gooaallllll! 2.5

I’ve opened the box of Branded’s  rebrandable sample sauce HOT… let me tell ya one drop hurts still… eek.  and see the real bulk risk to actually dig deep to make the best price points possible in a place where this is asking a whole lot of the folks to want into a 7-10 dollar  bottle.  but, it’s less of a dead idea/dream now.  back to finding gallons of water and sketching labels in youidraw. 😀

I posted on the current me facebook a spiritual stroll where it began with the notion that just because i didn’t get lucky with friend’s visiting doesn’t mean i can’t go my own self!  so I did.  I had a fancy coffee with breakfast.  I got a fried egg which is a good start but it wasn’t over medium but fried over easy.  turkey link sausage which with a clump of pepper still is turkey sausage …hopefully in future they offer turkey bacon 😉  hihnt. oatmeal versus grits or hashbrowns, english muffin versus toast or pancake.  .  the fancy coffee was a dark choc hazelnut flavored affair.  it was quite good.   I hummed in my mind some Disney… Just around the River bend… and then walked it.

I asked after my script requirements and got one of them but not all four/five of them  so I will have to return if they arrive this week or wait til tuesday and then deal with that another day.  I did however pick up my current half order of this portion of the month’s pill deliveries.  insulin and another arrive mid month.

it was amazing how fast it took to see what i was talking about and how doable it was.  the impressed somewhats instantly thought of another with having also said similarly about that idea.  lol  wait for me first! 😉

I can’t taste the or smell the scotch in the one sauce but it sure is flames/lava.  so  that’s amusing. 🙂


what awaits this week is

more label creation as i have reason to get movin’ on it if i want MY chances.

print my trip paperwork for flight and shuttles to and from here to atlanta… so i can return home to not spiritual stroll as was today but see mom and anyone i can cram into a day.

I have to make it to h.r. to see at least once! if i can’t fight it to make progress towards store associate versus laborer.  I am not sure this is any pay hike but it is cash handling and a minor bit of paperwork responsibility – please note i didn’t get to keep pizza hut so i can’t really be wholly after food here either but, I can return in particdial measure to practicing big boy things like ac tual business choices however small and documented results behind decisions. 😉    maybe.  we’ll see, I have about 100 vids or 10 hours worth of stuff to achieve yet.  not to mention practice as i just ain’t as fast as i used to be.  my six month probation ends in early may.  I would hope this means i have given myself every chance to have a chance at a raise …unlikely as i kept a higher paygrade entering this job than it started… and slowly begin being a big more accountable as is counting too .

I have to check on scripts coming and or not and see if the lil tools get back better in place…or if I wait to hand carry a script personally….either way that’s in works./progress.

I have to 😉 want to make a check up chat with the old boss with new stories finally to share and keep up.

I have 11 more deliveries to go, some should start showing tomorrow and thursday. but by monday.

I have a roster of neglected pals to chatter with too.

it’s not quite that new beginning feeling but hopefully a reenergization. – I’m “warned” about being wary of new beginnings lest they sour ;D

or tick=ity tick off the lists they go .  or, such should round out this second week even if not all full time like I had originally written down but it changed lol, but certainly crammed.

tje mptatopm pm cpmstamt;u sjoftomg [roprotoes [pomt tp s[orotia;otu wotjom wamder;istset adroft?  as you can see for yourself, I went to breakfast to a try a new place all by myself, a stroll to explore even to simply hear windchimes and check for litter in the poorer neighborhoold on the far side of this “town”  – I have the guts to face opening up my mouth to say publically smoking cessation I need help if i’m after it but it’s mostly for the same not normal reasons people do things but my reasons as in how can i try dangerous things requiring monitoring and cleaner intake when i don’t have good documented monitoring or disciplines in place? -it is still gambling even then but MAYBE worth it.  heck.  maybe april see me mid month going out to sell products developing now.  we’ll have to have you see.


smoking cessation saw me a regular smoker third week of march 22 years ago but not even starting til saturday or it only took less than two weeks from nothing to forever ago a habitual offender.  so if I make that adjustment, wish me luck, I am on schedule to even be?  timely about it in a way… but again, it’s more so to address a different medical issue with a dietary intake risk which duh, I should remember i tell myself to be careful with risk or I get burnt.


3rd week mainly needs more of the same with one planned erranding or another to make trials occur, fourth wk is to tally results and directions next plan 2nd oomph month and fifth week or end of this month march 😀 be under way.

long term goals are property for housebuilding or some form of MY place new to stay to make appear.  I can technically afford real travel so i have to get paperwork to do that again.

spiritual improvements hoped and worked for are a continued desensitization of responding defensively as if I own the “failure” or discord/issues   but also improve confidences behind decisions attempted…i.e. center.

constantlhy shifting priorities affecting and effecting this above are:

in a rogue moment to save something on shipping i ended up instantly being able to do much of what i thought months away overnight….obviously this adjusts thinking.

I highly doubt my intended spiritual need is cash even though i still desperately want on occasion large piles… so if ay of the little business ideas turn out to be neat and sell? good! it’s likely not a life consuming needed avenue but a nice thing to occur for me- I’m largely more interested in being seen and meeting people than being afraid of lack of money.  this is problematic in that this idea set costs money and can be derailed by me or others wanting a cash making avenue MORE and working it better and faster than I do/can.  so mild hope I work at this before making it too easy for competition is hoped for and then be a little bit set to take my own chances better.

I do hope i get time to test explore not do or die explore thus build correctly with proof so others can see the little correct steps taken to believe in the bigger ideas/notions.

and. while I’d like to house and explore explore too, i also alternatingly desperately want place and plan or a life to build… so any… I might wish to change directions.  this i hope comes with a better foundation to build from  not just be whimsically unhelpful to my own causes.


it’s night night time after  this pause brought to you by the need to visit tat PLACE…don’t ask questions… just don’t 🙂

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “gooaallllll! 2.5”

it should be 😉 most of why is my labs arrived minus two points that color the good news as permanant or temporary good news. I return to pre HERE levels. whether i keep stable bp and gain weight slightly is the key whether this is a colored permanant sort of improvement or just a nicety for the hot second either way I’d take! 😉 — smoking is a tad of a bear i.e. quitting I won’t get to cut down it’s effectively quit or don’t. drag on that 😉 heh for pun. but the goals and how they shift in meaning is absolutely amusing! so thanks for the hugs and no q’ing 😀 lol – heh no question really I improve only a q’s in a way of how well. now it’s not a miracle I really did quit significantly a long held diet previously , but it’s nice that the advice was so encouraging 2 months in. even with it it’s not a miracle either but a sigh of relief bought at some cost…I’ll again take it! whee! but the shift of goals is amusing in this point it is wholly amusing how little most of the goals mean, they’re simply mental diversion to a overpicture -so, you see why it has a change of meaning to know i spent a decade and a half dreaming house as in to share one only to come at this with no one to really share the achievement towards til it’s done which is NOT how this went it’s the creation completion journey as in i dreamed achieved thing that was so important to share not some probably not the bestest ever attempted completied outcome just a fine yay to yay. but here’s the weird. if i knew better what i was doing, I can waltz tooday to the nearest reality, I overnight had the final piece seemingly surprisingly arrive…out of sequence. i.e. I finally have after just enough to consider trying IRL. odd. next, I set up a pile of diversions be they business ideas which are tooth pullers to get after this week lol. or work improvement as in the education/skills behind also teeth pulling logistically suddenly yet the most important late actually thing isn’t some video watched but whether i have inroads socially to ask and recieve a simple ride half a mile home! i needed sixty one? days? slow inroad. same with business the hot sauce samples are in but the wow was interesting as they arrive without a completed idea to put to them and weren’t recieved in idea form well nor proof delivered possible wow it is real and legit hey so and so ‘ll LOVE this…uh me? i worked on this what about ME? lol. so it’s curious to see i can have the support but not from dream to reality so important seemingly just wow you are an odd duck full of surprises if left alone long enough. but uh you’re still weird. so combine that to color the rest coming and this is, I have a trip home to attend end of next week next not today friday. yay. I have no real expectations of it save enjoy a nicety a surprise of a look over how I moved this way as i’ll be in the place time where it was to make movement this way. I won’t fail to miss the significance. i wasn’t wrong it was this or a far harder slog there and longer wait. less movement this ways. 😉 the most important factor isn’t this as a reality but how social inroads get made to re underline and build a change in what i can and do aim at. so in that respect the goals? meaningless as they’re all towards fulfillment within relationship currently gone/altered heavily if ever returning. but the self improvement aimed after is no small value and more possible or here than ever…surprisingly so, it’s awing that in a way i’m the hold up now. in lare measure it’s arrived after fifteen years . so with that it’s coffee tomorrow and a waltz of the farmer’s market where i’ll be watching the culture so I have a shot to be me within it if the goals meaningless lol still get pursued. 😉 or there is some surprise awaiting somewhere that again alters all of this fundamentally. fundamentally altering hugs 😉

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