When the coffee machine waters the counter not your cup?

Piss On That (P.O.T.)

When your best hoped for plans for joy get puked upon by the suddenly sick cat?

Piss On That.  (not the cat or the kitty owners, crap happens – but  Piss On That situation 😉 )

When the Birthday joy of a new chance job an totally new life is a month later begging another? (following a Christmas dumping and a just joyous afterbirth Christmas your health is crap doctor’s visit?)

Piss On That.

Now that you’ve urinated everywhere, get out a mop, Lazy.  You can’t live like that! It’s effing GROSS.    Clean up the coffee too.  What are you, a PIG?  No Wonder you lose, now one needs another Heartache!

Have you ever had that day?

Piss On That. 😉

I’m off to  (see the wizard) the next doc viz to check if I can actually still do just that, Piss On That. Trust me, so far so good :D.    Then to the bank so I can afford to get back home ;).  bahahaha.  whiz on that too!  But as that kills by logistical location, (The expected adventure today was to the Coca Cola Museum of Space, Columbus University) I’m going to have to hope adventure is a Scratcher with the soda as I doubt I have time for any other actual excitement except lifestyles of the  bum and vagrant with the high noon hoist in the alley of my favorite beer… but as you already know, damn it, I,  a: don’t have to and b: have better things to do in life than Piss on Me. 😉 ((I.e. I did actually QUIT Drinking and it’s monthly if that I bother to hoist one anymore…. and this is no day to wanh about plans gone to kitty puke – bring me a bucket of Coronas!  which I wouldn’t like as I never did like Coronas anyways)

However, does anyone else wanna to be silly with me and sip the sugar free Jim Jones Kool-aide?    I could chats about the faith?  Anyone?  Show of hands!  Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m Blind. 😛

You guessed it. and now to not tinkle into the wind of my day.

Now this is the first draft mildly spell-checked and or edited.  the second  came and went and now so you know, the doc visit was mildly good news and the pharmacy couldn’t fil things on time when it’s paste a label on the bottle and go already easy! hahahaha…jerks never ever is anything ready and filled all at once so i pay more to get less with more hassle … ug to them when your closest pharmacy blows and you know it clap your hand clap clap.

and while I’ll survive if you know i have kidney issues and for obvious reasons try better health choices like abstaining largely from alcoholic beverage consumption, life is also security and it isn’t best everyone knows everything about you.  so,  here is the third draft trying to be far more topical about me and this theme.

yes, I actually practice writing. you’ve a chance to see this

POT #3

When Your Coffeemaker pees all over the counter instead of into your cup?
Piss On That!
When your Birthday Joy of a new job to go with a new home becomes a quick new year’s stroll back to the H.R, begging?
Piss On That – however do, ask!
When the black carnations of fortune keep on coming with a Christmas bit of romantic related weight loss followed by Fabulous news from your physicians?
Piss On That!  however don’t quite lose hope.
When your bus driver asks you if you’re going x place and you provide proof of disability and he drives past your stop at full speed and charge you full fare to turn around?
Piss On That!
When you realize your 2nd chance job has hours you’ll never be able to do a blessed thing but …LIVE THAT FINE LIFESTYLE!…
Put it back in your pants and be GRATEFUL.  JERK! 😉  haha
When your dog trots past you like a linebacker on the kill and you’re late?
let him piss on that!  better than in the house…close.. don’t worry, We’ll get there again!
When your month hoped plans of company cancel from the suddenly sick pet?
Piss On That – not the cat or kitty owners! the situation!
When you have a mouthful of seeds from your brilliant idea to mix fig jam into your coffee?
Piss On That.
When you burn your hand micro foaming the over-sugared milk type product because you knew better and did it anyways?
You’re a bleep.  Come on people, you’ve gotta watch me, I’m tricky like that.
When your balance is x and you crow before you pay the next cycle of bills  just guess how loud the next state meant is?
When your whole world’s a call you’re finally granted to make but you’re late so you text the news part anyways?
expect a note called, you’re calling?
When you’re so proud to be included so that it finally feels like HOME where you live  meaning watch diligently for the lynch mob coming Moron and you don’t?  you’re mood meets?
When you just did x knock yourself out extra and you know round two is coming and are prepared – you were born yesterday but not last night but when you think it’s going to suddenly matter?  yes sirree! dribble dribble flood!
Piss On That.
when you’ve had to run your department but suddenly forget all notions of basic customer service which is no matter how DUMB the request respect is I’ll be happy to look after that or check on that for you thank you or may I please?…you’re wise.  if you choose to look deer-in-the-headlights at them thinking are you off your nut Squirrel?  you have?
Pissed on that.= Shame on YOU!
When you are faced with the chance to share the grace of God on your little scale.

Diaper Up? You Whizzer!
and while you’re at it – get a mop LAZY! all this piss everywhere is GROSS.  No wonder your life’s a cesspool with all this piss everywhere!  Clean it up!  Who needs another mess or heartache?
but who hasn’t had that day, today?
What do we say now?
PISS ON THAT – but not so damn loud and drippy!… Grandma’s watching!
3:50 for time so about right.