Video Killed The Radio Star

bogeymen and scenes

haunt like memories unmade

video training day

above is two cards i HELPED make.  I ran the art days and the poetry day and held a chat with one with a story to tell.  I am responsible for the story as presented as a poem as i don’t know shorthand notation so I had to compress this story as told into a poem .  i had it’s author edit this to her satisfaction.  thus, i knew about what directions to expect/explore. 😉  but again, this isn’t MINE.  save the idea to combine.  – dana foulks my then neighbor did the actual graphic design work to make this pretty and get it printed – which was such a neat thing to share, an actual card.  obviously I can not do this well here so you get the pdf chance to view. it.

the current creative cards are adult coloring post cards which remind me i so had to work at enthusiasm 😉 I am just NOT rembrant.

other progress is i wish to diet this season so as to see just maybe if i can’t isolate  some troublesome food and or absorbtion issues to whoop so Diabetes away from so much of festering and or pestering ME!  this is a goal/attempt.  this is not garunteed.  I expect to “clense.”  as i can not alternately feed intake nutrition, I have to hope gentle works as i can’t skip the entire system.  I hope to rice reset/calories then yogurt for conjuring a different arrangement of flora…. if only slightly.  the slowly swap a few shots/days at different foods to test whether they bother me directly with minimal other influences.  after some notes on outcome I hope to combine far more vegetarian only options not because i’m a veg-freak, no.  but, i hope to still honor that i have some dietary restrictions to honour and still achieve nutrition.  I suspect chicken is not digesting pleasantly for me being in public.  I suspect i’v ehad an on and off slight gastro intestinal bleed as i now all too well that ‘odor” and if attached around discomfort, this could go a seriously long way in explaining why i have such murderious difficult with sugar control numbers, i have 1/3 of normal numbers vitamin d…a factor directly in sugar uptake/insulin working.

all of my plans can change poof as i have a completely different set of hopes and goals to compound this or desires that don’t make me focus on this boring diet junk and passing time “creatively”  – I do however expect to cleanse  if it works I get 2 solid weeks of information and a choice to sugger the ignomy of a trip home with every food I love but a diet to maintain…bugger!    however if i see intense results or whispers saying extend the effort, at least til blood work, I have?  a realistic shot at ?  multiple paths.



this isn’t my day at work but it’s worth returning to work for a moment to mention i still vastly suffer in communication or understanding others lol.  I took up all that work to retrain and it turned out not to be the class i needed but ones i retook repassed and are nearly a waste of effort save i remember the lessons better!   lol. and  no offense i’m serious, if you need something of me and it’s to improve my effectiveness i don’t wish to baulk .  i do.  I don’t wish to.  I’m working on that.


coincidentally, I took emergency fuel response and it wouldn’t load just as we actually had a gas pump hose break at work me at home.  no wonder nothing got done today on the punch list of duties to my job person prior.  no wonder.

I am behind scedule to my timing but, I sense i’m doing the best i could to let luck find me ready.  I had a feeling there was a reason i Georgia’ed which was it was  a complete change towards more of what i needed even if it was hardly what i wanted.  I felt constrained here or nearly nothing else of a safe secure looking option.  I chose.  it might have been a huge blessing or? huger still.  I can only choose within what i logically have options with so 😀 lol here i am.  even if I’m not abraham of the bible. 😉  little further into the stories! 😀

but it is either piddly projects and diet or that and a shift to a different direction.  somewhere between the first week and the 3rd I started smoking 23 years ago.  i’t time perhaps to change…. yet again.  or, maybe not yet, i don’t feel like i have to do anything just should fill my time so as to not float uselessly adrift.


plus it would surely be a blessing to ease diabetes and it’s intended kidney crunch for me which would like be nice to face health restoring some if only to not being a nagger.  if you connect smoking and ill health lol you’d be typical about now but shhh, if i don’t feel set up to fail, i might succeed. my house is otherwise non smoking.  i have built in support!.


it’s not what i dreamed in life but, there it is, a feeling in the background of excitement.  I have a trip coming up I have a job and a shot at no more debt  for a small moment lol.. I would be utterly shocked if it really worked out i could be debt free in may or early.  but lol glasses and a computer replacement fun and clothes updates would sure notch a dent to that! swiftly lol life isn’t static time is important so is timing and mines actually off, but, 🙂 such is the best i have had going  on multiple fronts in quite some time.


i guess it did help to read rising steam again by terry pratchett. lol mine is doing that.




By Starman Jones

Everything and Nothing interests me. I cook read, write and even have to clean. I SHOULD NOTE: I'm 40 something.

4 replies on “Video Killed The Radio Star”

Those cards are so cool! I especially love the “Autumn” one! 🙂

Best wishes concerning your health/diet, diabetes, projects, and other stuff you are dealing with or working on!

Great haiku, BTW! Say, who killed the video?! 😉 😛

HUGS!!! 🙂

I wasn’t around for mtv’s first day so i missed it. but such was the very first video on mtv video killed the radio star. or something different good or bad came and had it’s impact

Yes, you’re right about that.
The first person I ever saw preform on MTW was Boy George! 🙂

I wonder if CD’s and DVD’s killed the video? But, I still watch videos on TV and on-line. But, then I’m well-seasoned! 😉 😛

HUGS!!! 🙂

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