an ear-ing about it all

#peoplewatching, #spirituality

NOT.  I don’t hashtag! who in their twitter soul hash tags?…don’t answer that.

I’m back from my doctoring.  I had a primary car 3 monther, and my monthly this time with a np at the specialist.

the doctoring is a antibiotic for kicking a vent tube on a gas island I missed avoiding. a lessening of atenolol adding amlodopine? sorry cant remember them all instantly.  to aid in bp control as i don’t wish libido”” issues with atenolol.  don’t ask too many questions and this won’t become that awful of a TMI. 😀

I return in a week to view progress  with wound.  .

I heard he’d prefer different and more blood work than my specialist orders so 😉 I will note a switch for next visit utilizing a combining of information/draws at the other facility. 😉

the hallmark information is this:  my bloodwork is ridiculously long and one souls wants MORE…vampire…. 😀   so heres a link to that. this shortly isn’t up for public viewing)

you can see for yourself how change is measured and it’s not easy to understand but if you’d like to follow the searches for reference and learn… I had to do so.

now the real news is the meaning of this news.

I gained neither a pound nor lost any. I’m 141 @ 5.825″ tall or low on my bmi to be actually slightly underweight.  I used to be 5’875 or a centimerish under five feet nine inches tall…or just give it to me already!      my bp’s were 166/104 with 83bpm heart, and 162/97 at the second visit an hour later.  or while the bp choice stopping atenolol proves the point, It was keystone to how my coctail works I am not working with lysinopril to lower bp it failed for that years ago however it is kept to moderate protein destruction of my kidneys.  -water pill and lysinopril is not enough to do it.  marjoram oil instead of all that isn’t enough to moderate the works and quite frankly I’m HIGH as a kite fogged out ingesting it   but it most often seems not to “kick in at all”  or, if you think i never tried alternative medications, think again! 😉  reference guide to essential oils at 35 a book copy ish not including shipping is a beautiful book i memorized about a 1/3 of during oil sales time a decade ago.  I simply didn’t hit upon a magic result with it tobalance my isssues.  please do not think it’s crap, I failed to balance my issues with 10 years of highly trained advice utilized to a result as well.

now the kidney doc was to meet the new nurse practicioner- I don’t mind at all! I’m past needing to doc all the time and have cliniced most of my adult life- I’m happy with the feeling i got the best advice i could find and did with it what i was able to chose to and such not.  so he gave me the look over as to why i’d pester a pc to alter my medication.  quite frankly i don’t care to always honour chain of obvious command.  I’m a butt sometimes.  so I purposefully asked the first doc before i forgot that i don’t wish to take atenolol anymore and why… I don’t need e.d.  hint i’m not arguing this you and I both know it does bother that and i have it so find a different approach.  remember too this is the same doc who asked me why i was on atenolol at all before to which i said it seems to be the only thing that works the system to effective moderated control. 😉  it was a weird thing not wholly unproven just weird.

now I know you may not care but this all comes with the bloodwork. link.  you want to see why i’d quit beef and pork consumption regularly?  go see just two result sets with a partial third and fourth history hinted at.  you’ll see.

so, I’m going to be due into the kidney specialist month with this progress and the expected end of easy gains monthly all year however, this is far better than dialysis.  I’m due in minus issues quarterly with the primary care doctor.  if this lesson as in on kidney specialist, clap for joy.  it’s a measure of returning health.  i survived 18 months poorly without prescription insurance at street price meds 1200 or more monthly usd and I didn’t always make that.  and like have rent and such ;).  this means i had to keep alive.  broke.  please note i survived. not glowingly nor thrivingly but survived..    please note moving allows one in the usa to change medical insurance within 30 days so call after it swiftly!  I didn’t know and missed many a deadline not knowing.  I also would have moved sooner too but that would have denied me the longevity on the job and my shot at being the boss even if temporarily.  a personal success to be a director of anything at 40.

I met a younger black lady at the bus stop and her shout to a friend and got the joy to hear what they chattered about. it was a blessing.  rarely am i allowed that much even not really participating.  I got in a few quality jokes …well lets rephrase, the jokes sucked but i got a smile and a response 🙂  anything new? no.  anything old? twitch. everything! 😉 :)…. your name? on the card.  no responsed….. well hopefully it fits me or I’m in trouble …. no response… it was my best joke! and i didn’t even get a smile!…that line did work 😉

I can be deeply sarcastic 🙂

the last is I got me a tipple at the booze shack because I’m shameful.  I was allowed and offered to await my cab inside because i purposefully came in with a lot of sacks of stuff and said I’d be awaiting a cab but place my things on the counter to not look a thief on the prowl.  I said I simply didn’t want to knock over a wine bottle accidentally but with that usually wrong inflection meaning that’s just a LINE.  I’m just seriously used to proceedure and don’t care anymore.  I was puffing so couldn’t be inside anyways.  later on a stroll to something else…you’re still waiting..yep appa  what’d you do wrong? apparently i’m not pretty today.  you know damn well that’s a trap of a line uttered to any gal not seeking your or whatever 😉  so my response best as i could herar was not falling into that trap but trying also not to laugh because I sooo made that one difficult 😉  of course acknowledging i could put one over on her….;) rub rub rub it in.

now I know your pie that today only sells personal pizza sizes at 3.14 unlimited toppings.  uh. deal?  couldn’t go?  dangit.  i.e. i had just been to iron bank coffee for my dark chocolate and raspberry latte after an arby’s for chicago something sandwich…which is like a Chicago dog wi.e. banana peppers with the sliced beef …only reminiscence to the “style” at all past the soaked beef/dippable thing.

Jimano Pizzeria – Englewood Colorado

“Italian Beef” Sandwich – they delete the what it is.

Click to access Englewood_combo_main_catering_web.pdf

warning, this takes 2 minute to load.

What italian Beef IS

An Italian beef is a sandwich of thin slices of seasoned roast beef, dripping with meat juices, on a dense, long Italian-style roll, which originated in Chicago where its history dates back at least to the 1930s.[1] The bread itself is often dipped (or double-dipped) into the juices the meat is cooked in, and the sandwich is typically topped off with Chicago-style giardiniera (called “hot”) or sauteed, green Italian sweet peppers (called “sweet”).

Italian beef sandwiches can be found at most hot dog stands and small Italian-American restaurants in northeastern Illinois, southeast Wisconsin (notably Kenosha), Northwest Indiana and Indianapolis. However, Chicago expatriates have opened restaurants across the country serving Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dogs, and other foods original to the Chicago area. – Accessed 3.14.2017

for the arby’s  limited time offering of a chicago style sandwich.

I will note the gentleman registering me failed to note my potato cakes order as i don’t adore curly fries and also i did fail to catch it at ring up andnoting it later he failed to alter it accordingly…boo.  atop which didn’t accept cash ($50) against bill (many places refuse over 20’s) which annoyed me even further as his stated reason was of bogus bills.

so as you see, 🙂 nope to your pie trying. plus i’d have misssed the bus.  it was already five and it would be another hour wait as was chili out.

the nice older lady lent me seat space on the bus with me looking I could use it sacks and such.  wasn’t a coffee drinker – I had just purchased a try for a new coffee to me rwandan f/t direct trade whatever decency in sourcing in any event…grumble, higher cost to ME. 😉  but at least I go to know I put some goats towards a rwandan collective grower. 😀    the tasting notes promise citrus peel, bergamont, and persimmon – please note this is a rift valley to my limited geography remembrance area meaning all through it and int yemen and beyond the coffee has a distinctive lemony tone/s to it  citrus peel….lemon tone… bergamont…distinctively sweet citrus tone remeniscent of earl grey tea which it famously flavors,… persimmon… an orange spice also citrus tone   or this may lie about the lemon but not the overtone/citrusy ness.. but it is new to me i have and love kenyan coffee’s tendency to taste almost blackberriey lemon.  and ethiopian also in the lemons.  i now soon can add to this with an orange? perhaps??  but this lady drank only sweet southern usa style tea.  I mentioned mine were formosa oolong and lapseng su chong.  both unsweetened by nature and offerings   the former being a “peachy” tone with some grass to it – it is an extra fancy grade to get that and thus ungodly pricey seeming to standard tea prices but  offers an array of teas  and i delight that they have a boston location….everyone in america should get tea. from boston.  which is a haha as this country’s independance memorably includes the ‘boston tea party” which is a bunch of rebels then dressed up like native americans and dumped tons of tea then outrageously taxed into the boston harbor to protest. tea tax or no taxes without representation.  a critical point to us independance.  please note the whiskey rebellion of seventeen ninety four was swiftly stomped as in to say no tax without representation doesn’t mean NO TAXES.  sorry boys.

and thus you have most of my day people watching save the last more spiritual

I walked into the cvs for my pills and meter leaving without a meter i had a script for and meter behind the counter too as they had 2 people working…and no time to run the insurance stuff for pricing.  i did NOT like that answer and said so directly “” and made sure it wasn’t person but bothersome i can not afford to visit any old day because of them. I’m able to visit tuesdays and saturdays and really not always both, I don’t have the money or time.  it’s 3 hours to and from walking add an hour waiting usualy here seemingly to get my stuff so imagine i have a legit reason to note timing.  I have to pay 13 a ccab to get there. each way I make 8 an hour and i’m luck t. i work five hours a day.  I can’t pay day’s wages repeatedly for their issues.  I note this.  i didn’t lose my composure but I also didn’t entirely fail to clearly say this it is MY time and money.  so in that respect i at least improve consistently with different approaches to getting myself spoken out for soon enough up with results damn it! 😉

wearing a darker plaid double thick shirt means something to the prison just out of hey can i bum a smoke? crowd.  no offense 😉 I think I knew that hating this gift that functionally is one 😉 bbr otherwise! it was chilly with it!  but entirely the wrong fashion statement. 😉

and thus you can gauge for yourself some more of what i actually “see” or don’t.  as to speaking up- I got a cab saying i need a credit. cab and the cabbie sent didn’t allow for that so i was nearly late to my appointment hitting up an atm but it saved me…20 bucks at least versus the cab fare checker 33 to 46 range expected fare.  sis asked why i’d cab it – it takes an hour to walk off base unh unh! the hotel isn’t no hour walk!  it’s 35 actually but the bus no longer goes to the hotel and twice daily only the base it turns around just off base which is an hour walk.  it’s an hour bus plus another 20 minutes from the closest points to the doctors.  or I don’t have 2.5 hours always to walk everywhere to pay only sixty five cents city bus fare with disability discount no transfers each bus… or wait to pay double for the half hour wait to get somewhere taking 20 minutes walking either.  these things irk me. 😉

so if you wonder at this, this is life.  it isn’t impossible but not always is it convenient.

the first rule of life  or first couple is, it’s YOUR car they are NOT cheap nor do people care if YOU risk your liscense in service to them.  so, if you can not drive, note the instant respnsibility lines that have to be there in some fashion.  this is such a horrendous hassle and expense as it’s a 55 ish cents a mile for most vehicles cost.. this is in town/cities great when your six miles away ish rounding down 😉 so six bucks to get somewhere. no big deal when they don’t make the prep for this a be waiting in the street cash in hand I’m not. waiting hurry UP and oh I’ll be late whatever on your time don’t WASTE MINE. – or i remember well someone’s recent post on don’t waste time or be late it’s disrespectful – it is.  but careful too to note it’s also really effing selfish of you too…. most often no not always, but most often.  I dislike that as sometimes it’s far easier to be courtous .  but firm.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “an ear-ing about it all”

oddly enough dru, it’s coming 🙂 I do not know how but it is coming! in the mean time,annoyingness 😉 I want and it’s a touch hopeless looking. be it goals for an actual purpose, or gals …I ran right out of rhyme as i’m not using porpose. 😀 I mean lol : I am at the stationing forward i need and withing a level of oomph expended i can be proud of as it’s neither too much nor disasterous…but to get “useful” would be a waste as i don’t hang my life on one dead end job. I’ve plenty of business ideas but remember 12 dollar Junior Achievement racks for cd’s and any business before or since. such just isn’t my niche/knack… this doesn’t mean i didn’t take some pride getting great hot sauce at a discount! 😉 cut me some slack lol! I have a naughty rwandan whole bean with tequila going. care to join?: it’s revolting for you. but it’s like any other lighter fluid added special. as to the gamble on the gal, well, if I’m right and this is an if, I would guess I have no chance but all of them in a row chances or it’s just a few silly months of being cool and letting the world be what it is and hoping like any fool not genuinely wholely as I’m not perfect, ita magic of discovery … I mean if you had a new. friend you liked, would you expect a ten year romance newly opened for pursuit with probably jesus compared to me to not be worth a hug or three? now I hate sharing but 😉 nor could i stop such in progress as I came along either…but it could be I end up the wedge of relity, I’m stunning unique 😉 and kinda fun to be about…if you get past being pestered into food so good you end up having to help get them to reality. or suffering eye crossing trivia… what can I say? I was chosen to learn how to run an activity department, I made director doing it. not long as I’m a political nightmare to support long too high up. but still 😀 whee! but at least you had a peek at why it’s hard enough to paint my pictures. I’m just out there, there is no.. none. denying this. but pot stickers? i mean I’m free in a month to chart my next surprise out tell me of safe coffee houses and the best local beer if any. your state makes arrogant bastard ale. your city is drivably close to wine country which I’m less interested in the place but oo la la wine i’m currently getting interested in vignoles or a dry white not a reisling dry either I like qwertrameiner and chablis. I am modestly capable of purple soup with seafood, louisiana shrimp boil, you’ll eat till there is half a pot to go after youre stuffed. I’d like to know some more baked dishes like rockefeller. spicy stuff mussels. I made sushi rice twice and a further round with a vinegar free lemon juice glaze over minute rice… or I can make simple sushi. I’ve meat balls stuffed bell peppers and thus can make a proper burger too i don’t get excited about mixing bacon in mine like my cousin does bless her but I do like bacon cheeseburgers….a lot. I am not a short order chef so I can do basic medium rare medium and well but not too much variation. I make a fine version of fish tacos and spicey grilled “” chicken tacos. i can’t eat it more than likely but i can make a wicked pork adobada as well I’ve made sopes from scratch make your mix. I love toastadas and i can brush oil a burrito as a baked chimichanga. and make an edible pan of enchiladas.cheese, chicken anyways. tmales but i haven’t made the chili verde sauce for them like is famouse for my state so I could make up but it’s semi home made green chili cheese fries to obliterate your diet for ya or i can cover basic italian a diver common array of mexican / american and american proper. i do a mean twice baked potato, firecracker gree beans, green beans almondine/pecan etc. tea smoked chicken alfredo, i’ mades cratch bechamel too…for a mushroom soupl with butter fried creminis for my gb casserol mmmm. I cook or to be more honest you can cok with me but its good 😉 inconvenient life may be but I’d like to see more of the chase 😀 lol

You can be deeply sarcastic!?!?! I’m shocked! 😉 😛

Glad you had an enjoyable bus stop encounter. 🙂 I love talking to people, listening to people, watching people. Tis fun! 🙂 But, bummer today…often many of them have their eyes and noses (not their ears) in there cell phones and won’t look up. 😦

I enjoyed ‘earing about it all! and it was an earful! 😀

You know I wish you well…good health, best wishes, happiness! You are an inspiration to me…your good (and often funny) attitude about life and life’s crapola helps me always! Thanks, J! 😀


🙂 shrungs, consider the subject matter lol, it’s what it is. between that and one medication directly showing liver enzymatic pointers to elevated alcohol use and the stigma therewith 😉 the general stigma of diabetes often being considered fightable and winnable when it’s like all things challenging….challenging 😉 and a general buffeting of vibes when one wants forward and to project and attract good or food lol good vibes not troubles, this is ….challenging. but like an old enough truth goes, nothing easy is worth having so – it took about a decade after a few years to repair my credit sufficiently to build on it and for years now surprising milestanes adjust that basic start to wider possibilities – thus from MY origination of thought, I worked like hell to get a safety net under me including learning any advantage is often used by others for their own ends… case in point four male roommate adults access to 2 trucks and the blind guy has to buy the stove,…was a landloard due to sublease so shhhh! but not the only one and have it delivered as all of a sudden everyone has a bad back and is busy. get the stove and the dream was good food and use and it was? before the principals bitching made moves a month later one only using the machine to cook one one dollar totinos pizza . I mean uh? frustrating? but nine months no stove head in the sand and no action? I finally just FIXED it. it’s ridiculous! I got complaints and half reimbursed via MY landlord. I’m supposed to have a truck or friends and buy used when i had neither obviously lol. just one of many reminders that cycled my card at sears which literally would have bought me passage across the globe to meet the then women of the universe. 😉 others like sis moved so the only way around cash crunch was a freezer finally after two residences actually this is the third finally sees use. but otherwise no deposit returned. why did I have to pay that in full lol? or the point here struggle with a long time at it and finally a little sunshine after a decade and some? YAY! think on how hard won the littlest things may truly be but mean the world to say me? I am not a horrendous blankity blank fish i don’t even hardly now drink and when I did? to didn’t? there is zilch. change in my b vitamin levels so ultimately while it wasn’t the best choice, I didn’t actually completely foul my own ball/health all the time! however duh coping was lesser so it was good it went…drink. general sugar control was obviously lesser, so while this may’n’t have done it all wrong or in, it didn’t help either and i need ed help badly. so have you a hug that says I wonjust enough spiritual reinforcement for MY way. oo la la!

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