Going Bananas

Stumptown roasters rwandan hue whole bean?  orangeish still but I’m going bananas!  both perhaps literally and metaphorically.  McCormick baking aisle extracts banana and rum 7 banana and 2 rum enough cream tomake two overly creamed coffees shaken in a ziplock container with truvia touch of brown sugar artificial sweetener granuals.  i mean that is the literal outcome of a enough for five cups it’s afternoon  and i ground it to turkish coffee dust and brewed it anyway ala automatic coffee machine.  but, never fear, i am likely just as much as better than maybe crazy too. 😀 yes, pastic smile of an infinite smirk.  I think i’m somehow winning but at what reality isn’t yet showing up with 😀  this niggling detail of reality is as much as nonsense!  fooey.  I’m having a grand time and a good coffee.  have to leave into that reality though for work…in about an hour. no, not boo! i can pretend over coffee ecstacy i’m still here listening to I’m atop all the universe non sanity am.

I reconnect with 21 years last seen. no not for romance, that past but everything charming did not.  I research a townhome in town surprisingly to me i can afford – furnishing it remains a niggler.  I have sandwich stuff if i get off here to make a lunch saving money obviously called for if aboving. I wonder without proof if i can’t honestly call a few dream. just in case you’d like to know the actual contributings positive.  perplexing ones can be skipped as they’re already mentioned.  i’m told i sound just like myself but i haven’t called this way in nearly a decade.   I do recall consciously choosing down that way too many timnes/ ways.  but here i am again!  reset, or broke the rest of the way…. or both.  we shall see.  i’m not really a harm to myself but i might be unsettling a time about others, i haven’t been here in a while.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Going Bananas”

yes. which reminds me to share an oldie as proof.
25 July 2010
Reactionary Parody
to the tune Coming To America – Neil Diamond

Invading Our America

 they’ve been trampling laws

invading lands

but not without their flaws

only aiming to be paid

they live real close

undermining the wage

without boats or drugs on planes

they’re invading America

sending money back again

they’re invading America

Home now a country far away

enjoy my bastard’s plight today

screaming healthcare reform!

screaming healthcare reform!

Home look a my new and shiny place

your bed now’s a bridge or some other place

freedom for us without our corn

freedom for us without our corn

from every pit about the globe

they’re invading America

sneer as our flag’s unfurled

they’re invading America

Got a scheme taking them here

They’re invading America

Got a dream to rob us here

They’re invading America

They’re InVADING America

They’re Invading America

They’re Invading America

They’re Invading America

outta their way!
their Way! Their Way. Their Way. THEIR WAY

what country? all for ME

cheatin’ in the land of opportunity

Bastard kids from my flings

need your healthcare
(today’s Robbery)


just in case you were wondering for exsample i had returned from visiting my 00 ex for the 13 hour couldn’t get off the phone long enough to answer her savior male friend to the rescue, to appear as if she was “over me” lol always a comfy viz! i was two years volunteering nearly 9 months away before two more to end up journeying this way in life. or seven years without a relationship in reality bit over half done and closer to seven year years unemployed. or at the absolute height of free! *singin that joplin on kristopherson? – freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose – and baby, I’m nothing if i ain’t free! -) I happen to be from a rabid conservative family if you trace the wider elements of it and yet I wouldn’t exist here without liberal all the way politics down to any and every opportunity I have – rest assured I’m old enough to know what it’s like to like early limbaugh and await howard stern salvation. odd savior that. 😀 it’s okay to have liberal politics and still be correct and care! heheheh. but, I did want more. see that push for reentry into work? 2 years to become a activities assistant two plus more and then day labor walmart here laboring at a gas station? it’s consistant means more or after a decade of recovery creditwise and 3 more employed? I have a shot at buying my small place. nothing free nothing handed me. or heh i mirror still a bit of using MY resources lol – now laugh reading how I actually know how to mock a red point of view for what it hides as a manifestation of it’s hopes…disinclusion. no one cares really if so and so does whatever, just as long as I get mine…that attitude fought to supress others… go to nearly any restaurant and fairly quick you’ll see that it’s imigrants making magic! I haven’t found this town’s best breakfast… denver had sunrise cafe on sheriday just south of iseventy. it’s a greek place down to ala american everthing but gyros and eggs too! 😉 next to a burrito offer. always expects work and gets it. no slouchy on his dime! mainly not to be a jerk but entrust the deal good service great product and value so we return to keep all in the money or joy. you couldn’t help but be impressed even if you flat out disagreed with a stance on how he ran the show. but, there ya are. about the oldest poem i currently have saved. era mejuly 11 changed after a kaboom of social fortunes 😉 newly into volunteering to this current result/time. just in case the voice seems different. I love writing as inrewording songs! whee! sarcastic bingo jokes g49 gee whiz four nine 49 is lucky times lucky or seven times seven of our western occidental traditions culture , and it is the unluckiest age ever to mee tany gal smiling. because where are they at fifty but on their way to someone else thanks for the support to get moving after who they really want! – it was absolutely funny too my then crush at work came in loving that joke and invited me to dinner then the pastor after i flunked the cut. child of one of my residents at the ofh or conflict of interest? 😉 dang it but good too, I did have a moment alone and failed soo soo huge to have anything to talk about! it was like a whole lot of sizzle for the fire put right on out! but that’s where i went from writing just parodies to long bingo aassociations… it’s dull trivia but remember the consistant use showed five months later 😉 that something said once a week was repeated by not my mouth by a resident who had dimensia or still was capable of memory 😉 imagine how that saved my bacon at work always odd but odd getting startling results? whee!

welll? …shrugs… I literally disdain hearing ME aloud and often have. i.e. disjointed recordings versus what i hear feel if i’m in myself at the time…i.e….there. yet speaking aloud doable, being publically there… doable… just having to listen to me 😀 heh. silly monkey me. now as to tone or subjects? that is more what i meant. I worked enough being “normal” i am not really really or at least long term it’s unhealthy for me so 😀 so if I catch hold of feeling different? good idea to roll with it… sing that winwood. ” Just ROLL with it. you got to roll with it 😉

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