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Mundane Monday Offering

Post’s Origination.

Picture first appeared.


take the outlining branches  with the blanker center spacings of the orchard here… it almost creates a horse looking over the picture.  or taki just the interior again / center of the tres and how they seem to outline the clouds.  or take the gernal overcast day this actually is and…follow me from what is actually beauty still but towards adventure!


now, it’s a photo-negative and alllll errie! 🙂  much of what we see is just perspective’s tease.  as what we expect is far more manipulative than ever imagined often.  if I took a hazy glance at this i’d almost thing of the tree just outlinning the  terrain not being…trees.  but such is just mundane photoediting. 😉  you have to see this to know never does a cloudy day go by without me remembering the joy of color-flip photography’s possibilities opposite of what’s seen.





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Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

3 responses to “Mundane Monday Offering

  1. Clouds were everywhere, yesterday. Today, we’re clear as crystal. How about your area?

    • around 2:30 est. I had a half puffy clouds half blue sky thing. I didn’t really actually note anything after that even though it’d not have been a sin to enjoy time and beauty at work.

  2. Far from mundane! 🙂
    Beautiful words, beautiful photos!
    I like a cloudy day. Even a dark cloudy day.
    HUGS for a Toots-Day! 😀

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