wwyd #2

long link, you know where i live- so far far north side of town i.e. 10 miles away  which is currently an hour walk plus to catch a bus to the transfer center and about a half hour wait to catch another for a 20 minute ride to a 20 minute walk across the grounds at least to get there with hourly service such means an hour to cat back half again to tranfer  that’s 45 minutes ish back and another hour plus walk home … currently!  perhaps. in july or august the bus will resume entering the base from a no car through really traffic point and this will cut the walk from the bus by half. or it’s 35 minutes from home to first stop with trashcan and bench 3 minute more than the other way which is no bench or can.  but i remind you that it looks impending 😉 I will move.  this of course would be jazzy 😉 if it’s MY own home but realistically it’s likely to a b”better!” neighborhood and both more space/ cheaper rent upon base which adds 30 minutes to any walk i know of if not fairly fourty five so in all honest just understand the point, it’s 3 something miles to the bus each way it’s an hour to require two buss or call those an hour a piece or my world is six hours to begin. having fun 😉  this is NOT a whine.  it is however not an omnipresent blessing either feeling.   it is tough to fight logistic like this. however i survive because i exercise religiously? no by necessity only 😉 to keep pluggin’ along.

so, why a/c fundamentals?  I can not seem to learn this on my own or simply swipe an overpriced book and voila it all.  I wish to know simply how to make a cabinet  to appropriate dimentsions with limited loading unloading access keep space for two sacked quarter kegs or one cornelius keg and ultimately hold three cornies side by side as instoring effectively six in total as dimensionally if i have two stacked quarters i have room with two inches more for one in front and one in back cornelius  or “five’ gallon kegs if not an inch mor width side by side have room for a proper half keg per well. — or i want to haeffectifvely two side by side mini fridges   thus allowing a proper custom thus cheaper but to spec tap.– of course as i doubt the home this instant’s coming true neither is there any need to approach refrigeration fundamentals and any math genius out there can see such is 2000 ish to learn? shoot the custom made this is like 1500 why bother? 😉  duh, *I* want to know!

now thorns to my moments of now are as follows:  there’s zilch stopping me from attending school for the fourth college try.  zilch.  but there is delays for quality common sense reasons and they are: why pay cash when i can pursoo modest student aid.  I qualify for a little. while this isn’t past the deadline technically for fall? it is long past the typical time frame to start. so spring is more likely.  next pause or fly in the ointment is I am a legal resident of this state but i wont be a full year one til after this fall semester typically begins. even though we all know i wont gain anything in the first week lol meeting people is vital  so is having classes not already slated and assigned full. so again spring.  this is NOT a course of study without a lab of sorts as it requires handson work- so simply trying to angle for a book and hittin’ up the bookstore or library?  pointless here to as i don’t think theory is all i wish- and even if i did why eschew practicality?  if i can learn to cobble a refrigeration system, why not be educated in repairing them I hear it pays some money.  I hate ladders and can’t drive so whee! great lifestyle for me! but such isn’t the point, capability isn’t to be snivvled at.  but just so it’s explained such is quite the hassle to pursue. simply because of tuition cost of being outside state residency by a week lol to lose a semester which is like watching a bus go by your stop and having a half hour to walk the 40 second to the stop remaining 😉 whee!

now as to house hunting. if the place has staged and is on the line of more than i can afford and in fact increased in price lol it has – there is going to be a delay capturing said funds to proceed.  this is going to mean a move and a lease or similar situation where i’m smack dab in the middle of such to wow it’s suddenly possible to live now! yay another bill! fair out of a lease. whee. but in all reality such is likely. and instead of whining the fates sent the romance away and taunt me with a house of my own a longer standing dream by the way only to say it’s possible! oops you need just a little bit more  just about the time its hopeless for ya it’ll be about time to show you it isn’t 😉  which by the way is a hard lesson in faith. oh don’t get me wrong I have plenty – just i’m impatient too 😉

and cynacle because oo gee fair! what is so easy for others is going to have taken me 2- years to catch up.  if I’m even that. lucky   but follow the notions bucket list now for a moment

i don’t wish to be helples or single – it took the harshity of seeing i was again going to be even if i was eons in reality already lol …*I* felt differently lol.  I can proceed to cover these problems /gaps house

you know to a degree i know the type

superadobbe example

you also know i bought me a fine! treatise on brick making  which covers tiles too! – so I have a way to false wall or otherwise leave the outside squared to western curb appeal and not made of bland stucco requiring 3 year or more often high repair / maintainance as we live in  an age where it should make it ten or more AND look pretty so it can be stripped off and something to THEIR tastes applied .  most of landfill space is construction/remodeling waste as we can’t live with the ghosts of that blank  previous blank.

thus the point is i know at least what kellying means 😉 – as to brick making it simply means to remove the topsoil from a bit of clay for harvest.  it is a job for a trusted person of the work who does this as a livelihood hence the name Kelly is both a sirname and and firstname and yes i know i blew it it’s surname and yada on me for misspelling!  a kelly is thus one who apportions work.  all the guys having a kelly gal howl at YOUR honey do list?? heheheh

now obviously with refrigeration i need some mechanics of materials as it relates to brick stuff  which  also means a pottery class aso as i can cover firing and glazing which otherwise is NOT covered in MM. simply performance/material.

it’s worth noting further into the a/c certification I have? the fundamentals of thermal heat pumps which are vital to a radiant floor heat or water storage for both winter temp maintance against freezing haha on that in Georgia lol lol lol but not so in minnesota or the colorado type areas which as i toured land a lot too? funny i moved here for nothing as it was NEVER? possible to achieve my dreams in Colorado?  h.e. double hockey sticks! it’s easier and a better resailing resleing balue!  I literally only came here to learn it would seem how to make it possible? when i never needed to leave at all?? except for foot/posterior motivational process?

but seriouslyly, I can not see high hopes i have the june means to bid on a home, i have til the 24th with preapproval i will make closing assets not the down as well – remember i’m barred from moving the credit I have to do this hence the delay!  I havd the potential months ago! jerks trying to be nice to me setting me up for success! ;)_  but to do this all in cash and no sly paper/ink manuvering means i’m sunk til october and if i wait til then might as well zero my debt s out too and if that’s done why not instead of paying x down for x type of loan only?  why not save the difference for xyz option and moving money too or by then i’m in school maybe and that’s two years ish easily movable sure but timing? school may still be free for me but lol always plan on the worst so it’s prepared for…and surprisingly dealable if occurs or surprising joyful eff it go on a holiday! 😉  or, I might as well plan on some movements and such as i’m not denying living as if i’ll get a dream i have to pay for with my soul only to be disappointed it isn’t what i’d hoped for… so I seem to have?

it looks like the worst is about a year every project  making jangler deadlines requiring me to be independant  or quit without the prize.  i.e. I said above, it’s unlikely to fit well i repair appliances as i can not drive and let’s face it i need more than 2 an hour to live on  but there is minimum out there for work and precious few supercenter one location places to catch a lazier employ.  but capable means capable and certifiction helps with that so why strip myself of abilities i pretty much pay for anyways?  contrary to my usual life where only knowledge is important, I would like these days more independantly verifable opinion 😉 or if i learned anything, trust me is a great reason not to.

which makes me want to water  an eye or twoo  😉 heheh no seriously it was a choice i know i made that said finally i wouldn’t risk all for a low probability it’d work- i was right at best i’d have managed a you knew better sorry on the way to boo whoo and bankruptcy parental bound… I moved out of state. I am not thrilled but above is the proof of what is possible- ever dream i’ve start a generation before is just a little oomph and snoot  sneeze achoo book ! and thus laugh i know you react the same reading mine above 😉


seriously lol employment interactions class?  bahahahahaha- and in actuality RIGHT ON but bahahahahahaha. you’d have to read the not certificate program but fully associates degreed appliance repairman/woman – it requires that class 🙂 hahaha. but smart actually.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

13 replies on “wwyd #2”

You and this spelling stuff! 😀 lol – I’m tempted to share my College Transcripts showing I have passed the usual requirements towards a Non-English major seeker’s Degree ‘s worth of English. I did rather well. I have test well in language all my tests/lifetime too. 😉 i write in a voice like NO ONE ELSE. ;0 I didn’t say it was the best gramatically or such 😀 but lol- you’ll never ever mistake the power I am “ther.” now that alledged, do you wonder who i bribed for that grade? 😀 who I extorted for this pack of LIES that i can in fact maybe use more commas? *that misses a few) and yet despite this actually still. seem bright? *as in intelligent) What kind of DRUGS am i peddling?welll? personality. so, with this in mind 😀 a song (a Harvard math professor being funny. from the 1950’s – other favorites of his are “Poisoning Pigeons In The Park” and Masochism Tango” of which you may feel free to laugh and laugh)

Starmanjones, have you ever seen the film ‘Now Voyager’ (you may be too young), starring Bette Davis as a repressed young woman who in the end becomes a star (not literally!)? She says at the end of the film to her co-star: ‘Jerry, we have the stars. Why ask for the moon?’
I like to think that I can say, where you are concerned, ‘I have Star(manjones), I will not be moonstruck by spelling’ 🙂
I’m feeling that you are defending yourself madly here and there is absolutely no need for it. I’m mischievous and like to tease in much the same way that you have your own individual style of writing – shows star quality to my mind. And so what if it is DRUG induced? hahahahahaaha
I will check out the like a little later …

no, lol i haven’t seen the bette davis film mentioned- however i may – lol I did me a tour of the activities work in the home which is sure heavily alluding badly for me in the compliments department – but it’s just the point “old movies” are fun like I had no sound as my computer has an adapter to get it to match up to the tv that displays it…which means…no sound. well no sound…silent movie night it is! 😉 a thief of bagdead with douglas fairbanks. 😉 as to defending myself- oh lol I hope you understand yes I would like you to know I’m capable. Iam proven to be. and yes, I often haven’t the time to be brief or worry about editing- who must I Impress but myself? it’s nice if others yay along or constructively add – which doesn’t mean agree just not destroy. you do not destroy lol you make me laugh. good stuff! to be a brat – i have this and the second blog here plus the one prior to this and ayada every poem from the blog before that too 😉 yes goodness help you if I feel like sharing 😀 I can! 😀 but i’m more interested in waiting to hear if you can laugh at the old songs 🙂 if you do, then 😀 perhaps a lil frank gallup – the ballad of Irving. which is to say lol personality! lol hahahaha. there’s a lot out there isn’t there? smile til the next line.

Sorry about the silent movie thing, but sometimes silence can be silver and hey that’s a cloudy silver lining if you’re up for it. 🙂 Now, you’ve even got me talking like you and that sure has got to be poetic justice if you get my drift on this raft in the sea of language – where is my lighthouse? Ahh there you are! Land ahoy! Smiling all the way …:)))

lol – 😉 okay the hot dog 😀 that was EX QUISITE ;D no not really it’s a hot dog and i didn’t put it through the hot dog bar treatment as i did 😀 hence the alternate sight- if you’re a fast read. – now yes, I just said unreal truth good enough lol aw come on! realistic! 😉 😉

heheheheh if it makes you feel any better, you can call me matt if i can call you arlo…. if you remember that you can call me al song by paul simon – paul al but in that soup of accents at a party and matty didn’t fit your name given so 😀

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