Day Dreaming

I more than likely will have filed a bid for a place I’d like by this time tomorrow evening.  I am dog watching FREEEEEE! as a bird and the dreams are simple joys specific folk and times.  I cant find what i want in the way of a linear representation of a rose I seem to see in my mind – but, I knew if I stared after it long enough, something…. would arise.  Here is a few pictures and links to bid your time til I’m less busy.

French Toast.  it’s not particularly uncommon nor outlandishly expensive which is nice when it’s not wishful thinking to want but to want realistically is a trick 🙂  so.  as i already can make french toast but lok to improve presentation of everything…. why not a flower motif?

In Buddhist symbolism the lotus is symbolic of purity of the body, speech, and mind as while rooted in the mud, its flowers blossom on long stalks as if floating above the muddy waters of attachment and desire. It is also symbolic of detachment as drops of water easily slide off its petals.

Now, it’s of little concern if you want number two or number three it’s a simple cookie cutter die, and voila flick of the wrist to arrange this.  that is from left to right, top to bottom… 12,34… if you see this as a pattern to make.  it’s very much required this be white as western civilization demands any mention purity be powdered sugar or in my case an appropriate substitute of sugar substitutes.

I live in Georgia now so it shouldn’t be beyond me to procure or make ug peach syrup. whizzle/whirl some peach to puree and sugar/water syrups stuff if care is taken not to BURNIT.  some thickener is likely required pectin or cornstarch etc.

now I was thinking with this FINE start to the day, chicken sausage?  hey! I can’t have everything anymore! while I can easily fry a boatload of bacon up, that wouldn’t smack of healthy nor could I enjoy it.  so sadly it’s to alternatives land for the joy left of what i CAN have which is chicken sausage.  now i wish the particular apple cinnamon sausage i got was better as in spiced more but, I would try it again.  and anyone who knows flowers expects a stalk in there 😉 sausage link for the stem lines please. a big old dollop of whipped honey butter as you must religiously butter people up even if symbolically that’s such a farse! read the symbology and see what i’m not getting 😉  but laugh if you will as it’s just fun.I’m fairly sure i can add something else for stretching this if’n I need to. but a plate of french toast with sausages sounds nice enough

the simple syrup idea isn’t just from knowing what it’s supposed to maybe be but from a different moment food and company wherein baklava or baklava in this case is meant to illustrate that the traditional offering in American experiences is a pistachio one…it not so.  here’s one in floral water syrup orange adorning a walnut mixture.  I was actually thinking decadent glazed popcorn but baklava is the way that way so…. here’s a link.  i do read this is a recipe not mine.

the backlava with itself is durn tasty surely and wouldn’t do badly with chicken pitas.  yes, again i have dietary restrictions so while i am entirely free, why would i wish to overly promote what i cant partake of?  but popcorn?  mmmm yummy glazed popcorn with a bit of a baklava crunch to it?  weird but enjoyable sounding?  considering that and a cozy movie… which i’m ignoring mine.  Madadayo, an Akira Kurosawa film.


I’m out for the wantfuls and some rest up early with the dogs time enough to finish documenting for the later portion of the evening.

if I’m lucky, I will be in due diligence next week and mid month signing into a place of my own.

for the sake of having to describe the french toast idea to a long ago ex who’s both diabetic and blind.  I note that the shape of the lotus petals is somewhat similar to that of a tear drop and if you have that point at the top of the drop you may aim it around the clockface as in the point of one at nine am/pm the other at 3 pm/am choosing the stacked approach you would have first the nine am and then the 3pm point then a roughly ten thirty and one thirty points layer and finally the noooner – or – if you choose the fan approach, starting either at 3pm in sequencial points one thirty noon ten thirty and lastly none or the opposite way around so it’s either leftist or rightist as you prefer your symbols within symbols ;).  also while french toast is simply an egg bath for bread then fried, it’s very important one understand bread and eggs and frying etc to obtain a tasty breakfast! so if one imagines this typically you’d end of with half slices of texas toast thick bread as the tear drop shap removes roughly half the material of the slice… this in egg bath is maybe 2 or 3 eggs typically a splash of milk or water milk has calories, and perhaps some cinnamon  which is fried oh say in butter…more calories and topped with powdered sugar to it’s a beautiful white more calories and the deadly kind too….with fatty sausage…calories calories calories… oi easilya seven 800 calories meal which well it’s a trip to fat gut land and kill yourself quick for many with the diabetes.  or you can utilize thinner slices multigrain bread and utilizing sugar substitute keep this around but under 400 calories which is still decadendt but survivable.  but just so you are aware I got a kick out of whoops, what reference would she have? lol.  always be careful to remember what is destiny epiphany to you might leave others in the cold.  hard lesson to remember when lol I think on “people” hoping.  and yes, it’s very much possible for me to fancy this up in reality in some form. I just wish it to be a calorically appropriate one.
awoke 2:30 for emergency dog  doo dooing and bath.  no, there isn’t an element of excitement to my day!  uploaded the cadre of documentation showing I meet just BARELY the minimums set for me and have a mild bit of room to hear yes no or maybes ifs.  I would expect within this list i will have to provide a resend or so    — i have a case of procrastination otherwise on cleaning and collecting my own stuffs but ug i must move it or I’ll be annoyed.  yes, I can sense the day already is long. it technically hasn’t “begun” even…but it has.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

6 replies on “Day Dreaming”

I love French toast! I probably make it too often. It’s certainly not a healthy dish. I dropped in out of the air and wonder if you put an offer on a house. You must like Georgia to decide to buy. Peace & smiles

truth? lol, by logic of cash spent or soon i should say, sure lol. I have to wait the holiday week out to be verified. meaning i’ll probably have to realistically await the opening of may too so it’s alll neat and cash present. if so fine, beats harder work recovering credit spent and such later. – but i had hoped it’d be known before a specific reason/date so boo it wont be 😉 – as to lol french toast 😀 shall I clue you into all that symbolism to me’s meaning? we all know a tasty meal sure can bring a smile 😀 especially if i get extra pretty or something lucky. but the lotus blossom is “detachment” heh from desire or there is no need to oo and ah the breakfast lol it’s more likely a thumbed nose for how much the offeree ‘s oppinion matters 😉 you couldn’t tell I was nursing an ego somewhere now could you? 😉 lol anyways i may still make it- it’s pretty sounding and i haven’t tried pretty in ages or had the luck to find it .

The lotus is beautiful and special symbolically. It means a lot to me.

Any new news today (Sunday) on the house?

Yes, some days the day begins tooooooooooooo early!
HUGS and Happy Easter! Will you cook anything special in celebration?!

the only thing i’m planning on cooking is a batch of french toast lol perhaps a chicken bake if I have time. I’m alone for the holiday weekend dog sitting. my plans to bid were delayed so verification could take place and thus I have a subtle suspicion so misinformation occured somewhere, which happens. it’s a process 🙂 so I await the process 😀 lol with it being a holiday week, I don’t expect verification will be complete this week maybe maybe not and as that means weekend again not always first in line 😉 I may not get to this tuesday next meaning I may have to wait another til tuesday or may 2nd not what i wanted at all. but that internal driving timing is really likely effing silly. pardon the near french. as june hune’s mid? what’s the difference? not much of any other than i gain more precious time/cash.
happy easter hugs alll chocolatey in sweetnest intent 🙂

it’s worth the edit that this morning’s call was ALMOST! with the last run throughs of PREqualificaication. the mezcal=culation bottle should hit the realitor about now whether he’s at the office or not. I may know this week if i can finally make a bid toward the place or not. – – you’ll note it’s about a MONTH after it seemed all in order let’s hit it! two months after the process was well underway. – -faster in a way than many actually and hopefully, this means fortunes with the methodology of making my offer properly so as to actually succeed if i so choose to file it. –in this time frame waiting it went from possible to hopeless entirelky. obviously it isn’t. it’s rather amusing that this carried over into being outright nerve wracking in many other fronts in the works – like obtaining glasses also began 3 month’s ago now and almost dead as going to happen or not but it’s a weekly visit smiling and chatting. it’s okay. if that is just a nice moment woohoo! kinds of smiles. it wouldn’t be as big a smile if it didn’t feel like it couldn’t be far more. – – for this moment, it’s day dreaming still. but it would appear the corner is turned. who knows if i take off down a blind alley or not straight into the loving arms of the local thug contigent… I mean metaphorically, but I have walked home with a couple of said to be held up out my front gate literally, it is a blessing i literally felt bad for THEM – yes, you’d be surprised, they didn’t waste all my churching, however the love affairs seem determined to teach me something of power and it is somewhat not going my way! lol bahahahaha. don’t worry, maybe this too is a good thing! — i fail to remember where i read it – but a farmer has his mare run away and a neighbor come over to console him over the misfortune – the farmer says it isn’t certain it is. a misfortune. the mare returns next week with a stallion in tow! – the neighbor returns to congratulate him on the good fortune finally! – his sone breaks his leg the next week riding the stallion — as you can imagine same neighbor and same consolation and same response – who knows if it’s a misfortune or not. the next week the army comes to conscript his son with the broken leg and dismisses him as unfit– the neighbor finally seems to get the point… it isn’t necessarily good fortune or bad but it can be enjoyed or not as such. == who knows if this is the same with me, but one thing is for sure, it’s a step forward in empowerment to utilize what I HAVE to a future effort to more. it is okay if this is a struggle still as it’s worth saying it, if I didn’t feel i gain the world by it, i would feel cheated. it won’t have been easy…that’s for sure ;0. it still may not be either! nor is it a garuntee of wild happiness to come – I may remind myself with you reading I already know one soul slightly better off with having done this 8 years after leaving his h.s. days. I will be 25 years past high school if I by this season so you note. he never has married, the house did NOT help him gain a gal. similarly i a slut of companies by comparison have with less gained albeit in the short term far more opportunities albeit frustrating i can not hold onto longer. it is what it is. however without exception the largest thing i’ve ever heard on breaking the way it is is that i can not support folk into a long term emotionally or financially. this shot at a house won’t fix that. i simply get a shot at MY space and some fun finding out how to make it homey enough within the situation of that time, limited means more than likely be that time transportation ability or cdraftmanship skills despite ingenuity. it wont suddenly make me a prince, but it can add to my usefull apearances. ease things just enough more to make a bit MORE posssible. that’s kinda good. I hope….as in again 😉

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