a spoonful of sugar….

some days the smile come

some days, the knives of words stab.

the sugar now soothes

an offhand remark caught me more than a glancing  thus overly meaningful blow.  it’s okay, I know i took it to mean more than intended.  It is further okay as i have sugar on hand to soothe the medicine of understanding.  here’s how to dampen the bitter, my way.


butterball brand sweet italian style turkey. saussage.

Hunt’s zesty and spicy pasta sauce

Barilla Brand farafel…. bowtie pasta one lbs.

I’m not aiming for high chefery style, i simply prepared this as dinner with many more lunches now in the freezer reminding me that temporarily I am my mother. 😉  I wanted to try the turkey version of italian sausage as obviously if i wish to stay on the diet restrictions given me and proven first time ever to actually duplicate progress, I shall be abstaining largely from the beef and pork as…haha. my doctor suggestion was…religion. 😉

this in most usa markets is available at walmart – which is where i found all of these things..  my store as yet doesn’t carry the hot version of turkey italian sausage. boo! 😉 lol.

the next offering is about a cup of plain greek yogurt with caldotomate powder, saffron, pumpking spice ground, garlic powder, redcayenne powder and far too much ground cumin. – no, nothing else while this mellows the yyogurt then marinates the ground chicken properly so i can aim for chicken meatballs on the shwarma side.

against my usual vein, I have next to me a sweetened tea.  it is a tazo brand

Tazo Passion.

(I don’t know where this one came from as I’m poaching sis’ tea.  big huge sinner!)

adding the sweet is truvia touch of brown sugar.


this elicited, “that looks like a bloody tampon!” as  i was dunking/stiring the  bags before discarding. about ten oz hot water two bags tea/tisane, one teaspoon of the sweetener then all over ice and a lot of it.  yes, waste a glass, burn in hades!  it’s that good.

or, I don’t think I get to tell you rave reviews vocally, but trumpet them as the sausage happens to be giving me gas and copiously.  this is a shame it tasted good, but may prove useful in case I hate people again 😀 😀 –  the dominos box of breadsticks leave me no room with the spaghetti, the peach monster tea, the coffee monster, …which both were very good but the last whoops them as if school children caught leaving afterschool to friends without telling people where they were going.

no, i could have not skipped the above paragraph. most of the time editing is the same as lying.  the whole truth is the truth one knows not to share but is precisely what is sought.- good and good and plenty windy, acid belly inducing etc.

Ilaugh as I start the day knowing i’m to expect via horoscope a visit! alllll day! clean up my house sag!…and get to work and our usual friday deliver didn’t arrive and i did just that “clean” whee.  this wasn’t my first thought mind you but yet again vague enough it can’t help but come true is the scene today lol.  I’m reminded again of the destined three some i’d be PART OF/but not actually as it turned out involved in…hmph.  funny funny funny how vague enough it cant help but come true that was too!  this before leaving work hearing a message of impacting truth that i take to a higher meaning than the context given and oh what a frown that has been!  or. I just had to cook otherwise instead of marinating! I’d probably be marinated.

now you can see for yourselves subtle changes at work that mean profound different approaches.  or, hum that song from mary poppins’  a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down. – or i got cooking instead of pickling my day and night hangover awaiting me morning time.  this doesn’t mean my worry over approved financials means go house came although a nother timed form letter / email did. lol.  this doesn’t me any of my love’s hopes are suddenly shiney and or bright, they’re one or both still to others or themselves. – the paperwork saying good job! with or without raise is still days away.  I wont expect it til late late month anyways.  .  this doesn’t mean i’m doing cartwheels of joy either but i have the tailings of a smile.

may you enjoy one of your own.  if not, you can go make a mess in the kitchen and feel almost guilty!  nah, bliss!  I didn’t even technically yet create!  I wont know my blend til tomorrow when i smell whether I got the yogurt spiced right. :D- then another half day to see it gets in league with the meat./devil.


and yes, precisely because i WANT a “beer’ means now truly isn’t the time.  I’m better off without it.

ps, got some georgia peach cream and black cherry pip tbacco and pipe.  I may not get to say indubitably, my dear watson. but I have something different to be after in the specialness of times..  I will in fact be different.  not better but different 😉  because i mean to be 😉


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “a spoonful of sugar….”

that i can remember? no. have i, probably more than once. back to making my kitchen shwarma than it would have been 😉 😀 I chose rice not pasta though as i may stuff a burrito with meatballs and rice. – back to a puff hand wash whirlygiggin me some crumbiness…bread… and rollin rollin rolling I’mma meatball rollin for soon your mouth’ll be a moaning yum my. 🙂 😉 anyways sunny sunday squishes right on back.

the day’s wait marinating the stuff had its effects and i got all seventeen to a pound to turn out both cooked through and juicy moist yet hardly touched tthe lil seventeen set came out. fairly juice, hardly touched and fully marinated as in twenty four hours in an already started marinade …atop which, they all were cooked through, the dishes simply awaited the tine and mix up bowl…and the click and turn. so in the world of things happened…yeah! however uh… that was a whole lot of ado for …that. 😉 catch the tone too 😀 I suppose i should be nice to myself i worked it and executed my side of plans well better than tuypical even 😀 simply cant say i adore that recipe so the search is overthe recipe ain’t with me this time 😛 yes, 80’s sing a long in that last….-…. I dream so you know of the long island iced tea done wrong… wyborowa wodka – a fine never heard of before polish vodka; caprock organic gin from my last state -colorado, gran gala because triple sec simply doesn’t exist 😉 – batavia arrack instead of blanco rum just because i need…gag… punsch!…swedish punsch is our word PUNCH as in punchbowl. and del maguey has one of the mezcals I’d like into supposedly smooth, tropical fruit and fire with a smoke tone and 09 proof ridiculousness. ninety eight… aww one more so it would be a toto song! nine-ty nine I’ve been waiting soo long oh ninety nine where did we go wrong oh ninety nine.. heh there is this notion of mr and mrs t’s sour mix for the lemoning to occur, but i’m thinking a tissane ‘ll do lemon zinger perhaps with an actual squueze lemmoness or if I can get lucky 😀 that and. mimicking island rose tea’s long island cola which is hibiscus, rosehips and cinnamon. which does indeed mimmick the long island iced tea type taste and a cola. and as it’s a tissane it can be used lol one can’t put actual TEA into a long island iced tea! such would be sacriledge!! 😀 or to not waste your time hinting about, I didn’t enjoy dryness that evening but i was. I am in fact reminded that I choose not to let every occassion be one of booze or celebration within dulled memories. but, this means sometimes that beer wanted is like a love affair, wanted. possible! but… curses some for the sake of the point. 😀 curse curse shout that verse.pop my lid temper temper a bityet drink cant come first. has a shot for you to fb, and thus you can see the picture all nice.

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