Haiga & Holy Mole!

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Regular visitors know, I love Haigas.

Traditionally, Japanese Haigas are a complimentary combination of a haiku and simple painting. Modern Haiga writers embrace a range of visual media including photography and graphics.

Join me, having fun, creating new Haigas, using your favourite medium.

If you want to join in,  you’ll find a new prompt to inspire your  Haiga  every Sunday.  Add a link in the comments box to share your Haiga.

(ultimately from,

nine noon three plus halfs

tupward to heaven pointing

lotus French Toast Feast


To the Tune, Bee Gees’  “Stayin’ Alive”

Boiled or Fried?

Well just chop it on up and toss it in this here wok
Chicken ‘s in demand; bok choy to chop
Fry oil hot or steamed warm – which delish – I’m so torn
I don’t want alright nor disappointment’s OKAY
We’ll just see if i should have went the other way
Whether it’s dumpling or eggs rolls, man
You can’t argue China’s so so ON.

You know its better than any other – dial that phone, call your lover
and choose, boiled or fried, broiled or fried
Or is it Yan Can Cook thus so can you –
so choose boiled or fried
You-want. want. want-it. Boiled or fried, Boiled or fried
Chomp. comp. chomp. chomp. Boiled or fried


For a point of note, The person this was written to smile reading would most likely smile in general saying, “Both.”  😉

(I didn’t try to complete the lyric set, so yes, this is a fragment. and the lyric model is a google search beegees stayin alive lyric.  Martin Yan PBS tv chef. “Yan Can Cook”)

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Haiga & Holy Mole!” if anyone forgets that i’m on fancy breakfast thoughts. the current working shopping list is: Ezekiel bread, can’t decide whether it’s their ordinary sprouted multigrain or a cinamon raisin one…. but at 80 calories a slice – remember by shaping it for the flower patter I’ll lose half a slice so fourty coalories times five leaves, coffee grinder for pulverization of truvia brand touch of brown sugar, a sugar substitute of zero ish calories, whipped honey butter * offers this as 72, butter, 1/4 packet honey 16 for 90 calories. leaving only the syrup which for completing the idea here we’ll admit I forgot the egg already but joseph’s sugar free syrup *from for about a heated ramican’s worth, 1/4 Cup is 35 cals so an agrigate of 325 cals so far now the egg it’s about ONE egg’s worth to coat the toasts so one medium egg via google/wikipedia search isn’t there but it’s safe to assume it’s close enough to 75 cals based against it’s NOT a large eggs worth, assuming gentle water for stretching with cinnamon perhaps to spice . so a total of 400 calories versus overdone regular bread adding 15 each slice, sugar at 2 teaspoons adding 90 again google search product with nutrition data, now add rea maple syrup for 210 more calories or double. the dish’s caloric value and you’ve 800 calories which I for one can not process for sugar. via use of margarin allow me to drop 22 calories, and using a honey sauce packet from kfc is 1/2 the calories again or 8 +53 cal it sixty not ninety and thus 360 calories is achievable and with minor size of toasts adjustment? 300 which means – fruit skewer 55cal and the best i can find with almond milk whipped dessert topping is so so delicious’ coconut milk whipped topping (their site) at 2 tsps 30 cals or again without effort lol I have a pretty plate of food in this case vegetarian at or just about under 400 calories. this is the goal. just to give you a bit of magic food makeup. I can’t do it all, but this doesn’t mean I’m out of luck always 🙂

women are warm fry oil hot or steamed warm 😀 hee hee! one must enjoy the fun. I suppose i have one to sent that also too but i think I’m going to wait a few days for logistics of movement.

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