it’s end of weekish. it’s time to assess goals  and progress to and or away from them.

I have:

not finished drawing sketch one in any form of hot sauce labels however, i have in progress wasys to beging moost carefully approaching choices within  the framework and challenge of marketing something rich in choices already.  it is NOT a bad idea nor i some horrendous failure to see a touch of risk higher than predicted to venture outward this way.  I have began outlining a third offering idea so i may flow swiftly through a choice  rich NEW! array of offers MINE .  I have ordered the sample six with room to reorder favorites and try for sauce offer four and five and leave it as a handful.

I wont be seeing my hoped to soul due to life directions for some time.  this means i am free to enjoy the duration of projects truly free to be my own joy.  also with luck to share in a shared hoy of differing paths.    this also destroys the shared exploartion of licorice game creation coming this month as it’s not a shared project again. only a shot at a solo likely pursuit.  i still like the notion of pursuing it as a tading card of a game space within a version of Juenogo de la Oca…shortered to OCA!  this means i will have to place an order for a version of that game i’ve never actually seen 😉 and discover it for myself 😀 and friends close 😀  i suspect i’ll do that with my erand day Tuesday

errand days saturday and tuesdays, my work days off.  I need after a new glucometer tomorrow finish  my budget and arrange the tuesday  next running the “checks” to them as i wont see the bank  for cash if I can not use a debit card to do these things.  I need to place my oder for new glasses so i can have a new me coming in Spring!  and shop some for buckling down away from exploring gas station pricing/foods not just because of cost – hopefully there’s savings! lol but more so, it’s time to move forward further in the dietary goals of better workarounding for maximising my health more or none of these ‘dreams” stands any iota of fulfillment! 😉

work goals directly.  i have nice people to work with but also the newness of not knowing how best to deal with their divergant from mine approaches and theirs by seniorities above mine!  I will look to ease this with time or time and a chat 😉  I had in mind to push to learn the cashier’s position for the sake of relevant cash handling currently and alcohol sales certification as that will return again soon enough.  however, i run into a wrinkle of the online at home my time unpaid approach being nearly wholely blocked and the options around this equally challenging!  it’s 2.5 hours plus the effort to actual do the learning to visit h.r. walking.  that’s a tall order out of my day.  it’s also challenging to find time at work to do the same with or without support as the place is in operations thus busy.  so it is clean this isn’t on hold but soon will be as i exhaust my training availabilities currently and swiftly.  it is the most likely thing also to shift in priorities with less of a real need of it especially when this training isn’t upwards in pay or eases my duties…it adds to them at best and isn’t an improvement in pay.  so, I hope i don’t forget that while it seems hopeless rarely is sought capabilities improved truly a waste of effort or time.


Diet.  more specifically trying a rice diet to more accurately show sugar and other data to better choices more consistantly in food… it’s not required i seem to be finding the work arounds to my issues of gas from incorrect combinations of what i’m dietarily restricted to consume.  atop this it is obvious pre bloodwork my vitamind d level roase as i crash on 32 units insulin a day with a script for intake at fifty five units.  I flat out don’t need near that much.  I can see the floor through my thighs as well so i lost weight and must find it! anybody? extra pound please?  i’m type a negative blood i’ll take what ya got! 😀 😉  this means even with meter the focus shifts away from the grandios to just a little tweak here or there to a need.  however with bloodwork coming it’ll be interesting to mark and or improve the vitamind d level to a proper level and perhaps have licked need of insulin for a good while again.   the hope is to improve/regain health however it’s just at golden to keep stable not slowly failing.


so: you have my spirual goals as is the pursuits new.


now the enduring pursuits.  I can and shall be able to aim for being debt free before summer.  to do this means scrimping but not religiously so!  this wont mean instant travel or house but it is one step to eat more.  it is a smaller array of steps actually as it’s not one payment towards this.  or the maybe savings after it. however i must also balance a lot in this time too of freedom to enrich my days for ME.


this means i juggle to quit smoking as i approach  my 22 year anniversary of said this 3rd week of the month.  but I’m down to one this moment and still not sure i wish to wholly this fact secondd… but to correct for a n adult lifetime of onsetting diabetes and the pills to less it’s grip and general age i am nearly impotent. yes you read that.  it’s highly common and frustrating especial dead smack in the middle of wanting a love affair oh snarls and tribulations!  but, to see if some otc apoaches can aid means no smoking so you know i LIVE through the approach to different outcomes pardon the pun too.  it is no gauruntee i’ll succeed  in a true drop of bigh otherwise b.p. but lol wouldn’t it behoove me to try after “control” not desperate demands and grabs for control ..cntrol secure radiating outwardly forth.

couple with outright learning to want for myself to then allow freer delight from others to accept or not my offers as delights them or not is the biggest challenge.  others are to be less defensive at fails as they’ve not personal typically just occurances.  I know I need little to nothing to occure so what pressure?  there isn’t any need of pressure!  but if i don’t move I’m a technically togethers must see a paycheck and reliable hope or lack of said to choose from and for them selves wat on.

I’m off so 😀 I’ll get to that 😉  i likely survived spelling people to day/week off vacation like a villain! so 😉 light er work for me.

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

5 replies on “Gooaaaaaal!”

glasses ordered. meter checked on not attended to so pharmacist consulted to not my displeasure which i did so semi professionally. I am proud… I have a belt so my pants stay up 😀 Iwill order the game to later enjoy the new… I wonder the most what the unknown for now has in store for me. I may paperwise improve my appeal but i may have spoiled my spiritual appeal so – I may have improved and work towards a better spiritual fulfillment but i may have tried to do so far too independantly suashing the trust that is others can be honest and NOT want to do such as in help but likey would if you read their eyes/meaning. not do for. help. but the place here is warmer and i may succeed in all of my littler dreams. now to oca and then smoka lol and draw. next week will be hre before i know it i will be sampling or haha sampled and we’ll see if i had some luck on the diet. i hope so. i don’t mean the rice one not started I haven’t a meter. I mean my general one. i know parfaits are not an option as in just a treat there isn’t enough complex or what not to them to sustane me. today hurt very badly i atom bombed for sugar and slept like a rock today .. all the early new beginnings temporarily soured.

Yay for goals and for completing them! You have accomplished a lot!
Do you write down on paper/or put on computer/or calendar your daily or weekly goals? Or do you just keep a list in your brain?
HUGS!!! 🙂

as a gabut tgat akters m U typically before just ran a thought in my head. I alter tis to pay more attention to leting some of the details fade as once i write things down online whereever, i do remember them but only as a keystone of where to look or allow them to fade more from meaning. or be more peaceful in outcome. not all of my goals will come out as planned no matter how i try…. this is good! it means reality might find me …dang it :D. so in one sense will all the wheel spinning to fight to putting words to actions on how to makes the ideas saleable object come true? dunno i never did great at direct sales and such but there is always fortunes enjoying making something true and real. will a love currently lost with the usual ghosts i’ll not lose them though the change is both permanant and real/lasting bring them”back” perhaps not but when was it ever the worst practice not to work to the hope of being improved so as to call maybe them in hope but in reality someone potentially new a bad idea? ie. trying bersus moping. while excited and burning is great too holding in place to strike carefully forward also has value too not that i don’t deserve a racecar zoom to yay but if I’d like it to last, building foundations of future successes means i can be patient too! 😉 because just maybe there is quite the reason i ended up here. and to move forwrd from this here is the correct way from here not oops fail move. oops fail move. not that trying continually is bad either but you and i know sometimes sorting out a sensibleness helps most. or, 😀 a sensible hug for ya 😀

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