so I chose to pause and whilst paying off high balance debts to save toward this the correct way s and thus have a better shot….next time.  (the first jerkwad that brings up correctly a bird in hand is worth TWO in the bush is going to get cactus powder all in their underwear drawer and other such highly pointed “” wishes and or feelings out of me.)  I really do wish you didn’t have to have this paragraph either as it is exposition and thus somewhat deuce boring… so 😉  blah?  moving on?  you may already have but finally so shall I!


I just paid the offical last pennies zeroing out my largest balance as i was unaware of the two moment coming where there is?  more owed than what’s shown! oo. thrill.  so paying those interests to date and the then whole expected to make that month based on how interest is legally calculated, i paid it truly off!-  I know this seems silly but i had and have the same available now as i did? 3 weeks ago excepting now i have also zero owed on that big account and …

Offered some realistic insight via a simulation of choices what to expect…. which is my choice was in fact guttless and probably foolish to boot, i could have risked more… thanks karma!  i feel like a winner now.  anyways blah moving on… the point is i can and have made moves not to slash the big balances left all at once as the overall and i mean that of all balances each and all high count not just oneh igh most paid off- which still, is a ding on the credit 😉 as if i did nothing! despite doing so much!  so I paid towards lower my remining towo as such ultimately gives me a chance to pay them both closer to zero and  then off also preserving much of my not quite enough to achieve all points of progress instantly.means.

or after fifteen years one more credit card I still have a few spells left to go to magically overnight be some quite kind of sucess!  however, i do work on it and as intelligently as i know how to- and by actually doing not hoping too.  none of this selena i’ll be dreaming of you tonight til tomorrow’ which never comes cuss my life!  I think I got the words quite wrong there but 😀 i tend to do that.  on purpose.

now, perception says it feels like i just achieved some computer clicks and whee yet another week til payday not quite but feeling it lesser of the tickened wallet…. or i’ll be celebrating life with a wallet wide empty- anyone for some tea, a kindly pal sent me some 🙂  i made a mean for your diet chili dog.  I am actually fairly happy ;D    but the point is perception

it may not seem like i did mucdh of anything at all but in reality i moved forward increasing my chances despite how it also can look like I seriously lummxed them toally up too!  this is okay!  i really will survive with a smile and a wink.  i do the best i know how to.  not everything works out according to hoyle for me.  but in a way i’m free to jaunt down the street tomorrow for nothing but ug another wipe out of a walk it’s hot and steamy here and saturday’s strole made sunday suck i was dehydrated as all get out and off on sugar too. yikes –  swimm that poool1   it’s called walking not in memphis ten feet off a buelle street that is but utterly exhausted.    so that tea is likely not beer which any smart soul knows this boy doesn’t need at all!  but 😉

perception.  it’s alll in a wink and smiled bit of happiness.   I’m yet again a few clicks closer. not just to magic likely not dreams come true but all along the way a bit more useful each and every day.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “all in the way you see it”

Rotten luck, I know what you mean about being all set for something and then disappointment. Positive steps have a way of building up fast though. Well done.

I’ve gotten through a LOT, and gotten a LOT, on a wink and a smile…and by giving hugs! 😉 🙂
I know you have, too!
Keep on keeping on, J-Man!
HUGS!!! 🙂
PS…Did you fix any fun or interesting foods for 4th of July?!
PPS or PSS…I wonder if Wink Martindale is still alive. ???

don’t read the hollywood stuff so dunno on wink man…. i think i had hot dogs a couple of times yesterday 😀 I was fed 🙂 you should have seen the pile I got presented with serious whee! splat from big puppy had to go whilst i was at work.. ew. at least I didn’t wipe my nose only to spot my finger was smear brown after cleaning the yard like yesterday! 😀 that is NOT a pleasant connect the consequences oh goodness where’s a mirror…

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