Im getting glasses.  if you want to wade through the selections and minutie…

but The HOPE is this comes out about 1/2 or so off…. tuesday is the appointment for the eyedoc.,


“Lindt Creation Pistachio Dark chocolate” aka, dark chocolate pistachio excellence bar

Shipment Total:

this is because it was 5.00 plust  the rest shipping from about the globe. heh. now?  (shh and wanh I got what i wanted afterall it’s currently unavailable still lol- but there is an alternate) ((also unavailable))  ((((lol)))


but i sneak in my spots as in I want specific things and the universe saves room for me… 😉  think on how much more special i am to get the last avilable or something at their price not MINEE? 😉  it’s worth trying…

By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

11 replies on “SAVINGS!”

I think my all time favorite is 100 grand bars I like crispy rice in the choc. so i like krackle’s too. but you hinted and hugged not shared and squished! so what is that?? welllll?….. taps foot 😉

I have limited field of vision so I can’t say my rare dollar store visit today would have helped any but i usually find a variety of the eighties gems returned there. the soda pop is a few kitch stores now too like soix city sarsasparillas / which were the teenaged psuedo – rebellion beers 😉 /company doesn’t seem to offer out the bottled beverages but they do have quite the array of sodas at their mid southwest oklahoma and such locations – i found quite a lot of rootbeer there I remember from only in the day. ;: I didn’t get to attend on any of my oklahomaing as i hadn’t heard of them yet lol. and the last major cross country outtings I went through kansas being unable to get up enough interest. however, before you cry the crocodile tears for that 😉 we hit a crap ton of wineries which while not all as glowing six month’s later as they were and probably me too at the time 😉 I did enjoy seeing herman mo. I did get to try arthur bryant’s kc mo for bbq, a late kansas sign said frito lay was close which meant there was a plethera of new thing trash food to try like schezuan chips?… etc. the curry one blew. no bueno. however i suppose driving me onwards in my mission discoveries this current moment is 😉 birch beer. I sent my brother a case of pennsylvania dutch as he uses a trade name for business dutch lol and i so got the englishman he lives with who thought i sent scope mouthwash in a can 😉 I didn’t like forever the private selection version either i got in i believe it was tennessee. I will have to search out the crush version. but first is probably polar brand semi popular in Canada. it reminds me of a picture travelogue ala archair thing i did – the where is winnipeg. I can’t believe the universe gently guilded me the ways it had- but 😉 i didn’t get to australia, miami to meet the one internet crush nor the 3 i know in florida but i got to new york city? weird. i had already been to nyc. 😉 and florida too via ft lauderdale to et to nyc. lol. now I’m poised a short jaunt to it again like i used to be in colorado to chyenne wyoming via greely/ft collins ish. 3-4 hours drive ish. Ialso had gotten caput for exploration yet i moved a few new places. it was like odd. work home conveience store at best for josh 😉 and to add a symbolic bit of salt to that lol i went library picking up books randomly in steamboat springs library and lol i would get zen and now a new traveling on the anniversary ish of the pursig book, zen and the art of motorcycle maintainance. and larry mcmurtry’s roads a kinda major travelogue of the ways he went hunting books for his bookstore – he wrote lonesome dove amongst many other books. I thought that funny but i started this ramble on candy/rootbeer 🙂 I hope you consider you a big hunk and a big hug too.. my fist actual mission out of the area is to colorado. it’s interesting my first idea isn’t possible the second was a lot of the old haundts, but it would seem mom offered a neat with a fair we’ve hit up for a number of visits that is back in town body mind wellness. I’m highly curious what this year’s aura is. I’ think the second got lost but i remember well the first was pinkish i’ll email it your way in a moment. remind me if i failed to get it to the right one. the first was magenta with a shadow highly visible over my heart which was not conky dinky coninkydinky as i was rather displeased then one had left. the next was mostly white with greens and yellows oddly meaning just as i was leaving the job at the nursing home it said it had became me 😉 now! lol i am perhps at that crossroads of changes moment again which means a limbo ish feel for me of which way? i will be intrigued to no end if i get lucky now til then with my projects of the moment a few work training vids to show interest in upping my skill set in actual reality not on paper- i don’t have current cash handling nor alcohol sales certifications so I should get some if i run a cash register. no i would rather not do any of that for long this isn’t a DREAm job but a dreamlike time sure as if i was asleep. but it seems i must awaken 😉 drat. i like napping 🙂 with company is more fun but i covered that already 😉 – but exploration. it is about time to have a slightly better skill set than someone liked me i got to be x places 😉 not because any dead ender isn’t about the same to me…but it helps to be able to get them. but i suspect my paths also tell me it’s time to discover a few neww woo hoos. so, with that licorice rope hugs are you sweet enough to rope in? heheheh. email now.

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