goaaal 3.0

the third week sees the warnings of beware of new beginnings lest they sour.  I have most of my pile of goodies in.  I enjoyed the birch beer actually a lot, not heavy in taste and yet amusingly birchy in a subdued way! mmm for instance  Johnny Ryan birch beer kegworks via amazon utterly unworth single purchase obvious again like amazon often is yet the trap is i don’t want a case of crud! lol… so it is afterall 😉  I made it through the two weeks of extra duty and here begins my week to return to normal and be on my way to a bigger check friday when entering colorado for my lil pop in.  I did not manage to quit smoking .  I did not manage to remember it’s not a big thing but a lot of little things and cutting down when forced only aids me in wanting more against that aim.  I visited the workplace and did a number of cuddenly new things and  see something of caution sensed.  I can not work for free yet to get past this i must be invested in so I obtain that goal…. the rug was gently pulled in nothing loading i needed really so forces me to walk to h.r. and?  thus alone i wont make that fight – so is this that moment i forget that then others must be sought to aid the goal?  who knows?  I wonder because its not really worth the fight alone as nothing seemingly aids me to be a powerhouse clerk of repute, I did this work 22 years back and started smoking dropped out of first college as work competed with that to force me to change.  speaking of change, I look over all my histories of change/outcome. each job is a new slate of romantic interests.  I’m rather not so sure i don’t have a shot at a new situation friend.  I’m sorry to say romance and skew that friend to mean romance but it’s in a way toward a later romantic point. so in a way while it isn’t it is for the goal.  I don’t get to shine much here.  as in hold out my little efforts and yay so I could use an outlet set where i can do just that yay my interests.  so sadly someone’s in for a surprise at false romance as that’s about all i ever got up to learn – a fancier dinner and beverage evening enjoyed or a typical date yet when i’m minus romance? well I guess it’s just free fun.  why let all of me rust.  I have a feeling I know well my return to colorado spiritual disoveries are to be, I am free to return here to whatever aims i have in progress /paths.  I expect oddly though a sense of revelation even if the logic here is clear.I’m skimmed through my brickmaking treatise now meaning i know it’s white clay, lime and tin oxide to make a glazed white brick and about all i need really know is how to stage efforts collecting clay  sees me only carefully make sure i batch properly to make consistant bricks of it – little to no math appeared excepting ratios common.  oca! charmed no one to play but lol i’ll drag it somewhere lol… crap, might need to babysit or something to get myy  oca on. 😛  I reconnected with old friends a bunch and the warning of new beginnings beware! they can sour is not so much here but here.  it more or less applies to diversion.  it is fine to have them but they are diversions so remembering peace and freedom thus pleasant movement might need be remembered.  it would seem i make no progress whatever on the minutie of goals yet realistically that is not an issue to the underlying spirit of them which is to not MOPE.  I have made my bed and other details and even tried new old things so week two ends with a shift of priorities lol and furious movement without much progress.  week three sees nothing much worth worrying about save enjoy some taco action as i have some yummy hot sauces to try again even if also here i need only get paper proper to photo and upload probably via a picture to work the sales pitches — or week three means that if my issue is station it’s not posession but plugging in- it is worth trying to do that but alas, this means carefully plotting forward times and such or when who to ask.  it would seem i’m to not magically appear first idea first achievements or in logical progression to some distant achieved goal but like I always do land in them surprise!  or I go to colorado to return to licorice hopefully coffee it up with some fancy perhaps which reminds me to go make a belt.  I thus need YOU.  after all. i was right and as such it is a true shame the harmony is that mr social is scattered demanding investment rather than ready to proceed. you? yes i mean audience! general audience, work with me over to the pot to brew a belt.  work with me to the dryer to de wrinkle uniform which was a bummer of not folded as i ran out of time and then it magically migrated not to folded but was helped to the dirty again pile so heh 😉 dag nabbit.  or week three is a week of I spent the energy it’s time to enjoy throu it softly i have other things to see .  what will they be?  as i say I await seeing what i know already, i moved it was a good enough reasoned choice I was done there not as in without reinvention lol i mean the path was over as it was.  i thus wonder as the whole way/synergies  also seem to be with a wee dash of hopeless in the face of deja vu I’m here again woohoo! sees me more to work book dinner or coast.  this isn’t the week of heavy movements but lighter ones.  we’ll see if i am to be surprised.  I really do doubt it which might just be the win i needed  no real hinderance and thus freedom.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

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