two-ball, sliced pocket.

attempt #1

baked chicken meatballs

skipping critical ingredients and using normal oscar meyer turkey bacon which lent a taste better fitting to a bbq sauce dip than marinara.

attempt #2

(tbc’d likely next tuesday as i lack some tools and yogurt)

Courtesy of my facebooking, this seems to have merit as altered:

not chicken pieces marinated, but chicken mince/ground chicken handled  more gently as with the learning curve of chicken tacos…. to ATTEMPT retaining some texture.

as a “meatball” so i may freeze reheat more easily my lunch.

and as i lack the spices exactly, here’s the substitutions list

Cinnamon, alspice as pumpkin pie spice which is cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and allspice ground – I have cinnamon additional to adjust some if needed

garlic and onion – more than LIKELY, I tend to disfavor raw garlic as I’m a foodie sinner so I most likely powder to keep this more mild.

I need a grounding and salt/paprika – or- chili powder edge so i have options in straight cayenne ground for the ouch or siracha for a citrus almost  but still ouchie or straight chili powder to a blander approach – please note this is a rarer time this is MEANT to be more area specific to tastes about “here” so I aim. to be lighter more than likely.

and to the optionalss: tomatoes, I have caldo tomate – a chicken tomato buillion powder so I can hit the salt and tomato aroma / savoryness.  but interestingly I also have some neglected saffron about too so i can most powerfully dent the savory aromas and also more yellow the dish as i lack tumeric for the moment and refuse to make due with a squirt of american yellow mustart which is but salt tumeric and mustard seed in a vinegar.

as i have a mini muffin tin,  i expect I’ll get something like the last adventure’s


which means I’m likely to have to slice a pocket of pita   or utilize the brown wheat tortillas i have. which mean’s I’m likely to get…

Turkey or Chicken Shawarma Lettuce Wraps | Buttoni’s Low-Carb Recipes
I suffer a moment’s doubt in the process of house purchasing.  don’t worry, I don’t think it’s a shambles forever!  just that it’s frustrating waiting for clearance  of necessary financials prior to making a proper offer which if anyonehas done so, I haven’t yet, might remind me is expensive business where waiting to cross t’s and dot i’s is more than likely a GREAT idea as is PATIENCE! 😉
but, if I am to pause, I have a nicety for the realtor in a BAD and incomprehensible set of symbologies/allusions.
now, remember first, this isn’t tequila but mezcal.
thus an awful pun, I mezcal-culated the irritations of this process! I may be waiting til july…. which to any proper salesperson is a sign of a simple word of encouragment.   but no joke, this is wearing on me as I must have my main income source cleared, yet what they wish no document exists for.  nor easy combination slam dunk.  proof over the life of the asked for loan i have income to achieve it settled correctly!  I mean like duh! 😉  so I must sweat this out like anyone right as mother’s day hits right after as memorial day hits, then school for family folk lets out and father’s day follow by the major rush to many to vacation yay!  or I don’t expect anything but snarls past july 4th weekend at least lol which expires my current timeframe letter so – I’m now just expecting “nerves”
now skip my pain for a moment, I’m likely over-reacting! 🙂   but keep in mind I mean it, if it were easy, I don’t want it.  I need this and a few achievements of lasting weight to mean something spiritually so I might just feel i have achieved where i didn’t feel i ever could before and thus can be more than surprised but pleased I worked for something/struggled to get and keep too.  blah
you’re likely now going to  need a link – this selection is from an article with everything i’ve ever learned about tasting notes to make an goode guess at something I HAVEN”T had.
obviously I had to hunt the sourcing down by individual offered brand names but I did that and had a minor rush to get this out before work…. so i likely eat five or so in convenience money lol instead of “the deal”
now the joke/ allusions get worse
‘m not feeling slinky but play on the sound of the name
del or the and maguey….moggy or stylized as mogeh like the canadians may eh everything 😉
worst, you understand the first notes to who this realtor is was he quite quit drinking after his heart attack.  so  this is MOST likely an elephant gift.  however, I’m very tempting so I maysee this as  a gift for the person intended.  it is after all not a cheap spirit nor without someserious style on a bit of a budget. 😀
or,   I simply wish to make dang sure i am not failing to keep option open, however in general I’m losing absolute faith in this place and feeling more eight balled than two balling and slicing a fine shot into the pocket lol  but agai9n! please note i’m not. kidding if it’s always EASY I gain nothing from my efforts as i had it hadbnded to me.  I don’t WANT easy, I want WON.  hard won but shhh I have a patience problem and a touch of minus confidence as i haven’t always WON out, survived sure, but rarely WON out. so it can. feel  again skip the aww pity party not the point at all just a truism.  I want something not coming easily and that’s far from bad just frustrating for the moment.
you couple this with trying to meet a few peoples, proceed  in a fullness at work and yet still explor?  maybe of course have some lasting luck companionship-wise? you’ll gain a smokey…and minerally essence over tropical fruit and HEAT this is a -0[rppf s[orot afterall. 😉
long finish too.
such is my now.  I’m e days away from finishing the six month probation period so as to go permanant  with paperwork lol pending and perhaps a minor raise as afterall i am due a review which coinsides with a store audit I will see positive mention on…hopefully lol 😀
I don’t know about my social attempts but at least i have a few outlets or outtings and that’s nice  there is the hope i’m not reset in a sense to zero but set for success.
I have options to continue again to seek a higher education.
I’m NOT out of luck on house or gal even if for the moment curse cuss paitence lol 😀  and actual lasting effort put in too.  might help.
and obviously something for lunch coming soon to a lunch bag nearer ME.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

8 replies on “two-ball, sliced pocket.”

was conuring from the majik save piles… as i wanted to know who “soand so was” andran across the shared memories of last yearish. so i dug about for me own. oh nine me.a neato one off about fivish old., recipes interests ahh. I forgot i made a couple of actually good. brown rice dishes lol. good thing as I got five pounds of the stuff and i don’t want popcorn sushi. sake. :D.. I have the lol meter. I have the rice. I don’t. need to lose weight if’n you got around to noticing yet lol new account of your mail lol. and hug. hmn the kind of hug that holds within it a surprise….sounds like a filthy double entendre but honest 😀 wasn’t thinking filthy at the timne! :D. – supposedly it’s out of a rut surprise day. horroscxope wise 😀 last time it was one is two and they’ve news! intuition lol.. but closest to actuality is work truck failed to show. or the exact actual opposite outcome lol thats the beauty of horroscopes they just aren’t always bang on 😀
but it said be prepared for a surprise.. heh. if nothing else the horrorscope thing is to continue to think differently rut or no rut 😀 and yes i feel like the flap flap flap flapflap of the semi going down the old highway as the weight of the beast is showing….i.e. there’s no way I did this actual good in math but i did pauli shore a bit in engineering club to wreck a then ONCE given chance at a date lol awww she chased a drunk into the hills then a went loco for a spanish heart abd nived ti oklafreaking homa. lol. or one chance lol a reminder sometimes life’s not particularly fair but one can not exactly say one never had a chance lol. surprise…no not really you knew I’m cynacle but the surprise thought of is. exiting. so i suppose i am going to go dream of larceny and hope upon waking i can be up to no good :D…and woohoo, the long term horrorscope is saying sweeping corner of changes for me oooo lol. so. with a GOOD surprise in mind that hug again 😀 and i chicken burritoed then and will chicken shwarma meat ball here soon which means i best go toss some meat around…there I go entendreing again! shamefull! I shall have to go pajama up 😀

kinda like taking two years off of one facebook me version to make a new one lol and then suddenly return to the old one it’s working! lol

How about ground turkey? My son has loads in the freezer. Patience is always good when it comes to house adventures. I hope you get good news as you go through the process. It can be a headache. I was thinking you must really like the state you currently live in to decide to make this big step. I hope all goes well. (I’m a little behind. Just got connected to the wifi) peace & smiles

yay wifi! I’ll cover the rest in email – be a moment or two depending on what strikes me needing saying this hot second. :D…hot second…good email subject too 😀

Exactly – yay Wi-Fi! I won’t be spending much time on the computer for a bit though – so much unpacking and sorting to do. It’s a bit overwhelming.

well, lol that hot second was a new york minute the slow financier fellow called it looks promising finally he’ll see me through the truly verified prequalification this week. or FINALLY! . or, you really don’t HAVE to make any sense of it now or anytime soon. 😉 enjoy the unpacking 🙂

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