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2nd week begins Goaalllllll


airline tickets out and home on the whirlwind return home.

confirmed booked tickets to take shuttle across state to this flight  and home now. with luck the location is my job.  simple dimple i end my day and sit down to await a shuttle 😉 just bring overnight bag JOSH.


got after meter check and no the pharmacy lost my paper script in December and didn’t last week contact doctor for new script either so I did note this with pharmacist and set aside meter choice and await tuesday collection with new paper script  or wait for script with appoint a week from that tuesday from one of them.  i have emergency strips for now I want a fancy one that transfers information to easier computer info/forms.

I ordered my glasses without much family imput  so borrowed the kindly ladies at the walmart vision center to repeat their opinions with me.  my mom’s oppinion was uncommitted to choice, my favorite leaving on new adventures suggested find one that fits my face….shh on how that sounds edited to a soundbite but again it offers no real opinion.  the house serving soul saw the choices after ordering and liked the most expensive offering least desirable to me 😉    but lol thanks anyways 🙂  and I had to add a fall back on utility only in black plastic in case the actual offerings chosen aren’t manufacturable.

so my cheapest escape is 222 my likely most expensive 2nd choice is 360 and my first choice is 300.  potential differences are coatings which are anti scratch and anti glare and often one of these is not compatible with the other.  neither is free but the way to order and charge these things is unclear so I may get them gratis. … or….not.  either way i’m getting the best shot at glasses this year from a  Walmart store?  weird i never have before, they never could in my time/areas.  hopefully Indiana come’s through.


I finished the week of work at the big schedule but died at the end of it not literally but sugar bombed and thus was tired at the end not spry so all the effort in a way is wasted for the uncertainty I can easily do more  boo.  but I did make it at least.  i have two more days today and tomorrow to extra it some and am leaving swiftly to that lol gotta get

but doc, for blood lets see what d gre to and the other issues stayed at and if i gained weight.

we’ll see 🙂


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2 responses to “2nd week begins Goaalllllll

  1. Good 2nd week goals!
    Way to go! on the things you accomplished during the week, Best of luck! on the things still to happen/do.
    So you’re going home for a visit??? YAY!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • gotta get out and print those reservations/itenerary things this week at my library. so Yeah. goin home 🙂 – I’t amusing i told my mom as she was supposed to visit a fair i’d like that i just had to go lol…then her friend bails lol but aw well, it’s still a fun outting. it’s just not close to anything!!!! i.e. it’s fifty-eight N block I-25/ o ish block e/w and o second longest hom i had was there at roughly 120th block/o/block w/e but that has a cracker barrelf for the hore hound and big hunks by the way 😉 to visit. and ale8one ginger ale with any luck there 😀 – or down town o e/w 17 block n. i mean in a short few blocks there i have a store for spices/japanese groceries, tea of the yummy apricot kind….ahhhh shishkabob / lentil soup… ahhh this fair has…a gas station or wendy’s. no offense to either but i work a gas station and wendy’s salad and a chicken nuggets is fine now and again but lol not always the menu! 😀 the hardest part is to find the time to hit a favorite hount but all are logistical choices not easy! 😉

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