Croce-ed Time? (in a bottle)

Seventies FEVER!  Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle…. if you youtube.

Amnesia lane again for IamPeaceNow 😉

Where does Time go? 😉

all right, it just goes… blink and you’ll remember with a sigh, perhaps.

NOW!  Well you already read i aim at projects to avoid dying of boredom and being set adrift in time.  you may read my blogs on gooaaaaallll or Mondane Monday Offerings 😉 thanks to the interesting folk who conjur notions to follow.

Last Week. I began Holiday coverage ‘s extra hours

Lat month I was juuuuuust about to finish my first month working again here in Georgia-Land.

Last Quarter – 3 months  I looked forward to my first day on the first assignment / job here!….splat 😉


Last Trimester – I just got first hard word that the dream of spring was dying.  I still hurt, I still am  “there” but it’s a solo there lol. – the lights are off and the dust collects.

Last 7 month’s? Just arrived across the country here! to the promise!

last year:

I was a week away from this adventure gaining steam as it was time for the new army man here  not me by the way, to head out to basic., the dog was pregnant for the third time and now we lived in an apartment… this lead to adventure 😉


Last two years ago I just got my hours MANGLED at work after setting out to a fancy night at a charity function for which i had to actually own a suit.  you see the result of the effort but you probably have zero clue like i didn’t either that less than sixty days later I would be facing my chance to be the head of that department  at 40 no less!  and oh how temporary it was! 😉

4 years ago I was asked if i wanted work.  I did.  I seriously had  months more to wait but, I began ferrociously to put out the whole day proof i could at least smile at the end of it and actually survive it – it was my first lasting job in 11 years 14 if you don’t count summer camp seasons as lasting.

6 years ago I seriously couldn’t predict that I was weeks…a blink! from  my worst heart ache of all time.  I know it’s sad to have to phrase the joy the soul was as a misery0 but I am still left to think on the soul as a relevance forever etched into me.  just a few thousand messages traded, a number of calls and…ahhhhh…then uh? (Frogjt/ alarm!) then oh diety’s NO! *ooooooooo!!!)


8 years ago I was ramping up to chase another long since shuffled off the mortal coil…I still remember the lol! of being served my dinner back recast as chicken greens in a meyer lemon which had the very distinct tone of mesquite smoked chicken i had just bbq’d up the evening before… of all the cheek- it came with a price tag!  or, sadly my offer was returned with a bill?  REALLY … the lass died of hinted anorexia and literally was a sack of skin and bones but still hope was there even if my offer?  not taken.

(I went to church even…. bahahaha)

ten years ago I was about to spring break.  I was visiting the ex of 7  or so before and hoping after another in town….a quick look at my last call made was to that person i never got to speak to nor heard from…again…  any one have a wee guess what just happened?…who?.. I honestly left with the hope she’d changed.  I literally would have married her the next year but… just as that was the hope came the trip, who knows ya know?  happiness….and I want to go take all the cdash of this trip to drive across  the country to see my ex, you know that guy we never saw when we had you over and drove across the state to pizza in apodunkville?  good pizza, mushroom, simple simon’s pizza, haskell ok.  well his ex/widow if you call gf’s that, had his child after he patently DUMPED her again 😉  and she wants to moon over the child and the lost love.  I said no.  I had no choice as my tickets were booked to go there but i caught the next trip out, and  if you read up a bit further to heartache? I asked to meet her but found out surprisingly she lied about the city she was actually in and she didn’t want to meet me for coffee as it was too far…. I uh cant drive and was on that bus for sixteen hours thanks… 2 hours and you cant help me out i’m like THAT close!?  i mean what the heck,  ah well, you’d have thought i’d have paid attention but i didn’t.

12 years ago was the BEST date of 2005.  bare none considering i had like two? 😀 but I got the just recently shot me down to come along on a date which by the way?  pattern then that has changed thank god of no dates til break up!  lol.  anyways i made it to a friend’s to be about for breakfast and then drive back metros  2 hours and then about 2 more to the tea factory tour / group date followed by the meade  place for jelly legs lol andagain that portion was a group tour and I can not tell you how delightful an aged blackberry meade is without glowing still.  if you spot a bottle  http://www.redstonemeadery 2004’s blackberry reserve.”  i mean no hope it’s about or anything…time moves on but like wow.  celestial seasonings is a well known internationally avaialabe tea place  too she probably still has to think of me as that pear white tea is. that good.


14 lucky years ago i was deeeep int he misery of suspended from  and unemployed getting to take a different one i honestly wanted out butttt? I just don’t think it was quite her thing to pet the cockroach.  but I still remember that face 😀  lol.  I mean the bug.  it was nature night at the library and a oh god get rid of me what the heck here’s a modest stipend!

16 years ago i was just into living for 3 weeks on route sixty six.  the later marry-able one lasted that long.  it was a fight every day.  it was a power struggle i swore to entrap me or jail me.  and went so well i didn’t know how well I had done by myself to make certain my tax returns arrived to get me the hell out of there…  i even was allowed to buy the guy she really wanted beer never my own, no beer in the house.  cool it, i was twenty something too once lol… the same guy who put a meth lab under my bathroom vanity.  nooooo, he didn’t manage to land in jail las it would turn out noooooo never could see that coming nor she falling out of contact with her best friend his later ex…permanant live in gal pal ….hmn. wonder why?  chance to step in line?  nope. jail.


18 years ago  I was MONTHS away from my last major job in customer service telephony work and the longest job #2 i ever had.   I was just meeting my second assignment of volunteerism at this place because i ran into not surviving a tbi patient actually getting riled up upset…it didn’t lead to harm of either of us but i was …not there anymore poof!  so began the romance never fruitful of the radiologist 😀

21 years ago  anyone thinking ridiculous priced great scotch yet? – lol I was just in training being asked from behind in a class I can’t miss if I could see something and i glance over and say no.  I was apparently nullifying the major hours spent making a global change to an entire companywide system just for me to see the screen and was being effing rude.  i had to make an appointment to appologize and still lost the job assignment and work for a month. ultimately never working on the floor for them again leaving in June.

22 years ago i didn’t technically smoke believe it or not.  I’m twenty and in then a few weeks i would til now.. thanks a lot cherry skoal.

tenty five years ago I wasn’t out of highschool.  I am about bitterly despondant at that moment as i’ve had a thyroid issue that tends to help with the blues 😉  and seriously had no earthly idea i was about to be finding my prize second gal pal and neglecting to be fatally dramatic 😉   I’m glad but you might wish i wrote less!

30 years ago.. I hadn’t nailed the first gal pal as I started early in life heh, lucky me. I really have been surprised I have been utterly unable to find her via any records whatever since.   yes, there is a forever.  I have always had a problem with forever.      thirty five years ago I learned how to tie my shoes. thirty nine years ago yes i can remember 3. mom said as i got in the car at preschool there would be no more christmas.  I had no idea what christmas was.

forgive a few blanks of years or amnesia lane would really be tragic and longer but 😉 ye can catch a glimpse.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

2 replies on “Croce-ed Time? (in a bottle)”

lol i don’t really list it but it’s worth a notation. pragmatically it’s b.s. i chose long long LONG ago, but 11 I felt called to be a more active part of my then church. however at fourteen I felt just as compelled to leave it entirely. however please note the ages, I did go, and it’s a good thing i did 😉 but I wasn’t free of it til 17 ish as 😉 such wasn’t entirely my decision then 😉 now seventeen means ninety two and i hadn’t even taken my act’s yet so while surely I was a smarty, I would have still not recovered fully the turn around to being i would have appeared obstinate atop all that versus truly adamant I wasn’t defining as a JW anylonger and consciously wouldn’t again by choice.. skip ahead now 14 years I am informed i’m diabetic I leave the doctors office with that news thank you christ aas-larson mp, clinica ‘s 88th ish washinton location. and left with no literature no nothing nothing to do but you’re diabetic now no meter. no new rules. nothing. but the news. so, it isn’t a surprise that without a plan and no impending seriousness I eventually just figured it was time i didn’t get good news or something lol and, dad passed literally 10 weeks later, the chase i liked obviously a lot decided she rather liked driving seventy miles each way at night after 3 jobs to move some other fellow in – no, I do have ears and i didn’t find that out immediately but it’s rather obvious why we get no’s 😉 but the date after that news sure was the best date of the year lol 😉 now by next year i was in hospital for the diabetes never agaqin the same weight, but here’s the detail. on my bottle of Lantus and also if i get it again Novologue, it says rDNA or made by a process of recombined genetic information of the blood derived factor within many to make insulin. this is inserted into good e coli bateria fed sugar water to not produce booze or co2 burps but insulin. the detail is the “blood” derived factor. only as an ex JW would I suffer blood as I have no true objection for a faith i needn’t tout. so that detail in mind, I’d not have had these 11 year good times never mind a moment i didn’t get the girls lol I got smiles and thus the joy to feel even for a moment the power of love. never mind if i huey lewie and say it’s a curious thing, make a one man weep, make another man sing. 😉 back to the future ost lol way huge OLD now :D. – oryeah, I’m likely to notice. I noticed the one who bugs me the most is single and my age at work and I bugged her for a ride home this evening. my only issue isn’t she’s nice she is. but at this present hot second I just am not attracted “that way” but I would like a friend friend at least so with any luck I will play my rare details gleened and see what advantages i come up with.. there is a reason i’m blind… so i might not see everything… it would sting far more seeing 42 years of not your typical josh actually scare anger annoy frighten off what i’d like to cultivate or sense in a hot second what’s typically months away from reveal which while sad is still months of time enjoyed or MY blessings 🙂 why cheat me of everything? lol… or yes, I have a memory. but what i work at the most is putting the I WIN points remembered to it not the beware oh beware she soon not there. 😀 and thus if i follow my paths rightly I am even further able for a week or 3 to cover what i did- it was necessary to allow ME to spot trending which was a then job to aim for it’s skills- i.e. I would have eventually had to professionally advocate and assist yet further in patient care which is precisely what activities actually does. not the bingo but the stats of doing anything and how well over time 😀 but now i just have to remember to wear gloves if handling food.

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