incompatible bliss

Kevin bloody wilson is an Australian comedian of an …adult…nature.  however, he had a funny in all his travels about travels where he mentions something of other places like you can’t say bleep in Canada bleep being femal slang for anatomy.  or my current haha of the incompatible bliss of enjoying icey teas and mmmmmm then wow a whole fridge of hard boiled eggs! oo lala! i like deviled eggs and no one likes me loving deviled egss! – but to put not to classy a point on this paragraph his funny mr wilson’s is, Rotarua, New Zealand – “Ropptaria= ot

s <a;au fpr

wjp farted?
I just had to laugh myself silly.

the reason this is funny is for those who have never been to a natural mineral or hot springs… they smell.  rather like rotten eggs.  be this steamboat springs, colorado Glenwood Spring colorado…surprises here i led/worked there or visited many a memorable time or that Rotarua, New Zealand is also a famous there hot springs joint – which would be memorable to me in that my favorite internet chase for over fifteen years is originally from there.  🙂

this is to say, i came home to eggs and that wow and woke this morning/afternoon to iced tea sounds good klinka klinka tink tinkles go the glass empty to full and make me than soon iced nice tea…only to …ahh..uh? oh flippin yummy! my iced tea tastes like hard boiled flippin eggs!


lucky for you i have to go to work now so the rhapsody such as it isn’t is over!-  I started today with the chance my prequalification is nearly vetted/verified so i may yet get to bid on a house only a montha fter I expected to. and my doctor is nurselining checking up for a copay hehlol a bilked visit for a “call”  hahahaha. as long as it charts it’s a visit!

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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