Attention DETAIL!

(Title is a Quote from “Gettysburg” Turner Home Entertainment -upon delivering the prisioners to the next regiment.)

I went and visited my main townhome choices with sis and her hubs.  and a new place entirely – Drive BY style… of a proper house altogether with yard.

rather a fun outting even if i didn’t win on the scratch tickets gotten…visiting a wine /brew store for house other guy’s supplies and a new fruity something wine for batch 3.  bottles  and what not. tried getting next month’s bill set sarted and they’re of course closed til monday lol.  had breakfast at the awful waffle…waffle house and… acidic belly leaving and not overly enthusedhowever it was not the usual breakfast as i got a side salad and a set of hashbrowns smothered/grilled onions, peppered/jalepeno included, an capped mushrooms in.  or, actually an entire vegetarian affair oddly.

I may alter house hunting to go saturday after the paycheck arrives as i plan to make an offer really.  it’d take a miracle not to want to.

my choices are:

as better yardy as virginia street’s condo is, its less inviting entirely and perhaps mostly due to combined utilities which if so is a huge b.s. snarl to resolve also having thump thump top neighbors and the actual area itself gave the feel to others of less inviting if not outright sketch.

the  then option is 1319 hilton which would mean #8 never really mind #3 it’s nice  but the bank of sunlighted windows is a better offer than being off street.  it is closer also to all ammenities like stores safe enough to get to and shops like a sushi place and a couple of fast food offerings.  it is a place of going places yet enough can be done to also have a few over.


house is more yard keeping and further away with being semi quiet nice but the close convenience is is the sketch so more of a day place.  drawbacks obvious of more care but advantage of it leaving room to simple have a creative ball.  there is tacit chainlink meaning i could negotiate the wait for better but also can deal in the mean time.  -while it’s further it offers a better roommate offer closer to the school than the other places.  still leaving a spare room.

principal consideration is ability to plant a garden versus joking babylon of hanging potts.  trees can nice it up. I like a texas scarlet – quince and a loquat along with an almond tree or three all offering red burst and or pink bloom.   and of cour the difference also is 30% less for the home versus town home which may make all the diference fiscally.

I enjoyed thuroughly my cherry sprite zero mmmm.

is there better? sure, but i’m pleased with what i saw.  it’s enough to have a choice, it’s tacitly acceptable to the people i know.  it’s 20 minutes from the gate if anyone changes their mind and wishes to save money living here/there.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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(home search THEN, today’s listing includes the different way, a house house – –,-84.894083,32.470215,-84.93674_rect/14_zm/
whish is just dang fine, honestly, and stunning say if I want to plant say either this or

(pink flowering almond dwwarf tree) or say red quince…
or some loquat action!

(shown for a dwarf type size but fully matured it’s more like this small
(4-5 months old, after planting – or it’ll take time to be this first but wait and pray!

(having to endure this bush first sucks but you see what you can ultimately have if patience is kept. and….

(jam and bread? fairly purdy outcome 🙂 )
(interestingly enough the boost from a house is somewhat diminishing as it’s ultimately location I need and this is 2 miles to a bus one way through the rougher neighborhood side… that’s set with me all afternoon. it’s a quiet part and good part of the neighborhood above it where the house is but it’s close to nastier. … I know i like space but it isn’t lost on me I dug this house out,+Englewood,+CO+80113/@39.6295137,-104.9833251,3a,75y,229.24h,88.55t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sj2Fhf5oghkdxnN_2sNdIEQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x876c80f7b9fe4577:0x1589e7aa5619e0ae!8m2!3d39.6295094!4d-104.9832767!6m1!1e1
(you need to click hold and drag the picture to the other side of the street to the wall of then green I pulled out. filling a 10-22 by 6 foot tall dumpster well squished down…helpful fence sections from previous years not thrown away then yet!)
((or, there is a LOT that this area and my general lack of green thumb reminds me to know check etc, but one thing i do know well is it’s murder to dig out a house. I can, i have. but you never actually complete the task for long. I know this is weird but the idea to house isn’t to be “here” forever but start moving forward. knowing I’ll be here LONG ENOUGH. why waste all of it on rent? I know this sticks me here longer as to recover lol from buying in. but to those who noticed i was not posting? now you know why. i bought a lot of crap to divert myself then randomly applied for a credit card to ease the shock of seperate shipping? but it came with the last necessary piece of a modest but true safety net to …what, this area has houses and such that cheap? remember from denver the average house like the one above or the town home is 3 times the cost… or extend all of my buying powers out entirely and I need another person just like me to get to this same place. I know all to well wishing after independance, it’s MINE danng it.!. not well lets play carpet and get only what you want I’m the slave maker of dreams come true whee what i’m not who you want in life thanks for the house get lost? uh…. you get the idea. it’s a simple fear set, dream set. now to, find a way to begin furnishing it? remember no budget not little budget NO budget lol if i’m even so lucky to get this or similar? NO budget. and NOTHING. starting out with crap nothing… so…. steps forward with pennis by comparison and how to get someting in stages…. or

yes a complete blog as a comment linking a crap ton more? 😀 yep, that’s how i roll.
but, again, it’s tough to glue in to the efforts made so last link if you don’t see how to adjust the google earth image to september 14, try seeing what a dumpster’s less weeds looks like. it’s that much work and only my section down to what, there’s a House in here? wow! you should have HEARD the mower start up the season, the blind weakling did yardwork, get your lazy butt out there and clean this place uP! you could swear you heard that as, every house had a mower going. 😉 that’s the power of a red dumpster and traffic permit pulled to street park it. alllll legal beagle.

I met up with realitor guy so it’s on i file my shot at the one condo friday. i saw the previously locked out one. woo! it far and away is pretty city and everything i’d thought! huge good for entertaining with limited entry to clean. however it’s both smaller leaving no space really to open the door inside to the stairs maing even a chair lifat the bottome would highly be in the way. I am not kidding in the slightest it’s a bad idea to not consider the whole future of any place and needs. I have morning shade aplenty or half a day’s sun for my patio area meaning i can grow a container plant or so 😀 whee! loquat it may be 😀 and enough counter space to survive not really high specialty, but to have specific focuses. like a hanging area is perfect for breakst stuffs, by the laundry isanother hanger cabinet that’s hopefully tea able but if not spiced and or bobbles could be there 🙂 there is water albeit winterized pressures in the place. and lights so effectively it’s simple to get the appliances checked or if not it’s possible thanks dad long gone but not the knowledge, all appliances can sorted test to be operational without power at all. it wouldn’t be ideal but is possible 😀 or never thee fear, one less worry to be found here. 😀 and if i’m lucky I can in future extend a portion of the deck to achieve a container proper area and thus a permanant tree of mini size in my deck area. 🙂 and ramp action while ugly is possible too it’d eat 1/3 of my yard to ramp to the other walkwalk proper with slope but possible. so front door access for real people easily achieved if needed or you can make it to bathrooms kitchen laundry both doors and living/bedroom space leaving the emergency proper exit limited so not perfect but an aid to extending home living magically for years – if needed. and th fridge i want without doors fits the entryway as does the height of a stacked washer dryer so I can have 2 spots to enjoy- a utility / bar sink non permanant as it doesn’t take away from the hookup of normal washer dryer units over customizing yet gives me a minor savings choice if i want a little neato to my space fitting me.- the intercom didn’t work blast it! lol that’s be neat buzzable entry? lol.

oddly alas no. not now. Jonah has to go to ninevah so to speak not run away in the weeds. I sense it’s space sure i’d have ample, but forcing me out of the house is also important too. I have the most fun simply nipping out for a soda or something. of my choices of places the one I leterally saw first is likely the best option within compromising yard to container plants … or if you’ll forgive what to me is a joke, the hanging gardens of babylon…one of the seven wonders of the ancient world…where they fed warm water to the hanging pots to make roses bloom in winter for instance… or making nature but on a scale black thumb here can manage better. besides it’s allll about what makes it tick. sure a house calls but not yet, coffee out here and there does. I haven’t anyone yet to sit around doing nothing but ignoring 😀 so i best have a shot at not demanding acme instant romance is dead house just yet. you saw it’s twin other unit but its the same building different unit with a nice triangular bank of windows similar but not quite a proper bay window. brick face. 🙂 the odiousness is seeing how to correctly install a auto shutoff icemaker line from the sink or bathroom to the fridge not making this a buy a new fridge too cost. but lol mainly getting UP some furnishings must come before improvements. be they pink or blue vessel sinks of glass for pretty bathrooms etc. all must come in stages 🙂 like first! get a bid on the place! lol likely in about a week I’ll know when that happened or will 🙂 have to ask some questions i thought i’d covered but i’m again confused and thus pester the people time 😀

yep. I am. i remember one particular game that was interrupted twice or so as it went into overtime lol spilling into the next stuff and the cry it made interrupting a soap opera! 😉

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