Mining for Goaled

oh as usual I’m playing on words or trying to demonstrate a fine grasp of Spelling 😀  but, goal….3.0 is a whoomp there it is… more like WOMP!  wanh wanh wannnnnnh 😉 feeling post facing the 3rd week of goal month and not feeling particularly accomplished.  so a moment, we have them and here’s another 😉 a kindlier run through 😀

for the whoomp anyways. and now?

womp 😉

(don’t listen too long now 😉 it’s going to loop only in negativities. 😀

Birch Beer? mmmm

brick book? while not the structural mathmatics of material or building, it does get into how to achieve a part of that in consistancy of production.  why this or that is superior for this and that and i can always suffer 😉 mechanics of materials as it too is just doable not as a discipline no, I’m not that good at the math but i can specifically muddle through that which I want to know and of course actually can!

11:11 – Rodrigo y gabriella fun duo on percussive guitar – glad to have should have done the reptile eye album …maybe next pick 😉

Menikus – Foreign Beyond album – fun lil tour of my 2008 ish times and more playable  as i’m more in a pop rock mood than percussive guitar.

ray lynch’s Deep Breakfast album – ah, i still like that song… celestial sodapop.


pop like the bubbles

perhaps sparkle a bit too!

exciting! ain’t it?

So it’s Womp! Oatmeal this morning.  quaker brand I doubt and don’t care that I remember it’s a Walmart Special “Gret Value” which they can be …or a tad more expensive actually than they should be 😉  but a delightful pouch of instant maple brown sugar steaming out my previously tea mug.

of course!

and, the crash to to awake early four something… ahhh.

the night was pregnant

bright but where was the moon…well?

no need to wish, yet.

or, I’m due to my lifetime home town in less than a week and back by this time done with another return to what is til the next adventure.    or 😉 there is no specifics really, only a brightness…. all the ways bright.

(sure beats the last quarter/season of Dreary fringed in Gloom)


By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 replies on “Mining for Goaled”

I’m not sure about all that you said but some of the wonderful words coupled with the video and music brought peace to me. THANX S.Man. ~~dru~~
ps, couldn’t have that oatmeal because of my diabetes but I savor it in my mind. that should set some light on what I’m on abo. as you come in here minus the reasoning for this: that is simple too, I watch a favorite warp speed the other way from togetherness 😀 I need a few healthier perhaps diversions! 😉 it’s delightfully dunny coloured at the moment to ofhouse packed and renting and soon to another state with early ins on wedding. ahhhh. 😉 now dim wittedly I get some crazy notion this is somehow not caput when every indication logically says…um…this is not looking delightfully sparkly dunny clean or anything but welll well used dunny ala stadium hockey game during championship determined overtime used 😉 or basketball..both equally yummy. so. 🙂 you have diversionary items, the points are some buinessy ideas explored and some simply fluffy personal…you read that list and guess which is which lol. 😉 you might like the deborah holland one. it can amuse but ouch she went country on the main tune which wasn’t how I first heard it so ouch ouch ouch . but the song about sex is still funny. and relatively worth not playing too loud in corporate settings not that it’s overly filthy just subject matter. and thus you have me to goals. aparently I said roughly march first was the new year or some schlock. 😀 but as i said, it’s not really goals so much as it’s proof of resolutions are somewhat impossible to achieve for most of us as change mst be simple not ornate. – all of this is so fabulously ornate it’s garunteed to see revision 😉 so as i say, it’s simply to divert me to be happy. which lucky me! today i start that way and that’s a first in many months not hopeful or enthusiastic, Happy. contentd. . and as for the colorful? well? if you’ve ever had a boomeranger of people, you know what i’m in for…a return.. hopefully this penny says boomerang not hums michael jackson song *bad) *bbad pennies always turn up) but I’m free for a good spell before the war continues so…diversions til I have actual passions interest. 😉 or, maybe i’ll get lucky and this latest will burn down all previous competition and last for ages and worse now perhaps but not in the end I’ll fade predictably away. no, I don’t want that but again 😉 you know enough of life, it’s NOT always just OUR choices. 😀 I wonder if i have time to build a house? that would be shocking and i don’t mean like now today i mean learn to- I’ve participated in enough stick famers to know it’s 1-4 months depending on craftmanship and size unless it’s a palace. actual houses can be done in 2 weeks or less too but that’s wicked participation :D… or 😀 switching laundry time and soon back to work for the day 😀 and peroxiding. I’ve taken to kicking my shines for the last month i spent so much of it thinking of that one…the latest wont heal correctly 😀 think about the joke this supposedly means i fail to be independant and each time I’m reminded whack! to stand for myself whack and must…limp limp limp 😀 hee hee. or even if the oatmeal packets are just a dream.. thus gin too. join me in a tnt tanqueray and tonic this place don’t sell shooters of bombay saphire. I refuse to buy more than a shooter as i’ll drink it. not a great idea for me so 😀 the hardship is not getting too many shooters as such is the same point as larger sizings 😉 but a lil rebellion in coke? a treasure with tonic? here’s a straight bit of evil on that note – mixing with tanqueray and canada dry seltzer,colour with chambourda bit too much to be a splash but neither a proper cocktail ‘s worth either somewhere in between ruby red, offset with cranberry juice and thus you can lemon or lime this all over ice. you should name it it’s a greyhound and a g/t but dogtrack doctor’s orders? give away that someone shot the racer? lol cran and chambourd “blood”

Love your haikus, as always. They are visually vibrant! 🙂

Keep minin’ those goals! Eureka! 🙂

Great vids! The PIR sound effect one made me laugh! 🙂

Yay for hometown and adventures! Haves funs! 😀

Happy Pi Day!!! 😀
3.1415926535 8979323846 2643383279+ HUGS!!! 😛

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